The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In order to continue improving physically, you must continue to expose your body to new challenges and stimuli. If you keep doing the same lunges exercise over and over, then your body will adapt and stop improving.

Here’s a quick demonstration of Coach Kozak’s top 20 lunge variations so that your body never plateaus.

1. Stationary Lunge with Dumbbells
2. Stationary Lunge with Barbell
3. Walking Lunge with Dumbbells
4. Walking Lunge with Barbell
5. Overhead Lunge
6. Lunge + Butt Kicks
7. Reverse Lunge + Knee Raise
8. Stationary Lunge + Knee Raise + Twist
9. 360 Lunges with Dumbbells
10. 360 Lunges with Barbell
11. Lunge + Squat Combo
12. Kettlebell Lunge + Pass Through
13. Kettlebell Overhead Lunge
14. Kettlebell Overhead Reverse Lunge
15. Upright Row + Step Behind Lunge
16. Lunge + Dumbbell Curl
17. Lunge + Reverse Dumbbell Curl
18. Lunge + Hammer Curl
19. Lunge + Dumbbell Lateral Raise
20. Lunge + Dumbbell Shoulder Press

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