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hello my friends its Shaun veigue otherwise known as coach Vig with Shaun big Fitness I’m the official yoga and Pilates instructor for the has fit channel it’s fantastic to be with you once again by the way if you go in the About section below you can get the playlist of all the workouts yoga Pilates and others I’ve done for the has fit channel have mall in one place all right today we’re gonna do a very smooth yoga morning stretch routine this is great for anyone all fitness levels all ages focus on breath flexibility balance and starting your day well the right way with these all-purpose yoga stretches I’ve said too much all you need is comfortable clothes your yoga mat and anywhere you want to film I’m on my beautiful deck today in the Colorado Rockies and please check in below let us know you’re here and also let us know where you are doing this routine from where in the world love to hear from you alright let’s get to the routine ah the Sun has returned yes okay I love filming in the Sun now you can do this right when you wake up in the morning so let’s begin on our backs we’re gonna breathe in the nose and out the nose really think of saturating your bloodstream with oxygen the old OH to bring the knees into the chest your head is on a pillow or wherever you want to set the head wiggle the fingers and the toes take a few deep breaths in the nose and out the nose want to set the tone for the day avoid tightness throughout the day perhaps avoid injury by keeping our body nice and mobile the mind and body connection is strong one more deep breath right here all right take that left leg slide it down right knee into the chest take this leg move it a little bit side to side said mobility the ability to move move through your activities through the things you like to do during the day so you little IT bands stretch the knee inner thigh oh there’s the Sun okay bring that knee in a little closer shoulders relaxed chest is open I wear the cap because it does get a little cold out here all right now take this knee let’s bring it over as far as you can go comfortably it’s a lying spinal twist drop it and then with each exhale your upper body’s gonna turn to the right now this is a good time to open up like this because we’ve been sleeping our body is warm we’re pretty relaxed and our mind hasn’t had time to accumulate a bunch of distractions yet you could extend the leg further if you like or reach this arm out or both take the arm a little higher [Music] good get out of the way release into the stretch two more breaths excellent bring it back to the center switch the legs right leg down left knee into the chest move a little back and forth now as always listen to your body we have this beautiful gym our body that’s with us 24/7 so it is our duty it is our duty to maintain it to take good care of it all right you ready for the twist take an inhale prep exhale here she goes all the way down relax breathe into that twist as you’re exhaling twist the upper body away let’s do four more breaths drown the muscles in that oxygen inhale exhale world’s turn on some deep breaths they really do [Music] the arm comes a little higher perhaps feel that nice tug down your lats down your sides and one more stretch down here on our backs we’re gonna bring the knees back in breathe into your lower back one breath your fingers and toes are loose and then this is called the lying butterfly or supine butterfly take the bottoms of the feet together options one is placed the hands here let the chest open another I love to do this great traction so great way to stretch your back you especi your lower back take the hands right here as you breathe they’re gonna rock while keep breathing of course you’re gonna rock side to side a little bit of force here feel that that nice decompression in your spine especially your lower back your lumbar area let’s do three more breaths and we’re also opening the hips the groin and the psoas and the chest okay I was sketch isn’t it excellent okay now roll onto your side either side is fine we’re gonna press up seated off the mat seated twist I’ll do it with you take your left leg forward gonna take your right foot cross it over the left leg if that’s too much keep the foot over here now very important shoulders back and down the rolling shoulder something that I struggle with too they want to go like this and cut off my breath and my posture okay so nice and open now grab with your left arm grab that right leg and twist to the right so let’s take three breaths here drop the shoulders down lift up out of the ground twisting twisting brings so much energy to your body [Music] you can always on your own time hold these poses longer now take your left hand grab the outside of your right foot extend that leg out reach this arm the wind I hope it doesn’t blow my notes away all right hey the weather changes about every six minutes in the Rockies draw this arm back two more breaths this is IT band stretch right here as well okay bring it back to the center before we go the other side take the bottoms of your feet together and do a little active butterfly here now the knees might be up here there might be down here wherever they begin that’s fine use those elbows we’re gonna rock side to side pressing down important keep your upper body lifted if you start to scrunch it’s gonna become very challenging like there’s a knot in the middle of your body so nice and tall as we rock side to side good we’re one part of the body goes so does the rest it’s amazing how it’s all connected good shoulders back rock it side to side get that limberness in your spine make sure you let us know below what you think of these stretches which one really really was profound alright let’s twist on the other side so I believe this time it’s your right leg forward take your left foot here or cross shoulders back and down always want to begin with that posture now twist each exhale go a little further shoulders down three more breaths really that beautiful twist in there open up your lower back and then this nice add-on here right hand to the outside of the left foot reach the left arm back shoulders down so we’re twisting this way extending this leg out that way the old yin and yang of fitness let’s do two more breaths okay bring it back to the center once again we have our butterfly the Sun that cloud just keeps eating the Sun so options my friend you could stay here rocking back and forth or we can add a big balance option to this it’s called an elevated butterfly bring those feet off the mat lace the fingers drop the shoulders back and down this might be something it’s not working right now but practice now if you like you a rock side to side drop your shoulders down pull the feet in closer all the requirements to balance like this really wakes up your body and it brings everything together your body working together not disparate parts but working as one let’s do one more breath I love this one alright release come to hands and knees position sure cat cow let’s do three of each hands under the shoulders inhale round the upper back up we’re really gonna open up and articulate that spine because where the spine goes the body follows exhale dip the stomach down this is cow draw the shoulders back feel that nice curve in the back inhale round up pull the belly button in exhale drop good you might have some adjustments things being put back where they need to be that might happen one more time each one round shoulders pulling away from each other and cow one more time really electrifying your spine the spine is an amazing part of your body really is we’re learning more about it every day now Child’s Pose knees wide press it back once you do a little movement here forward and back you can slide one hand at a time going back and forth who sends that again or both hands or really getting some energy into the spine into the muscles those big back muscles and emphasizing that curve in your lower back [Music] all right from Child’s Pose is bring it up into downward-facing dog if you need to stay in Child’s Pose stay there work your way up to the old down dog hands shoulder-width feet hip-width and let’s slowly walk the legs starting to activate our hamstrings and our calves and getting some blood into the brain feel free to twist feel that like wringing out a wet washcloth wringing out your obliques your low back [Music] Oh beautiful all right let the knees come down let’s get a little backbend in here to counter counter balance all those inversions you can sit on the heels or sit cross-legged take the shoulders back and down lace the fingers this is called a mudra take well first we’re gonna drop the hands back open the chest palms together if you’re able I mean I teach I’ve taught thousands of yoga videos I’ve filmed thousands of them and still my shoulders will roll forward my massage therapist a few days ago she noticed that when I was chatting with her that my shoulders were going down and forward crushing my breath and putting pressure on my back so always important being aware to open up that upper body okay Oh shake out the arms and once again downward facing dog and let’s bring the feet wider we’re gonna add those twists again different variation stay here or exhale reach across left hand to the right foot or ankle a little twist retching the spine and then back to the center other side don’t think about it how many let’s just keep going back and forth good loosen it up your mind will see it and your body will do it alright my friend I’m gonna do one more to each side first I had to adjust my shirt morning shirt adjustment yeah all right back to that wide legged down dog hold for a breath feel that spine really decompressing and then bring the feet in knees come down Oh shoulders back and down we’re gonna go to what I call baby Cobra backbend bring the forearms down elbows roughly underneath the shoulders we’re gonna lift right here take the legs extend them back so we’re getting a nice abdominal stretch as well we’re gonna do a few little pulses here to again keep stretching the back opening up the abdominals and keep our breath going let’s do five we’re gonna exhale I want you to lower slowly down lengthen through the top of the head inhale lift back up four more times in the nose out the nose beautiful [Music] good shoulders back two more times and once more fill and empty the lungs and we lift up hold it here or you can come to Cobra I just spit that’s called spitting cobra great timing shoulders back we lift up getting some emphasis back here on the spine on the muscles of the spine shoulders back there’s that posture one more breath exhale lower back down and then press back again Child’s Pose knees wide adding a twist take it back and forth I remember this workout this routine is yours you can do the whole thing you can strip it apart take certain parts of it bring them together add your own sequences I’m gonna add on at the in just a few moments something called Sun Salutations that’s gonna put us on our feet it’s a very beautiful little more intense power yoga flow but it’s addresses all the parts of the body so that’s an option if you want to do that all right all right slipping a quick scorpion twist want you to come down onto the mat or the bed reach the arms out take that right leg bring it up and over open up the abdominals the chest after this we’re going into the Sun Salutations go ahead reach that foot back a little further whoo my sunglasses other side bring it over extend so much of what we do in yoga is decompressing decompressing all right bring it back to downward-facing dog this is Sun Salutation so you can stop right here in down dog or if you want to join me for this more power yoga SH flow which I teach and film a lot of well welcome welcome all right Walker jump the feet forward it’s coming the front edge of the mat coming to a standing position shoulders back and down hands together we’re gonna do four flows here inhale reach up backbend exhale dive down forward fold decompress that spine again on the exhale step your right foot back for lunch shoulders back fingers down or reach the arms up good open the chest sink the right heel down now hinge forward we’re gonna go through that vinyasa flow step the left foot back we have plank position press forward and then lower down this is chaturanga hover drop your knees if you need to all the way down Cobra as we did before or upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog good flowing together sequencing inhale right leg up right foot forward and we have lunch good hold the pose just a little bit longer hinge forward step the left foot in forward fold inhale rising up build that spine stacking stacking shoulders back arms up and the hands come back to heart center that’s one flow take a breath here centered feet are planted on the ground you’d be ready for anything after this anything inhale up exhale dive now we focus on that left side step the left foot back lunge work it out tall feel that heart rate going up a little bit now step back or you can kick the leg back if you like keeping it up go through there’s the hover inhale up dog or Cobra shoulders back squeeze the glutes exhale downward facing dog take an extra breath here all the muscles the tissues the fibers everything coming together left foot forward lunge and hinge forward forward fold step the right foot in we’re down and we rise up linking that spine together arms up hands come together from the chest okay one more flow on each side I’m adding a couple optional add-ons to the lunges inhale exhale dive down tuck the chin [Music] right foot back lunge options arms up or go to cactus arms open the chest cactus arms linked into the mudra again oh there we are back bend keeping the foundation of the lunge inhale arms up come down go through that flow both the feet back or kick the left leg up down and then Cobra or updog exhale downward facing dog shoulders are loose inhale right leg up right foot forward lunge arms up you could do the cactus arms again if you like into mu D ra and lift hinge forward step that left foot in rising up connect the movements backbend prayer position how Sun Salutations hoping the Sun would come out take an extra breath here perhaps it will one more flow dive down Oh feel that looseness in the spine left foot back lunge arms up or cactus arms to mudra Oh opening the chest now going through our flow take the arms up both the feet back or the right leg comes up forward down build that control elbow is hugging the sides inhale updog Cobra little side to side with the hips you still there exhale downward-facing dog extra breath work those heels down inhale left leg finish it off lunge shoulders back feel that rhythm it’s like a Mozart piano concerto keeps flowing keeps flowing alright you can continue doing these Sun Salutations if you wish even longer they’re yours hands down right foot forward stay here for a moment bend the knees reach the arms back there’s that mudra again three breaths drop the arms rising up lifting lifting shoulders back and down arms up bring the hands together and that about does it for our yoga morning stretch my friends take a deep breath and have the best day ever beautiful work my friend really hoped that this morning routine helped as I mentioned the beginning all of my yoga and Pilates and many other videos I’ve done for hospitals or yoga and Pilates instructor on the About section below it’s in one big playlist so you can experience all those if you haven’t already if this video really helped please hit that like button subscribe to the has fit channel and to my channel it’s up there on the screen I appreciate that and check in below let us know where you’re from in the world and always what you thought of the workout and any questions you may have ah has fitters love being here with you and I hope to do it again soon share this video on with somebody who really needs to stretch and focus in the mornings we’ll see you next time thanks for having me god bless oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day [Music]