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20 Min Burner – Fat Burning Workout – HASfit Exercises to Burn Fat – Workouts that Burn Fat

Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout
The 20 minute fat burning workout is scientifically designed to burn fat. HASfit’s exercises to burn fat are great for both men and women. Our workouts that burn fat only require a pair of dumbbells.

Complete 4 rounds of each fat burning exercise:
Skaters x 30 sec
Dumbbell Snatch from hang x 30 sec
Faux Jump Ropes x 30 sec
Claw x 30 sec
Burpees x 30 sec
Dumbbell Push Press x 30 sec
Dumbbell Curl + Lunge x 30 sec
RDL + Row x 30 sec
Squat Jacks x 30 sec
Body Tucks x 30 sec