Beginner Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications provided
beginner workout

What’s up HASfit Tribe? Today’s session is great for fat loss and building strength. It is a HIIT workout for beginners. You’ll find no jumping and no repeat movements in this routine. Dumbbells are required and we recommend having a few weights available so you can switch up the resistance as needed. This low impact workout will switch between 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest. Now let’s get started.

Warm up
Deep Squat to Overhead Reach
Step Back to Rotation
Standing Hamstring Stretch

HIIT Workout for Beginners

Seesaw Press
DB Reverse Lunge / No DB’s
Dumbbell Cleans
Standing Opposite Knee to Elbow
Low Standing Dumbbell Fly
Split Knee Drive + Row
DB Posterior Swing
DB Side Raise + DB Squat
DB Reverse Curl
Lateral Juke / Side to Side
DB Triceps Kickback
Diagonal chop
Dumbbell Knee Raise

Cool Down
Side Lying Quad Stretch
Toe Touch to Chest Opener