In January I received an e-mail from Women’s Health Magazine calling for an Action Hero. Never in my life had I been one to submit my name into any type of contest that required the submission of an essay detailing why I should be anything. But I did it and in February, on my way to Dallas to run the Hot Chocolate 15/5K I received THE email.

I, along with a select few other women from across the country was selected to be a 2014 Women’s Health Action Hero. First of all, I’m honored that I was considered an “influential” reader. I’m just a girl working with her husband trying to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle for the benefit of themselves and their family.

Second, I’m more than thrilled at the opportunity to showcase HASfit to potentially millions more people. Coach Kozak has done a phenomenal job on his own building an incredible brand offering FREE workouts and meal plans. When I met him and found out what he did, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it was that he was offering things for free when so many others charge incredible amounts of money for DVDs, meal plans and all types of unnecessary supplements. When I jumped on board the HASfit family full time, it makes is so easy to be passionate about our mission that health and wellness is accessible to people of all income levels. How wonderful is that?

Part of my duties as an Action Hero is to review and blog about products and raise awareness for hunger in America all while training for a 10K for the same cause. I’m motivated and can’t wait to share my experiences with you while I go along this journey and in the end, I hope you find some inspiration along the way.

I looking forward to doing HASfit and all our loyal followers proud. Wish me luck!

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