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30 Min Home Shoulder Workout Routine

Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Improve shoulder strength and enhance lean muscle with this . The only thing you’ll need for this muscle building routine is a couple pairs of dumbbells. You’ll want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up the weight as needed.

Home Shoulder Workout Routine

A1: Arnold Press x12, x10, x8, x6
B1: Military Press x12, x10, x8
B2: Drag Row x12, x10, x8
C1: Seated DB Front Delt Raise Supinated 3×10 303 Tempo
C2: Seated Overhand Reverse Fly 3×10 303 Tempo
D1: DB Lateral Raise w/ Pause 3×15
D2: Upright External Rotation 3×15