Advanced Difficulty
Work your butt off with Coach Kozak and the 25 minute workouts without weights. The exercises to lose belly fat and exercises without equipment are great for both men and women of an intermediate to advanced fitness level. This workout to lose belly fat can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Work Out with No Equipment Instructions:
Complete 3 Rounds of the Following Workouts to Lose Belly Fat
Chest Touch + Kick Throughs x 30 seconds
Star Jumps x 30 seconds
Push Backs x 30 seconds
Claw x 30 seconds
One Leg Deadlift Jumps x 30 seconds
Pulse Push Ups x 30 seconds
One Leg Forward and Back Jumps x 30 seconds
Knee Chops x 15 seconds each side
Supinated Push Up x 30 seconds
180 Touch Downs x 30 seconds

Complete 1 Round of the Following Isometric and Core Exercises
One Leg Wall Sit x 30 seconds each leg
3-1 Tempo Push Ups x 30 seconds
Plank x 60 seconds
One Leg Wall Sit + Leg Ext x 15 seconds each leg
Decline Push Up x 30 seconds
Iso Leg and Arm Raise x 60 seconds

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