We’ve been incredibly busy the last week or so gearing up for a move. Moves are the absolute most dreadful thing next to standing in line at the driver’s license office!

My workouts last week didn’t really happen. Well, I take that back, I did the new 25 Minute Ignition HIIT routine, 20 Minute Ultimate Fitness Workout (awesome workout I’d never done before), and clocked in a 4 mile run. The other days consisted of “the move” workout of lifting boxes/dressers/couches and running up and down a steep incline on the back of a Penske truck. Strength and cardio, there ya go!

Quick picture between lifting!

Packed up!

So if you notice a set change in the kitchen and where Coach Kozak performs those awesome full length workout videos, you now know why. I personally could not be more excited about my new kitchen! It’s more functional and I know you all will enjoy the quality of the videos more. YAY!

All smiles in the new place!

It’s Monday and I’m happy to report we’re completely settled aside from not yet receiving our box spring to our mattress, so we’re sleeping like a bunch of college kids with a mattress on the floor for the next few days.

Setting up the shoe shelves!

I for one am excited to get in a real workout today. I’m still not quite sure what’s on deck for my sweat session for the day but I’ll keep you guys posted on how my workout week is shaping up.

Have an amazing week HASfit family and stay focused on those goals. It’s a cold day here in Texas and most of the country I know but Spring Break is right around that corner. Don’t get caught off guard!

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