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20 Minute Shoulder Workout for Women & Men

Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Follow along with Claudia and Coach Kozak in this 20 minute shoulder workout for women and men. The only thing you’ll need for this muscle building routine is a couple pairs of dumbbells. You’ll want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up the weight as needed.

Shoulder Workout for Women & Men

A1: Cuban Press x12, x10, x8, x6
B1: Dumbbell Over and Back Press 3×8
B2: Y Raise 3×12
B3: Rear Delt Upright Row 3×12
C1: Dumbbell Front Raise x12, x10, x8
C2: Overhand Reverse Fly x12, x10, x8
D1: Side Raise 3×8 + 3×5 sec Pulse