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hello has fitters it’s me Sean veigue the official yoga and Pilates instructor for the has fit Channel today we have a all levels power yoga workout a full power yoga workout no weights no machines it’s only using your body weight and it’s just great for men and women and everyone who wants a challenge make sure you hit the like button subscribe to has fit channel and also subscribe to my youtube channel it’s up there and in the About section below okay get a mat you can do this from anywhere in the world and check in below and a quick question comment below also what do you want to get out of your yoga practice what are you looking to get from doing yoga put that below and I’ll see you back here in one second okay it just got the new external roadie microphone on here it’s a little breezy today if it starts to get really windy I’ll definitely switch to a voiceover so we can avoid law that wind disruption alright modify as needed and always use control lets me get in downward-facing dog breathing in the nose and out the nose building strength flexibility balance endurance and stamina good hand shoulder width feet hip width let’s walk the legs want to get some blood flow relax the shoulders this workout will be around 30 minutes so get ready and I hope you enjoy the backdrop here one of my favorites here in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies let’s do ten more steps one two three four five six sink those heels down seven eight nine ten both the heels going down towards the mat relax the shoulders let’s walk the feet forward and press back to chair pose reach the arms up the weight goes in the heels and in the glutes got the cap on it’s a little chilly I’m actually filming this a day before Thanksgiving but once we start moving the blood flow happens it’s night and day exhale dive down forward fold soften the knees a little bit put the weight into the tips of the toes and let’s walk ten times two three four five a little twist if you like six seven eight nine ten again bend the knees press back chair this time lace the fingers together palms out or rather palms together that’s right shoulders back and down the weight is off the toes put it back into the heels one more breath diving down again ten steps three four five five more times tuck that chin let’s decompress the spine this routine will give you an edge in any sport and any activity once more chair lace the fingers really warming up the glutes and the legs working your body as a whole two more breaths okay diving down we’re gonna do Sun Salutations tuck the chin feel that stretch in the spine come to the front edge out of your mat I don’t know what that was let’s rise up stack the spine lifting lifting lifting shoulders back and down palms together inhale reach up exhale dive down forward fold snap the right foot back low lunge drop the knee down slide it back as far as you like line up the knee and ankle reaching the arms up you need to keep the fingers on the mat go right ahead hinge forward step back to plank position left foot back shoulders back elbows and press forward lower yourselves down drop the knees if you wish all the way down roll the shoulders back this is Cobra we’re putting some flows together so hold on exhale downward facing dog inhale right leg up right foot forward low lunge shoulders back or lift good work the body as a whole breathe in the nose and out the nose come forward left foot steps and rise up chin on the chest stack that spine shoulders back and down arms up beautiful and the hands again heart center let’s go to the other side Sun Salutations inhale up exhale dive can always pause and practice left foot back low lunge daddy’s having a drink forward step plank forward shoulders in front of the wrists lower down good it’s like learning a new language Cobra or you can lift all the way up into upward facing dog keep your shoulders down squeeze your glutes oh yes down dog left foot forward low lunge [Music] good work the body as a whole hey the wind’s blowing me over right foot forward and rise up chin to the chest let’s build that spine one vertebra at a time steps next to shoulder rolls and then bring the arms up I might cut my hands off hands heart center take a couple deep breaths right here balance it out there’s the Sun all right we’re gonna do once more on each side this time with full lunge on the next inhale reach up and dive down right foot back oh so the knee is off the mat this time reach up balance good hinge forward step back to plank press forward lower down elbows hugging the ribs concentrate the power in the core inhale up dog or Cobra how you feeling keep it loose in the lower back downward facing dog right foot forward lunge let me find some even ground good shoulders back arms very nice very nice my friend hinge forward left foot steps in rising up link by link build that spine shoulders back arms up palms together all right nice and loose one more time this time moving to your left side are you ready I am let’s go inhale rise up exhale dive chin to the chest do you compress the spine left foot back lunge adhi where you going forward step back plank connected together float down in hover inhale up dog or Cobra a little shimmy that’s an add-on idea to keep the lower back loose downward-facing dog very nice inhale left foot up left foot forward we have lunge in the Sun and then step the right foot in rising up brilliant 33 vertebrae stack up stack up two shoulder rolls arms up palms together bring the hands to heart center take an extra breath how do you feel feel warmed up feel the muscles working the body responding let’s tuck the chin lace the fingers behind you the mudra soften the knees and down we go bend the knees so you can bring the top or the top if you bring your chest to the tops of the thighs two more breaths open the chest all right exhale drop the arms down flat back take the fingertips onto the shins or onto the mat draw your shoulders back we want to avoid the creeping shoulders it sounds like a Boris Karloff movie there’s some mischief now step or jump back to plank vinyasa power flow press forward lower down inhale updog I don’t trust chatter know what she’s doing exhale downward facing dog shake out the legs she got a treat all right inhale bring that left leg up tuck that chin sink that right heel down now exhale left foot forward lunge gonna add a little movement to this lunge to challenge our core stability so rise up shoulders back and down arms up these are called touch downs we’re gonna do six on each side we’re gonna do them slowly imagine doing these through peanut butter so sink that right heel down we’re gonna exhale fingers down inhale reach up it’s stabilized the center here’s to adding some unique variations always changing up the workout always challenging in the nose out the nose two more times there is the Sun all right bring the arms up cactus arms open the chest so we pull the shoulders back always working on posture lace the fingers together behind you we have the mudra sync those hands down one more breath open up the airways all right in the arms up vinyasa power flow step back to plank or you can kick this leg back and do a one-legged down that’s up to you melting down into the mat inhale up dog or Cobra readjust so avoid this lifting drop the shoulders back squeeze the gluts in the tops of the thighs good down dog our Homebase get off the mat okay the inhale right leg comes up sinking that left heel down now bring the right foot forward and we our language hmm again shoulders back and down feel that in the quad six touchdowns exhale standing on a rock I think there’s two let’s do four more good two more times my friend slow it down you’ll be surprised at the challenge doesn’t like filming outside is there I’m gonna do two more for good measure here you also meet the nicest people coming out here it’s fantastic daddy likes to lick them alright arms up now set the hands down step back to plank press forward let’s lower all the way down inhale updog now hip what do you call these little hip twists hip taps so tap your hip down keep yourself lifted how’s the winds wind okay I much rather speak live you get the full effect in the moment may never come again alright back to downward-facing dog let’s change it up a little bit we’re gonna walk or jump the feet forward we go back to chair lace the fingers come up onto the tippy toes releve lift wah I’ll stand here we go shoulders back and down two more breaths good now come down we have half boat pose seated position on lace the fingers feet come up shoulders are back and down if you want full boat arms up or to the sides three more breaths all body weight the greatest gym you will ever have right here your body open 24/7 alright now going into vinyasa flow cross the ankles hands down step or jump back plank forward hover good work on those inhale updog downward facing dog let’s do that again from down dog to chair optional tippy toes make sure you share this workout with your workout buddies get on these power yoga programs one more breath don’t boat down here or here five breaths my friend in the nose out the nose [Music] one more breath then Yassa power flow cross back down up dog ten dips two three four is that feel good five six seven excellent eight nine ten lift downward facing dog take three breaths [Music] you know let’s stay in this spot I love it the pond is very refreshing very invigorating let’s move into some warriors take your left leg up left foot forward pivot the right foot as you bend let me find a spot here I’m flipping as you pin the left knee reaching up into warrior one so keep this knee open the hip doesn’t turn in and keep this left shoulder back open to warrior two the arms come out shoulders right above the hips flip this left hand up reach and then come back this is reverse warrior right arm to your lower back [Music] one more breath keep the flow going inhale pinwheel the arms step back let’s go vinyasa flow kick the leg if you like and then down up dog or Cobra down dog good all the muscles firing right leg up right foot forward warrior one two right hand up reach reverse bring both the arms up pinwheel vinyasa flow down up dog down dog Walker jump forward chair lace the fingers hmm bring it down gently gently okay little variation half boat I call this the running bolt right arm up left arm back we’re gonna run slow motion like a superhero keep going stabilize the center you can do wind same arm same leg if you like ten more two three four five some different variations seven eight nine ten back to vinyasa flow cross down up dog or Cobra hood iron out the wrinkles down dog left foot forward warrior one what am i standing okay arms up let’s go to proud warrior so either the forearm could be on the leg for side angle or bring the fingers down let me move back a little bit there we go right arm up stretch that right leg out now extend three breaths feel that huge stretch breathe into the pose [Music] smile if you like alright let’s take it back to downward-facing dog step back right foot up or right leg up right foot forward warrior one side angle or proud warrior here or here extend for three breaths good the body as a whole the mind sees it and the body does it alright vinyasa flow let’s meet back at down dog good some grass in the eye different way to ingest grass and Colorado downward facing dog extra breath all right chair [Music] here one more breath moving in to boat or half boat bring it down gently gently use your hands if you need to all right I love this variation we did the run last time we’re gonna do a little hook this time 20 times it’s too much just hold half boat we’re gonna bring the arm across one to stabilize three four don’t move the core five six seven eight it’s moving nineteen ten ten more thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen that gray 18 19 20 half boat are full two breaths alright vinyasa power flow cross down drop the knees if you need to up dog I mean go forward here up dog or Cobra downward facing dog one last warrior flow a lot of requests for bird of paradise so left foot forward warrior sliding we do side angle or proud if you want to go further it’s the warrior wrap WR AP right arm your lower back left arm underneath bring the hands together can lace the fingers or grab the fingers use a towel we’ll use your shirt this is the wrap I like to marinate in the wrap for a few breaths if I’m going to do bird of paradise which I haven’t done in a couple fortnight’s if you want to do bird of paradise ha let’s do it together right foot forward left foot comes off the mat okay little jiggling there we go if you want the full one extend the leg out I like to call it bird of prey – I’m a big Klingon fan well Klingons woof okay one more breath one of my dreams play a Klingon bring the foot down step it back let’s all bring the hands down go back to downward facing dog well done and addy is guarding shake out the legs okay right foot forward go right into your side angle or proud warrior now go as far as you like as fur as far okay we do the wrap don’t want to slide there we go breathe are you breathing in the nose out the nose or bird-of-paradise let’s find a spot there we go [Music] taller beautiful my friend bring it down and Yassa power flow when you’re ready let’s meet it downward facing dog down dog excellent Walker jump the feet forward rise up shoulders back and down one more shoulder roll all right tree I’ll face you I’ll mirror you I hope you can see my head and open up your left hip hands together build some balance bring that heel below or above the knee or ankle on top of the thigh focus breathe let’s fix the blouse [Music] mmm the add-on option is the crouching tree ankle is on the thigh make sure you hit your ankle okay it’s kind of like a one-legged chair we press back and there we are three breaths from wherever you are wherever you may roam enter sandman’ from the Bell Tolls you get it oh all right bring it up hey are you training with your dog today give a thumbs up shake out the legs let’s go right to the other side tree open up your right hip she’s gonna do something below or above the knee or on top makes it even more challenging when she’s doing that filmed here yesterday I won’t even say what she did it was much colder right all right if you like you can do the Crouch or stay where you are I’m gonna crouch and pet crouching she that’s a d Adelaide if she’s in trouble recognize her from a lot of my videos okay two more breaths Mike thank you Maddy for demonstrating the need for focus and balance alright let’s turn it forward fold inhale flat back fingers on the shins or the ground step or jump back plank forward down inhale up dog let’s twist ten times two three four five six seven eight nine ten lift an all-important back bend in AB stretch and then down dog whoo bring it forward Walker jump chair a lot of chairs to breaths really sculpting and working the glutes the lower back the core down to the mat one more boat variation you want it boats you got them come on up we’re here or extend the legs up take your right hand grab the tops of the feet or grab the ankle wherever you can reach the left arm out relax these shoulders now let’s go to the other side wherever you can grab make sure it’s your foot and right arm out again other side balance agility as I said these workouts are so beneficial for sports any sport any activity other side the ability to stabilize your Center is everything moves around it let’s do one more time each side and switch beautiful one more vinyasa flow one more cross the legs back into a break or moonwalk if you like forward down lift downward facing dog and let’s finish with a little hip opening work here so bring the left knee forward pigeon pose slide the right leg back walk that left foot up fingers are down good you want to be right over the center so careful falling to either side and then you can bring the forearms forward or the hands so lengthen the spine and from here then do a little from here we’ll sway back and forth hips lower back hip flexors they won’t stretch themselves feed them feed them these pigeons these poses so you can keep doing the things you love and do them better and do them for a lot longer twist and pull bring the right forearm down reach the left arm back if you want to go further bend this leg and grab the top each exhale you’re gonna twist and pull twist and pull for three more breaths hello quad I mean feel that in your right leg you feel that let’s do it together one more breath release down dog into pigeon on the other side right knee forward good shake it out when you need to you might get some cramps shake it out headed off can always pause the video okay always remember why you’re training now hands down or forearms feel it out investigate yoga turns us all into a detective we’re figuring out how our body works how its balance how it aligns how it reacts to you know chaos – unpredictability it’s why Power Yoga is so good at building your ability to adapt to adapt to any situation and I find it extremely fun I love it it’s so accessible especially as we age I’m forty three and a half years old I believe see I’m so old I don’t even know how old I am now a forty three and a half so these routines are a part of my daily my daily schedule all right twist left forearm down bring the arm to your lower back or no no you can bend the knee grab the top of the foot now exhale twist and pull with the breath three more breaths good I hope you’ve been enjoying this flow I’ve really been enjoying doing it with you with y’all showing off my backyard here okay release back roll onto your right side we might go over 30 minutes I don’t even know how long they’ve been going but once we start the flows they’re intoxicating it’s really hard to stop our bodies get stronger with each breath one last hip progression here so you could start with butterfly we all know butterflies to do this in gym class with mr. zanter now use the elbows I want you to rock back and forth press into that leg as you’re doing that take your opposite hand gently gently mind you mind you gently press the other one flexibility equals youth brings us back to the days when we could run and play and do things all day long without ever being sore or tight if we were we wake up the next day and feel 100% again 100% I always think about that when I do my my stretches okay now hands on the feet use both the elbows even if you’re up here doesn’t matter fine where you are each exhale sink the elbows into those legs and hinge forward you can stay here or add the core into it this is an add-on if you wish wrap your fingers around the feet draw the shoulders back and down and open the chest so we got the core working on this we got a little shaking going on again your ability to adapt to any situation those two people who came by here a little bit ago so there’s a whole herd of deer right over this hill I’m kind of keeping an eye out if you want to go further hand’s underneath hey it’s good serious come on do it good hands underneath so we’re pulling the feet in is we’re dropping the shoulders down and of course our abdominals our lower back our hips and our gluts are stabilizing us to keep us up here okay cool well this will be as far as we’ll go with this progression okay whichever one you’re in let’s bring it down I just said urine shake out the arms and the legs and that’s fantastic my friends come to a seated position cross-legged let’s take the arms up overhead palms together exhale bring the hands down right to heart center I hope you enjoyed this flow once more inhale arms up cactus arms exhale open palms facing out we’re opening the chest thank you sure our posture is as good as it will ever be until the next time inhale arms up palms together let’s finish it off it’s been a pleasure my friends as has Fitz official yoga and Pilates instructor it’s me Shawn veigue great work makes you comment below let me know why you’re doing yoga what specifically do you need yoga to help you with check-in below and you can subscribe to my channel I’ll put it up here and it’s in the About section below on YouTube I appreciate that and for the perfect book that goes along with these power yoga workouts you can find and get my best-selling book power yoga for athletes let me reach it up there it’s available wherever books are sold Barnes & Noble Books A Million Target Walmart iBooks Amazon or you can go the link in the About section below great for all fitness levels men women everyone I want to let you know about that on-the-go training manual are my friends Sean big official yoga and Pilates instructor for the has fit channels been a pleasure leave your feedback below and I look forward to seeing you next time good work and Happy Thanksgiving even though you’re probably watching this after Thanksgiving we’ll see you next time god bless