Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout
This 2 part routine is the ultimate warm up before your workout. Use it before HIIT, strength training, or running. There’s no equipment required for this routine. Start by getting your heart rate up and raising your overall core temperature. Then perform dynamic stretches to improve mobility.

Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

Part 1: Cardio
Butt Kick + Arm Crossover / Modified Butt Kick
Jumping Jack / Modified Jack
Opposite Side Toe Touch / Knee Touch
Run in Place / March in Place

Part 2: Dynamic Stretches
Twisting Reverse Lunge
Vinyasa Flow
Fire Hydrant Circles
Lying Straight Leg Crossovers
Page Turns
Multi-planar Lunge

everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 17 Min Cardio Warmup Dynamic Stretching for Running Lifting HIIT Warm Up Exercises Before Workout this routine is broken up into two parts in part one we’re going to get your
heart rate up and increase your overall body temperature and in part two we’re
going to perform some dynamic stretches for your total body this warm-up is
great before hit training weightlifting running or any other athletic activity
there’s no equipment required so let’s get started all right we’re going to get
started with a butt kick plus arm crossover and I’m going to be doing the
modified version where I’m doing a butt kick but still doing the same arm
crossover so her version is just a little more low-impact and on this arm
crossover I like it alternate which arm you have on top this is a great movement
not only to get that heart rate up but at the same time gain a little extra
mobility in the upper and lower extremities this one’s going to stretch
your chest your shoulders both at the same time I think you should have
breathed on this one and just moving at a warmup pace a pace that you feel
comfortable with no reason to count any repetitions on this one just getting as
many reps in as we can in a lot of time period keep that core tight and be sure
to breathe go ahead and perform this one for just 10 more seconds stand nice and
light on your feet and three two one zero
good next we’re going to move into a jumping jack Claudia’s going to go ahead
and perform that modified jumping jack you decide which variation is right for
you again my version is just using a low impact version protect your nose joints
and she’s stepping out side to side or of course I’m jumping out in the split
stance stay nice and light on those balls the
feet keep a slight bend in your knees core stays tight yep
keeping good posture on this one and again moving at a warm-up pace you don’t
want to go too crazy right here getting that heart rate up and increasing our
body temperature definitely not and don’t feel the need to keep up with our
pace on this warm-up move at your own pace we totally encourage you to make
this warm-up your own and adjust it for your fitness level whether that’s going
faster than we are or slower whichever one maybe let’s go this one
for just 10 more seconds almost there and 5 4 3 2 1 0 good next we’re going to
do an opposite toe touch so feet are shoulder width apart hands are up
overhead bending over weight at our waist and our hips I’m going to reach
over and touch opposite hand to toe and notice I’m just doing opposite hand to
knee so keep us a little bend in that knee but then drive your hips back and
feel that stretch in your hamstrings and in your glutes as you bend over and
again you decide which one of these variations is right for you this one has
a double benefit both get your heart rate up and working on that mobility and
flexibility in your posterior chain at the same time whichever variation you
choose make sure you keep your back straight as you’re bending over and
you’re not rounding those shoulders excellent work keep it up guys
keep moving get that slight bend in your knees and keep breathing focus on that
breathing it’s a good time to start thinking about
what it is it drives you to work out what’s your goal what motivates you get
yourself mentally prepared for that workout that’s coming up you got it
let’s go through this one four five four three two one zero all right one more in
our cardio round I’m going to go into a run in place and I’m just doing a simple
march in place so you decide which pace is right for you okay either way I’d
like you to move those arms along with your legs so it’s opposite arm and leg
work together nice soft touches on the ground you got neighbors underneath you
I don’t want them to hear you that’s right
bouncy ball not a rock like I said yeah imagine yourself a bouncy ball returning
that energy back into the ground not just slamming your feet on the ground
that’s it come over keep it moving you got it let’s do this one for just ten
more seconds almost there and five four three two one zero
nice work we’re going to do either a reaching reverse lunge or you’re
reaching split squat so I’m gonna start with my feet together I’m going to step
back and reach the opposite side where client is just going to go ahead
and start in that split squat position that she’s going to drop her back knee
you decide which variation is right for you on this one but either way drop that
back knee until it gets to about a 90 degree angle and reach up into the
opposite side this is a great one to stretch out those quads hip flexors
shoulders as well as your core and back all getting some mobility work on this
one make sure to breathe and again we’re moving at a nice slow controlled pace
not a rush on this one go through that full stretch and as you
get into it you probably start to notice your mobility will improve as you go
through it nice let’s hit this side for five more seconds and three two one zero
okay opposite side now everything else is the same just opposite side right
into it and try to keep your balance there we go
it’s alright not about being perfect just about putting in the work getting a
little bit better everyday feel that nice big stretch and it’s okay
if your back knee hits the ground but we don’t want that back knee to bounce off
the ground and if you can’t quite get far enough down but to get both knees at
a 90 that’s alright do the best you can and as you go through and perform this
move you’ll be able to get further and further down nice again continuing to
breathe as you work through this dynamic stretching movement set this one four
five four three two one zero okay we’re going to move to the floor for the next
one run doula yoga flow of vinyasa flow so we’re going to start this one and
that downward dog position so I want you to pull those hips back relax the
shoulders drive those hips backwards into a downward dog that’s stretching
your back side that’s just pulling back like somebody’s pulling back on your
hips and now I want you to move forward into a high plank position don’t move
your hands now keeping your elbows in drop down and then we’re going to push
up into an upward facing dog hold breathe jogging those hips down and now
let’s come back to the downward facing dog so that was one time through alright
and if you want you kind of walk those legs out a little bit you see Claudio is
naturally doing it just get a little extra stretch
all right now let’s go back into the high plank and drop down elbows are in
and press up so that stretch into the upward facing dog
good breathe on this one and let’s go back downward facing dog keep feeling
that stretch on every position being sure to breathe nice big deep breaths
and back forward high plank drop down elbows are in press up if you need to on
that press up you can put your knees to you can come down on your knees if you
need to for the press and back into downward dog alright we’re going to go
one more time through guys and forward into high plank elbows are in as we
lower ourselves and again if you need so you can drop your knees as you press up
then come back up onto your feet and back excellent okay we can go ahead and
stay down on the ground for the next we’re going to move into a fire hydrant
so we’re gonna fire hearts and circle I should say so we’re going to be on all
fours for this one hands and knees so let’s go in with your right leg bring
your right leg out to the side right hip knee out to the side kick back and then
return so that’s one revolution hip up kick back with the heel circle and back
just go ahead and move at your own pace on this one don’t feel the need to count
reps just feel that hip loosening up as you get through this take it through
that full range of motion trying your best to keep those hips shoulders and
back Square to the ground you don’t want to turn your whole body on this one the
again we’ll hit both sides for equal amount of time
breathe focus on that breathing full range of motion all the way up to the
side kick all the way back and forward so this one four five four three two one
zero opposite side now same move right into it hip out to the side fire
hydrant kick back full extension and return it’s a great one to loosen up
those hips as well as get those glutes firing and we spend so much time sitting
down in our day-to-day life I was hips get so tighten and this is a
great one to reverse that effect you may feel a few pop in your hip and the
head’s totally okay just where are we yes it is normal nothing to be scared
about especially if it’s not associated with any specific pain along the way but
again those hips get tight from disuse and this is going to loosen them up
restore them to their rightful flexibility and mobility again as you
get through this one hopefully you start to feel that mobility improve rep by Rep
excellent job on this one keep it going here four five four three two one zero
excellent like that one coach all right me too I like it too okay let’s go ahead
and lie down flat on our backs and we’re going to do a lying leg crossover neck
so legs are out straight in front of us it’s going to bring up your right leg
you get leg nice and straight as it comes up and let’s let that leg fall
down to the side now you might not have quite as good flexibility as we do or
you might have better if you can allow that leg to go all the way down the
ground feel free to do so if it’s right here
and that’s all you have that’s alright as well but try your best to keep your
shoulders on the ground on this one so you don’t want to roll with that leg but
again keep them both shoulders on the ground feel that nice stretch and now
let’s come back and return want you to go through this
range of motion repeat excellent full range of motion
all the way back ice and control it adds engaging to move that leg as well so I
love that hip good nice and control you want that leg flopping on the ground on
this one let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero
all right same move opposite leg now okay opposite leg so we’re going to come
straight up bring across so first we’re going to hit that static hold and
stretch breathe again try and keep both shoulder blades on the ground on this
one keep that leg nice and straight should
feel a stretch maybe especially back with a hamstring hip and glue maybe
low-caste okay now let’s go through that dynamic
range of movement nice and controlled rep by Rep again forcing yourself to
keep that leg nice and straight I know it’s hard and a little more flexible
with every movement we’re in a nice slow controlled pace you got it let’s hit
this one four five four three two one and zero excellent work all right next
we’re going to do what’s called a page-turner so we’re going to lie on our
sides completely both our arms on the sides our knees clasp together and we’re
going to open up one side arm and at the same time we’re going to look in the
opposite direction so it’s a page-turner hope I need a little more room here
that’s what you get with a 6 to wingspan all right so you know open up like we’re
opening a book and close so again this inside shoulder and arm stays on the
ground and I’m going to look back as those shoulders open up
a full range of motion all the way forward all the way back and I wouldn’t
recommend doing this one so close to a wall like I am but hey that’s okay works
he has to work with the space we have of course and this one’s great for that
thoracic spine mobility which is that mid-back it will shoulder mobility in
there as well and let’s switch sides and five four three two one zero
all right so we’re going to go ahead and flip over just to hit that opposite side
next again hands are together knees are together and let’s go ahead and open up
and looking over that shoulder excellent again all of these moves are
performed at a nice controlled pace no rush on this one improving that mobility
rep by Rep a little better excellent work get another great one if you spend
a lot of time sitting down and a great one to counteract any of those negative
postural facts from so much time sitting down let’s go ahead and hit this one for
ten more seconds to get it through that full range of motion making sure not to
hold your breath but we’re breathing throughout and three two one zero close
the book all right so we’re going to do a multi-planar lunge next now I didn’t
make up the name on this one so to start we’re going to get into a high plank
position so come up into a high plank position on both hands and feet and I’ll
like you to bring your right foot up to outside of your right hand the best you
can now go ahead and take that inside arm
and we’re going to reach up and then I want you to reach through twist rotate
and reach back up so we’re going to reach in and reach up nice and control
that back straight get good posture core stays tight actually going through that
full range of motion love this one because it just hits so many different
body parts from your hips your groin hamstrings thoracic spine again
shoulders all getting loosened up on this one let’s go and repeat this four
five four three two one zero okay place that right hand down step back and then
opposite leg steps up and right back into it so reaching up and then reaching
through again not a race on this one just move it a pace that feels good to
you you feel comfortable and feel the effects breathe
think about that workout that you have coming up think about how you’re about
ready to crush it whatever goals you may have for that workout now’s the time to
focus on them get a little bit better everyday
within that work so we can achieve those goals that’s what it takes the only
thing standing in between you and everything you want is that work that
has to be put in and you’re doing that right here let’s keep this one up four
five four three two one zero nice work nice job everybody
you are officially ready for your workout if you’ve been working out with
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