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intermediate workout

Join Sean Vigue to improve strength and flexibility at the same time with this 30 minute Power Yoga Workout. Grab your yoga mat and let’s get started!

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[Music] hello has fitters it’s coach V the official yoga and Pilates instructor of the has Fit Channel today we’re gonna be doing a power yoga flow so we have this beautiful lake behind this is a beautiful day here in the Front Range of Colorado by the way where are you in the world leave a comment below let us know this workout is great for everybody everybody you can modify as you need to it’s all bodyweight no weights or machines just get your mat some comfortable clothes that we can flow flow and flow building strength flexibility power balance control and even a whole heck of a lot of endurance alright so check in right now and I will see you back here in two seconds alright a slight shirt tuck we’re gonna breathe in the nose and out the nose deep breathing connecting it with the flows you could modify any time you need to my friend great thing about these videos you can pause it go back you can practice play it over and over that’s your flow let’s begin feet hip-width apart some Sun Salutations connecting the breath and movement take a couple shoulder rolls here and as we look out into the beautiful wilderness they will jump in this reservoir at the end of this flow inhale reach the arms up over the head exhale diving down forward fold soften the knees a little bit let the spine decompress take an extra breath really release back in the head or back of the neck is rather loose inhale rising up again let’s build some heat in the spine shoulders back and down reach up again diving down forward fold shoulders are relaxed put the weight into the tips of the toes and once again rising up not a cloud in the sky and don’t worry I’m covered in sunscreen all right let’s dig into some flows tuck the chin my friend dive down on the exhale step your right foot back lunge you can drop the right knee if you want or keep that right leg straight nice 90 degree angle and your left leg fingers down or reaching up this is a nice lunge the feet are staggered you’re gonna hinge forward now step back to plank position also called high pushup hands under the shoulders elbows in take a deep breath drawing the shoulders back get some heat into the core now press forward through the toes shoulders come in front of the wrists and we lower down elbows hugging the sides hugging the sides drop your knees if you need to tops of the feet on the mat inhale lift the upper body up either Cobra elbows into the sides elbows bent or lift all the way up into upward facing dog lift squeeze the glutes exhale lower back down massage the rib cage into the mat and then big exhale press back downward facing dog walk the legs a few times want to get blood flow going a lot of blood flow these power yoga flows you practice them every day it can be five minutes it can be fifty minutes but make sure you’re practicing these flows and these poses all right inhale right leg up right foot forward lunge adjust shoulders back and down arms up or fingers on the Matis you inhale let your upper body lift nice alright hinge forward step forward fold diving down again release the spine decompress there’s bugs all over we inhale rising up I always film outside I encourage a little wildness on the mat all right exhale dive down and get forward full neck is loose on the exhale step your left foot back lungs drop the knee or extend the leg fingers down or we reach up mmm stretch that back leg very nice hinge forward stepping back plank position again starting to build these flows a little more aggressively with precision lower down inhale Cobra or upward facing dog give an extra lift and draw the shoulders back and down exhale lower and then exploding up and back into downward facing dog very good take an extra breath here work the heels down relax the shoulders left leg comes up with the inhale left foot forward lunge there we are we’ll keep building on these flows a lot of surprised is always disrupting and shocking our minds and our bodies step forward lace the fingers behind you mudra soften the knees if this is too much cross the arms here or let the arms hang two more breaths inhale reach the arms up exhale dive [Applause] okay drop inhale flat back fingertips on the mat or fingertips on the shins either way let your shoulders pull back feeling a nice stretch in your spine now step back plank position take it through the flow little more precision forward down as if you’re teaching a class and you’re showing how these poses connect together exhale lower on the next exhale downward facing dog very nice inhale left leg comes up let’s keep building building the heat our body adapts triangle pose turn that right foot in lengthen the legs arms out hinge back of the hand or the hand gently on the leg reach the right arm up three breaths right here think of spitting between a door and a screen door oh the wind’s coming in that’s good triangle brings in the breeze as my notes don’t fly away all right extend the triangle reach this right arm feeling a whole lot of goodness down the right side and turn this into the revolving triangle set the hand to the mat the foot or the leg as you inhale twist your body to left reach the left arm up three breath you’re wringing out your sides this really really loosens up your back [Music] good one more breath all right set the hands down downward-facing dog very nice keep it moving get off the mat inhale right leg up right foot forward triangle on the other side arms out turn the left foot in reach voila here we are three breaths in the nose out the nose once more and now we extend reach that left arm roll the left shoulder back one more breath very nice stretch it out flexibility is youth we reach and let’s revolve line up the heels inhale lift hand on the floor the foot or the leg [Music] let’s do two more breaths as you inhale really reach back Hey okay vinyasa flow you could step back to plank or kick the leg back forward down melting down total total body control lift up and let’s go to down dog right from here step back beautiful downward facing dog now take the left foot forward and keep on moving keep on disrupting our bodies and the flow shoulders back and down okay okay these are lunge reach throughs if they’re too much just hold the lunge we’re gonna do ten we’re gonna hinge forward on the exhale inhale reach back up ten times each side in the wind press that right heel down you can lace the fingers if you like here’s four jeez wait it’s the hottest day around here in a long time the wind feels amazing five more times reach man six seven if you wobble that’s fine just get back into it do as many as you can with the best form the best breath two more I’ll do that mudra here here we go that’s up to you if you want to do it lift and once more keep the balance dive now release hands down standing splits lift that right leg if you want to go even further you can lift the fingers Oh off the mat make it balance two breaths all right step back lunge Oh lift and let’s flow vinyasa power flow step or jump like you’re underwater shoulders back good nice strong lift Down Dog little shake out get off the mat all right lunge other side right leg up right foot forward plant it get a solid foundation always so we can roar silently all right hold your lunge or ten of our reach through our pass through exhale forward inhale lift good balance i wobble I wobble all the time that’s good it builds character it means we’re always disrupting and disturbing and distressing the norm in our movements there’s three going to ten lace the fingers if you like [Music] it’s my counting all right I’m gonna do five more five more my friends oh seven going three more times get that rhythm cloud passing overhead here huh alright let’s go set foot back just slightly and up one more time reach it through reach it through okay lace the fingers open let’s lead this into the standing splits hands forward lift there’s a beat okay there goes the B or lift the hand slightly off the mat two more breaths and playing piano alright step it back lunge oh I feel that in the right leg oh that’s delicious up vinyasa flow here we go connect the dots lalala up dog add a little twist here back and forth nip dips keep that back limber pliable nice and loose very good all right up dog or Cobra down dog shake it out a little change of pace Walker jump forward bring it down see the position alright going well got about 12 minutes already shoulders back and down boat pose find a nice little solids flat spot there never know what underneath the mat feet up shoulders back and out fingers on the legs or the arms are forward five breaths half boat one of the big challenges is now let’s not to let the feet drop so we came right up here can also extend all the way out if you wish that’s your privilege either way three more breaths I’m gonna bend I just trained and taught a class [Music] okay very nice cross the legs step back plank go through the flow elbows into the sides constant rhythm inhale up dog exhale down dog now walk or you can jump through the lunge again you cannot lunge but bolt rather there we are sure right here good to add bolt runs stabilize the center 20 runs we’re gonna run with the arms up and then back here’s two breathe in two three four you can do the same arm same leg if you like five like this six that’s up to you seven eight nine ten let’s do ten more very nice keep it caught in the nose out the nose twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen stronger every day nineteen twenty half or full boat two breaths and let’s do the vinyasa flow cross the legs jump back or step down up dog exhale downward facing dog beautiful okay moving into some warrior flows I like to call these warrior hugs take an extra breath here and down dog really flush out the breath the neck is loose oh I’m hopping with excitement inhale left leg up left foot forward give me a warrior pose here line up the heels push in your pockets bend that left knee right foot is turned in slightly okay take the arms out this knee this hip is open this leg is open now the hugs we’re gonna exhale reach down this arm is gonna hug across the body inhale other arm does back and forth ten times here’s to go a little lower if you like you can really band into it or place your hand on the leg if you need a little more support three a little faster same control four [Music] five five more times my friend we have it so much strength and mobility here six all body weight [Music] seven eight two more Oh feel that front leg burning with goodness nine once more and reach it up reach it up now take this hand place it on the ground Oh extend extended warrior three more breaths roll that right shoulder back mmm bring it all together alright set the hands down down dog Oh shake out the legs get off my arm a little shake fingers a loose tozer loose breath is fluid it’s constantly flowing alright let’s enjoy the other side right foot forward warrior hmm and ready ten times each one exhale yeah – there’s two I’ll count on the top flow it fluid here’s four reach it back reach it back [Music] five six going to ten we have it seven beautiful reach up higher higher higher eight nine oh one more time that front way I feel it all I burn something and reach it back now Oh stretch real quick extended warrior left arm reaches three breaths as down vinyasa flow step or jump up dog take a downward facing dog take three breaths alright inhale left leg up left foot forward little mudra warrior variation so turn that right foot and bend the leg lace the fingers together behind you gonna start here opening up the chest you have some clouds coming in now we’re gonna go on a diagonal so draw the right shoulder back reach the hands away from you towards your back heel nice big opening as you sink into your left leg two more breaths in the nose out the nose and now we revolve the warrior so place the right hand down and lift the left arm up so bend that left knee to breath good you can move a little bit within the pose and then set the hands down step back down dog other side warrior start with the mudra behind line up the heels and then you work your way diagonally in that side bend thinking down there we go two more breaths and then revolve the warrior hand down other arm lifts up there we are then that knee put you in all these different twists at angles and planes of movement that’s vinyasa flow time yes it is step or jump back melting into each pose up down dog let’s take it’s a little balance here adding some balance Walker jump forward starting with a tree take your right foot bring it below or above the knee hands together turn a little bit more here we go so we can we can face each other just like that all right feel if you’re feeling solid take the arms up it’s called the extended tree your left knee your standing knee is slightly soft keep your eyes focused deep breath stay here or take it to the crouching tree right drop down take the ankle on top of the thigh we come down one of my favorites is a great hip opener balance leg work one more breath sinking down sinking down now let’s take this through the vinyasa flow so turn step back to plank and we go I’d like to cleanse the palate with these flows keep our whole body engaged back to down dog now walk or jump forward again other side fix the blouse I always know why I was called my tank tops blouses we open that hip soften that right knee out of it and open up the airways breathe into the front the sides in the back I trained and work professionally as a opera singer dramatic baritone singer music theater and opera and that’s how we breathe we braved how we breathed was front sides and back if you’re feeling solid take the arms up so it’s not shallow chest breathing it’s deep its deep abdominal breathing that lifts your whole body and doesn’t scrunch up your upper body stay here or drop down three breaths definitely a challenge eyes are focused it’s here dog near me whose dog Hey take it back vinyasa flow I’m gonna moonwalk back there we go press forward down down down down up dog limber in the back and then hoop big be downward-facing dog walker jump forward again here’s the challenge take your right foot either here if you want to hold the tree or ankle on top of the thigh balance challenge challenge take it from here go back and forth tree crouching tree don’t let’s not do a number two a few here or hold the tree that’s up to you keep the eyes focused I’m into one more oh hey okay one more of each down down down hmm from here step or jump back vinyasa flow down dog Walker jump forward other side hold the tree or go for the tree – crouching tree I’m ready inhale as you lift up exhale as you come down expand the breath a little more each time that’s this stuff one more each one lift tall yeah you got it let me crouch down a little lower a little lower alright take it back to downward-facing dog okay shake it out we got a new warrior on tap for you take your left foot forward this is a warrior cat cow variation we just keep flushing out and working the upper body so warrior legs line up the heels arms out okay catch my breath I got excited inhale reach back open up the chest the shoulders this is the cow exhale roll forward you can come all the way down if you like or stay tall and just roll their shoulders we’re gonna do it four more times each one keep the foundation of your warrior legs three more open up big stretch get those shoulders in bone excellent excellent two more times I’m smiling that was a good smile right there all right once more I’m gonna finish with the cow we’re gonna open we’re gonna bring this hand down again extended warrior oh it’s so good one more breath turn down dog other side warrior with the cat cow arms out five times each one a lot of balance oh the spine gets to unwind [Music] three more yeah that’s my but two more [Music] deep breathing penetrate the cells with the breath oh I’m I’ve lost comment do one more extra credit and down now open up nice and wide big cow pose and then extend the warrior one more breath beautiful vinyasa step or jump down dog oh my goodness it just doesn’t stop take your left foot forward side lunge oh I always get requests for this one and I get requests somebody’s not to do it so let’s bring it down side lunge hands are down open up this left leg or you can mirror me that’s fine open up the other leg keep opening the legs keep lifting through the top of the head [Music] okay let’s transfer to the other side use your hands on the mat or inhale up and slowly come over it’s definitely a Van Damme move as young Claude Van Damme little bloodsport good balanced breathe open up those Airways I’m wobbling that’s good I get up over up over how does that feel feel okay really good for your gluts I’m like let’s do a four more times back and forth take out the pause take out the dramatic pause two three and four I’m going to bring it over vinyasa flow [Music] hmm down dog excellent woo Walker jump forward give yourself forward fold here fingers can also be under the toes don’t keep our arms around the legs wring out the spine two more breaths [Music] all right flat back fingers on the shins or the floor the cloud up there now step back to plank inhale open up side stack the legs if you like you can also lift [Music] breach vinyasa flow bring it right down down dog bring it to plank other side right arm up just good forward you can do what you like with the legs extend good something on me just paranoia at this point I’ve Ben Yossef low hands down always time to invigorate all those cells downward-facing dog quick shake out okay mudra dives just a few more things left give me a warrior pose I hope you’re not sick of it yeah it’s just always always a challenge get those legs again make sure this knee is open always double-check your foundation because if you’re gonna keep moving the foundation is not there everything’s gonna fall we’re not gonna progress lace the fingers again behind you keep it here if you like opening the chest or five dives we’re gonna dive down draw the arms back a lot of balance inhale lift get the back bend four more times and doing these a lot lately myself so effective open and two more we got it and once more keep that left knee open rise up arms up in Yossef lost a little more speed but always the control always the flow okay other side five mudra dives here we are keep that leg exhale down inhale up don’t forget to let us know after you’re done let us know below what you thought of the workout and where you are doing this with me love to hear from you too more recommend power yoga just about daily some form or other for maximum physical and mental performance bring it up open arms up flow it okay downward-facing dog let’s finish it off time go so quickly bring the right knee forward pigeon fix the mat so you can rock you a little side to side here want to be right over the center can do a little pigeon pigeon slides so we’re gonna start with proud pigeon lift up and then exhale lengthen floor do this at your own speed my friend we’re opening the hip stretching the hip flexor I’m getting one heck of a spine manipulation here maybe even adjustment herself but that’s up to you let’s do it two more times if you like you can also do King pigeon reach the arms up and then lengthen forward always hinging stretching out that spine once more oh so nice slide it down whatever we do we do it with flow with purpose now step it back to plank switch sides left leg forward when you’re ready even it out we all be alone here here’s your pigeon lifting up tall a couple weeks ago I was up in that area ran right into a big black bear fortunately I was by myself and so was the bear we just spoke for a second and then walked away from each other all right back and forth but this area here the worst of it is really friendly dogs who are swimming in the reservoir and that’s all right that goes perfectly with power yoga Oh King pigeon if you like also remember you can take the arms up and then lengthen down just feel really good on those tight hips and down let’s do one more time one more time do a little movement in there where you need to I’m gonna do this classic here oh and then down all right let’s do one more flow step back to plank take it slow like you’re underwater in the pool no no there we are effortless effortless huge back bend strong arms strong glutes take it back to down dog couple breaths right here God flush out the junk the distractions now walk or jump your feet forward forward fold let’s rise up well finish it here my friends standing nice and tall a couple shoulder rolls take the arms up back bend and then pull them open cactus arms cactus arms cactus arms and shake it out my friends let’s meet coach V such a pleasure to train with you today makes you check in below if this video helped hit that like button subscribe to the hospital and please head over to my channel it’s on the screen the address and subscribe to my youtube channel where you’ll find tons of workouts just like this and many many other different kinds as well what did I say my name is coach me the official yoga and Pilates instructor for the has fit channel again if this was a little bit too much this flow I did another power yoga flow for this channel last year just for you the link to that is in the About section below and any questions or concerns comments put them below do the or a little bit of these every day for a while and keep us posted keep us all posted how you’re doing with those because power yoga is definitely accessible it’s powerful and anybody can do it anywhere in the world hi my friends coach me signing off god bless we’ll see you next time