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[Music] hills are alive with the sound of flexibility training well my friend did Sean V the official yoga and Pilates instructor for the has fit channel filming at 9,000 feet today this is a total full body flexibility stretch routine it’s great for men women everyone all ages and fitness levels make sure you’re warmed up before you jump into this routine I am I just hiked about 45 minutes up here to Elephant Butte and if you liked this video please hit like subscribe to the channel and I’d appreciate if you checked out my youtube channel link is up there and in the About section below and subscribe alright let’s get our maps some comfortable clothes and stretch out our entire look all the bugs stretch out our entire body alright little shake out here keep the arms and leg nice and loose let’s breathe in the nose and out the nose for these stretches holding them for different durations but you know we’re investigating how our body responds to these stretches with the breath with our focus with intentional movement alright let’s begin with forward fold we’ll see how the bugs do bend the knee let’s drop our heads or you can always modify as maybe you can place your hands on top of the thigh if you like and bring it down I want you to rock the weight back and forth inhale through the nose exhale through the nose you want to breathe into your deep abdominal muscles so think of breathing in below your ribcage into your diaphragm which is what pumps the breath in and out of your lungs shake the head no good we want to really decompress spine as we stretch and open the hips the hamstrings the abdominal in all other areas in between three more breaths [Music] good each exhale releases you further into the stretch into the movement increasing the range of motion around your joints all right let’s stack that punch into the chest rising up I’ll try not falling off the mountain the shoulders back and down I might have gone off the camera buddy shake it out a little shake and then dive down again if you feel light-headed come back up don’t fall down let’s walk the legs one at a time this is a walking forward fold think the heel down and as always work from where you are at and that sounds pretty obvious but we want to find where we are at in our training whatever it is you’re doing the halves fit workouts every day you have to find where your threshold is and you’re going to work through it all the time let’s do ten more steps bring the nose toward the leg that lengthened adding a little twist I’m more look at the sky okay get a lot of blood and oxygen brain want to keep the blood flow going one time all right chin to the chest let’s stack that fun stacking the vertebra this everything coming together healthy fine healthy body to shoulder rolls and shake it out again downward-facing dog classic yoga pose so bring the hand shoulder with the feet hip width is this is too much bring the knees down and press back to the beloved child pose so in down dog we want to press the upper body towards the legs so we’re getting that stretch that movement in the muscles of the spine the Paris finals the rhomboids the erector spinae all of them and thinking the heels down with the exhales keep that neck loose let’s do three more breath whoa let’s stretch it out here we go fish it with the breath oxygen efficiency can utilize it much better slow it down okay let the knees come down Cobra or baby Cobra stretch this is a back then bring it down below the dead bugs off your mat hands either under the shoulders or you can have the forearms down right here this is a baby Cobra it’s adorable shoulders are back lifting through the chest or hands on the shoulders roll the shoulders back it also pop all the way up against you upward facing dog if you like but the shoulders back open through the chest feel the stretch abdominals the legs as you engage the shoulder big powerful power yoga move right here two more breath stronger with every breath more oxygen okay knees down take a wider stance child and close press it back you can just get off the mask a little rotating child pose we want to twist reclaim the movement there’s front and back there’s side to side and they’re twisting this thing is usually the most underutilized without it we have a lot of tightness in our lower back and that of course bleeds in the other area of the bone let’s do four more perhaps your spine is making some sounds talking back okay once for Cobra up dog or baby Cobra all choose under the up dog older than that feels good after that height pretty much straight up for about 45 minutes let’s do three more breath and one more looks good oh yeah once more widen the knees further if you like to really open the hips and we’re going to do that rotation again but bring the hands a little further forward in that twist exhale to the side inhale to the center want to stay limber ready to adapt to anything whether it’s sports it’s an activity anything you’d love to do keep your body limber for four more one more okay oh you okay rise let’s do a quick shake out shake out the arms shake out the legs I made a huge list of stretches we’ll see how many we get two we’ll save the rest for another time but there’s always so many options when it’s all bodyweight ok the dolphin pose this one is always a very challenging well let’s switch the tap so forearms down palms flat you can do this with the knees down if so you’re pressing back right here stretching the shoulders in the back tailbone reaching up for the full effect the full dolphin tuck the toes it’s like down dog but with your forearms down again pressing towards your legs so beware of this scrunching up the upper body that’s no good you want this even if it’s a little bit of movement with every exhale that’s great three more breath this one really down PSA’s or douses fountain douses the shoulders and back and leg with that stretching fire you’re always welcome to hit pause and hold these poses longer alright come on down that’s an inversion the head goes below the waist below the heart let’s counter act at once again cobra baby Cobra or updog rin at a twist so from either position shoulders back we’ll twist side to side if you like you could drop the leg behind to drop it down the cliff denver somewhere over there behind that mountain somewhere like 45 minutes all right one more time so there’s an active stretching and in there static stretching so one when we move throughout the stretch and others where we hold it a little bit longer okay little shakeout we’re going into some hip openers now switch the cap keep it loose shake out the arms and leg I’ll start with the butterfly this is a sequence here to really open up the hips and the lower back and perhaps other areas the bottoms of the feet together we used to do this in track and cross-country now I’ll give you some pointers to really make these much more effective so we’re combining the breath with some movement with the exhales you’re going to hinge forward you’re going to take your elbows and press them in to the leg so you’re opening further whether you’re up here or you’re down here it doesn’t matter work from there and you want to hinge so there’s a purpose behind every stretch three more breath in the nose out the nose actually you’re enjoying these stretches hit the like button share this with your friends who really need a stretch you need to really loosen up okay now you may stay in the butterfly or go to the fire log fire log is definitely more advanced or work your way up to death let’s do the right angle the top of the thigh or stay in the butterfly my friends is a fire log it might be up here that’s fine take your hand down here and just gently open with each exhale hinging forward can also walk let me turn this like hey I hope you have more room than I do but the point is we can do these anywhere at any time we use food open the hip the glutes the lower back is getting a stretch and you’re hinging so we’re taking that spine and always lengthening it forward not dropping and just compressing everything but lengthening so there is a definite purpose behind every breath free more breath [Music] [Music] no kind mail okay butterfly or we have the fire laws let me introduce you to the cow face stretch we’re getting goofy but this one is massive shoulder and chest stretch let’s keep it so your right leg is on top take your right hand bring it to your upper back if you’re unable to do this you can have a towel grab that you’ll see what I mean grab a towel or a strap and use that or just grab the shirt now take your left hand to the other side and if you’re able so it looks like I’m into a little cow face turnstile here you want to grab them together in the back painting the shoulders down or you have that towel where you’re grabbing onto the towel okay so we’re sitting up tall your arms are pressing into the bathroom had given the back your neck to stretch you’re going to know right away where you reside in this stretch you can also hinge forward with each exhale to five breaths get that shoulder movement that shoulder flexibility one more breath we want to make sure that you make this your go-to stretching flexibility routine share it on with everyone now take those legs out shake them unravel the arms give them a shake and let’s go to the other side so either you’re back and butterfly or you’re on fire log on the other side that’s your left ankle on the right thigh okay shoulders back and down keep the chest open beware of the rolling shoulders keep it nice and tall so we start with the fire log wherever you’re in that pose three more breath we want to hear from you down below in the comment section let us know what you thought of the stress make sure you check in below and you always answer those comments more lengthen lengthen this is every night when I’m writing or reading or watching The Twilight Zone or Star Trek always doing these letters okay now calafate stop we don’t hear that very often put your left hand bring it here all right now I’m underneath find it use the towel if you must forget a whole bit okay Calvin five breaths where you are maybe you’re up here trembling with joy or you’re hinging forward either way my friend make it work four more breaths every time I practice the caliphates with the hands I do feel it for a day or two really some profound profound movement increase range of motion around the joint and get better blood flow into the muscles into the fossa okay what happened I bring it up ah parting is such sweet sorrow relief Oh shake it out shake it out whoo give yourself a little back in here hands behind you open the chest sitting back number four the inversion where we’re hinging for we always want to open up as well how much time do we have five maybe about another six seven minutes how’s that sound shoulders are back shake out the arms or legs the pyramid stretch but let’s get into it from Down Dog let’s come back to downward facing dog suit ten walk to it now pay close attention to how this feels the hill loser does it feel more much more doable like it’s your pose things are really moving and happening with anything that practice crack a consistent stay focused because if you drop a few days always gets tougher to get back into it I know from experience all right pyramid stretch it’s the back left foot coming forward Vina modified drop this right knee down and lengthen this left leg not there to experiment fingers can be on the floor they could be on the leg or stretching the shins the calf the hamstrings and we’re lengthening over that leg so fine where it works five breaths with each exhale lengthen the leg right behind the knee you could also lift all lift the toes off the mat to really give a hearty welcome bugs are back to the cap bugs love the pyramid stretch and don’t be one this is a challenging one I practice this one quite a bit it’s still a challenge if you want to have a lifetime of good movement you want to be able to do the things you love to do okay back to down dog shake it out and let’s bring the right foot forward so then left knee can drop down or we have a full pyramid when you’re ready five breath soften with the inhale lengthen with the extra [Music] this will really help my hike back down one more breath stretch length and long lean muscles excellent now step back to down dog I’m going to turn the other way here the Sun keeps shifting or than the earth does reverse it and let’s go to pigeon from down dog bring your left knee forward and goal the hip opener as you’re sliding that right leg back let me turn the camera here okay okay to stretch it back and put my feet on the rocks over there now welcome to take this left foot walk it further forward or bend it more if you’re feeling really tight want to be right over the center of this stretch now prob pigeon fingers down lift up so we’re getting a back bend shoulders back and breathe so with the inhale were pressing up with the exhale we’re sinking down into the hips into the glute I’m running out of space on okay good times my friend good night okay page it in with a twist on this one bring your right forearm down take your left arm back you can have it on your group your dish or on the lower back for more and bend this leg fingers on the top so with the twist and pull with the exhale you’re twisting this left shoulder better than pulling the leg towards you this might be a little much so you have this also okay five more breath really stretching your quad loosening up the side obliques on the hips we even have a hip flexor stretch going on that right leg one more breath see it in the frame here in a second there it is all right release downward-facing dog okay okay right knee forward or what it goes left like that you lit out walk the right foot forward pigeon gluteus mineus Maximus media passing outer side here the eye cream and everything entering the stretch lifting tall into that proud pigeon one more breath here sliding that left leg back all right pigeon with its will right Wanda away from the hawk all right I’m sorry left for right arm back or and twisting pole either way exhale twist and pull three more breath hole and twist who you feeling quite a bit with it okay bring it back downward facing dog stretch it out ten walk twisting this time really criss cross bring your knee across [Music] hamstrings and calves relax the shoulders and once more salted or modified dolphin number this forms down or the knees can be down five breath exhale work the heels towards the map powerful stuff my friends let us know how you did one more breath Boop and we come down Oh sitting up shake it out how we doing for time just about those just do a couple more stretches then we on our way feeling younger more flexible decompress much more effective and everything that we love to do okay straddle stretch one of my favorite another one I do this about every night little Van Damme movement here to open the legs you can bend the knees you can have the legs closer together I’m going to keep my heels on the map there we are shoulders back and down and walk the hands forward you can hold the hands here and press forward you might be here each exhale go over a little bit further lengthening or the stretch three more breath good seal it in here inner thighs groin so adds area to the bottom line you want circulation of blood to circulate to carry out metabolic waste lactic acid to refresh the muscles to refresh the body same with the oxygen all right take the home back behind you back bend shoulders back and down finishes up suck those gravel in my face side to side so you could take your hand to the leg reach over inhale to the center sides like ten times total there’s two here’s three exhale as you go to side for a little breeze five more times they’re all those tones towards you a little bit more six seven oxide two more and last one Oh stretch it out stretch it out okay stay in this position let’s finish here bring the hands together prayer position hands come right to what we call heart center in yoga so your shoulders are back and down your chest is expanded your breath is flowing inhale bring the arms up lengthen the legs where ever position here and exhale bring them back down hinging forward a little bit do that again inhale reach up and back bend the elbows slightly mn exhale bring them down hinging forward again adding cactus arms inhale up exhale pull the arms open palms facing out like someone’s grabbing you by the elbows and pulling you back great posture elbows pulling in toward your side inhale up palms together exhale down hinging forward good then let’s do that one more time and it’s strong up cactus arms from wherever we are in the world doing this together pull those elbows in inhale up palms together and slowly bring the hands down as you hinge forward beautiful work my friends thanks for joining me today make sure you like this video subscribe to this channel and you can subscribe to my youtube channel the About section below and we’ll put it up there also Sean big fitness I’ve done a lot of yoga Pilates stretching all sorts of videos for Hospit I was thinking there’s a beginner yoga one you want to keep going into your yoga practice we’ll put that link below also I think you’ll enjoy that I have friends it’s always a pleasure Sean veed the official yoga and Pilates instructor for the has fit channel thanks for having me and I will see you next time my friends from the top of Elephant Butte who knows where we’ll be next time god bless see you next time [Music]