I recently celebrated my birthday on March 18th and I celebrated my day of birth two days in a row! Celebrating to me and to most people consists of food and wine and I won’t even try to deny it, there was a lot of both on Tuesday and Wednesday. 🙂

So Tuesday, my actual birthday, I got a wonderful surprise delivery from Edible Arrangements from two of my wonderful friends back in San Antonio. They sent me chocolate covered fruit, pineapple to be exact! They were the cutest things ever shaped in the form of a cupcake, dipped in white and milk chocolate and the top portion covered in sprinkles.

I totally devoured one in approximately 120 seconds FLAT and got busted too. That’s ok, no shame in my game.

I then scooted on to flag football practice where I burned it off for the next two hours running drills and catching passes. As with most social sport settings, we then moved the “practice” to a local upscale pizza place where I enjoyed a glass of cabernet and two slices of pizza with my teammates. Find out why I’m playing flag football here.

Because of my practice, I had to postpone dinner with my awesome cousins for the following day. We headed to a restaurant called Corner Table.

Corner Table is a restaurant that offers an all Paleo diet menu along with traditional menu items and is the first of its kind here in Houston. Now, I’m not a follower of the Paleo diet as I’m not one to jump on fad diet bandwagons however I am a fan of eating unprocessed whole foods. I will say this place was delicious! I had a glass of cabernet (singular) while waiting for our table as I usually do because, you know, red wine is good for you. And while we waited for our food to come, I opened my gift from one of my cousins. She’s clearly trying to sabotage me….

Yes, that is a basket full of Ghirardelli chocolates, Godiva truffles and a bottle of Tempranillo, one of my favorite Spanish wines. The Saboteur herself posing with me…DARN HER!

Let’s shoot across the table at the other goofballs joining in on the birthday fun. They “left” their gift to me in the car. Suuuuure. Here they are being silly.

Ok, so once the food arrived, the real fun began, for me at least. My apologies in advance for the dark photos but I didn’t turn my flash on. Womp, womp. Coach Kozak ordered the Chicken Enchiladas with coconut flour tortillas. It included organic tomato, cilantro puree and vegan cheese. So good!

He described his enchiladas to me in one simple word, “remarkable.” And they really were.  I was incredibly jealous but he let me have a big bite so I was ok with that.

My entree was the Stir Fry! Instead of rice, they used cauliflower rice and placed a wonderful red snapper filet right on top.

Again my apologies for the dark photo but it included steamed asparagus, broccoli, and carrots on either side of the filet.

And since it was my birthday, I ordered dessert. I never and I mean NEVER order dessert when we go out to eat but it was my day to celebrate and I did just that. When a restaurant doesn’t have a dessert list at least listed on their menu, which should have been my clue. Our waiter brought out an AMAZING(LY) huge tray with no less than 20 different desserts on them with at least half being dairy and grain free. HEAVEN. I chose the grain free brownie with dairy free coconut ice cream because my stomach cannot handle lactose.

My dessert came out and I was a happy girl. Much like I was in ’85 when this birthday picture was taken. Dessert makes me smile as you can obviously tell.

And I didn’t even share. Ok, not true, I let Kozak have a baby bite. Good thing he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Hey guys, the moral of my birthday blog post is to let you all know it’s ok to indulge from time to time as long as it’s the exception and not the rule. Prior to my dinner, I ate as I normally do, drank my water as I do every day and worked out too. I’d probably consider my few birthday celebration days as a bit of a binge since I don’t normally eat like that but you only turn 31 once. It’s over, I’ve moved on, and I’m back to my normal eating and drinking habits. Enjoy family, enjoy life and enjoy the body you’re currently building and/or currently maintaining.

P.S. I even had a few truffles from my basket when I got home. 🙂

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