Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Warning: you may not be able to lift your arms the day after this routine. If that kind of thing sounds good to you, then this is the perfect arm workout to test and challenge your guns. This 20 minute arms workout at home only requires a pair of dumbbells and is great for both women and men. You may want to have a couple of pairs of dumbbells ready, so that you can change up your weight as needed.

20 Minute Arms Workout at Home with Dumbbells

A1: Dumbbell Curl x 12
A2: 90 Degree Biceps Pulse x 15 seconds
A3: 90 Degree Iso Biceps Hold x 15 seconds

B1: Lying Triceps Extension x 12
B2: 90 Degree Triceps Pulse x 15 seconds
B3: Triceps Iso Hold x 15 seconds

C1: Reverse Dumbbell Curl x 5
C2: Reverse Dumbbell 0 to 90 x 5
C3: Reverse Dumbbell Curl 90 to 180 x 5
C4: Reverse Dumbbell Curl x 5

D1: Diamond Push Ups / from Knees x 5
D2: Close Grip Push Up / from Knees x 5
D3: Close Grip Iso Hold for 15 seconds

E1: Dumbbell Clutch Curl 3×15
E2: Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension 3×15

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a dumbbell arm workout today’s routine is going to use multiple muscle building techniques they require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells you’re gonna want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up your weight as needed throughout today’s routine I will be providing some easier modifications if you’re ready to go then let’s get started [Music] we’re gonna get started with a bicep superset and we’re gonna do two rounds of it our first move is going to be a dumbbell curl and we’re gonna perform 12 repetitions so go ahead and grab the appropriate weight for you today and if your feet shoulder width apart shoulders are back good posture we’re gonna have your palms facing forward now in a controlled fashion go ahead and curl all the way up and all the way down performing 12 repetitions in total I really want you to also focus on controlling that descent that lowering portion of the lift is just as important as the way up especially in these strength training and muscle building routines making sure to breathe and we’re inhaling on the way down exhaling on the way up excellent we’re gonna burn these biceps out the superset here is just the first move shoulders stay back good posture three more almost don’t these twelve nice work here we go last two and last one all the way up and then now let’s come down until we get to those elbows 90 degrees and we’re gonna pulse right here at that 90-degree elbow flexion just little pulses for 15 seconds that’s it feel that burn already feeling it working on this first one and three two one now we’re gonna hold don’t move don’t drop those arms just hold in that position right there for 15 seconds we’re burning right there with you getting that lactic acid going not much longer five more seconds come on hold it top hold the tough three two one zero whoo way to get it started alright set those dumbbells down shake your arms out we’re gonna go through that sequence one more time 15-second break here so that break is gonna go by fast that was awesome that was good she liked it if you’re unable to control the movement up and down on the bicep curl you might be using a little bit too much weight feel free to mix it up if you need sense right wait if you need to here we go three two one begin palms are up on the way up and on the way down again nice and control definitely don’t want to be swinging to get the dumbbells up don’t want to use momentum on this one really want those muscles to work we don’t want your joints and cartilage ligaments tendons etc to all take over good and maintaining proper form proper posture you are halfway through that’s it come on stay tough every color we’re gonna feel a lot of lactic acid today that’s that burning sensation you gotta remember that’s just that fuel that your muscles are using and increase that nerve response that burn but you’re stronger than that burn you can push past it right here tomorrow there we go feeling good my arms are feeling great already last one all the way up and let’s bring them down to 90 right here boom 15 seconds hold it seconds on the pulse there it is come on good just little one to two inch range of motions trust Susie we’re smiling but our arms are burning to come on three two one hold that’s it whoo only two sets of these so this is it right here keep fighting everybody come on fight through that burner almost there it’ll be worth it go to your happy place four seconds almost there almost there three two one and break whoo excellent and for our next superset now it’s time to go after those triceps similar system to the first time we’re going to start with a lying tricep extension for 12 repetitions finding an appropriate weight down flat on our backs with our dumbbells and if you have a bench pull that out for the advantage or stability ball you could also use it for these we’re just using the floor today all right palms are facing inward and we’re gonna only bend at those elbows allowing the dumbbells to slowly come down if the elbows get to a 90 degree angle reverse direction and back up really isolating your triceps on this one and you’re hitting 12 repetitions again all the way up all the way down concentrating on controlling the move throughout really trying to eliminate that momentum and go back and forth between those biceps and triceps today well ones resting the others working in vice-versa halfway through that’s it keep pushing keep moving make sure to breathe in inhale on the way down exhale as you push up through the hardest part of the movement good good good keep it up everybody come on focus on what motivates you what brought you here today so it’s gonna get you through that burn all right here’s your last one right here and on the way up we’re gonna stop at that 90 degree angle and it’s time to pulse again like I said very similar to that first move if you need to change up your weight feel free to do so little 15-second pulses keep it up almost there almost there three two one and oh that’s it hoo-wee you see I’m shaking – that’s it keep those elbows Bend with that 90 flight through it come on we’re almost there ten more seconds guys come on you got it you got it don’t quit I quit four three two one break excellent all right we’re gonna go through that sequence one more time I choose a little bit too much weight on that one so I’m gonna mix it up and go a little bit lighter for my next one and if you need to do so feel free to mix it up you’ll see that anytime you need to make it heavier make it lighter just make this workout work for you and your fitness level all right we’re getting back into it next set here second and last one and five four three two one zero that’s it again palms stay facing inward making sure to breathe in and breathe out and yes this is gonna totally annihilate those triceps the back of you that’s on purpose that burning sensation that you’re feeling that’s how we know it’s working halfway point you gotta keep pushing through when it gets tough when the moves get tough you need to be tougher remind yourself of what brought you here today what was it that made you start this video start this workout hold on to it it’s what’s gonna get you through right here almost there and last one and let’s pulse it nice little pulses there we go keep it going thank you sure to breathe come on fighting through it fighting through it all right guys here we go in three two one and fold that’s it try your best to keep those elbows at a 90 right there with you has Fitch rhyme you can see me shaking come on let’s go don’t stop on a hurt stop when you’re done come finish strong kind of strong almost three two one break whoo felt that one nice work all right going back to those biceps we’re gonna do a reverse curl variation we have 20 repetitions in total so choose your weight appropriately make sure to use those legs to help pick up the dumbbells and feet shoulder-width apart this time our palms are gonna be facing us elbows are in glue to our sides those wrists nice and straight curl all the way up and all the way down then palms facing down elbows are in we have five repetitions of this variation again making sure to breathe staying under control excellent shoulders stay back we have the last one right here last one and then we’re gonna all the way down now we’re gonna go zero to 90 degrees times five that’s one two so until the lower arm gets parallel to the ground and then back down that bottom half of the move last one right here now we’re gonna go 90 to 180 all the way up there it is that burns starting to kick in around the 1012 rep marker 4 & 5 now we got all the way down last 5 all the way up all the way down full range of motion again not rushing it I know that burns kicking they just want it to get over with three four and last one here it is alright set them down again shake those arms loose I’m feeling a good pump public to Claudia I’m feeling I don’t know what I’m feeling right now I’ve got a lot of emotions going on she’s good she’s got a lot of emotions hopefully one of them is a good pump no break for just another 5 seconds here and we’re gonna do this one more time let’s get it going notice I had to drop my weights from the last couple of sets that’s okay yeah adjusted accordingly elbows stay in and let’s hit it five repetitions nice full range of motion this one’s not only hitting your biceps but your forearms as well so if you’re doing a forearm and a grip burn that’s totally expected and okay and last one and all the way up all the way down and let’s go zero to ninety five times good try your best not to allow those elbows to flare out to the sides too much two more good let’s hit it last one and then 90 to 180 we’re burning right through with your hands fit try remember hundreds thousands maybe even millions of us at home last one feeling that same burn you’re feeling here we go all the way back down all the way up all the way down last five we’re in it together has straight drive let’s go come on fighting through try on your best three swing those dumbbells floor last one and five excellent job you can set your dumbbells down for the next one which is I’m not sure if that’s good or bad news in this case but we’re moving on to our triceps we’re gonna do a bodyweight move so let’s move on to the floor we’re gonna start with five repetitions of a diamond push-up and so we’re gonna put our hands together in this shape here performing a diamond I’m gonna be up on my feet and I’m gonna be down on my knees this is really gonna isolate those triceps so elbows come out to the side and we’re performing five repetitions with us now begin and one eye sync controlled again all the way up all the way down do the best you can on these it’s a tough move one more full range and now staying up let’s transfer to a Close Grip push up so not wide but just hands in line with their chest elbows are gonna stay in to our sides five push-ups one two good elbows staying nice and close three four last one right here and five let’s hold down at the bottom now fifteen seconds yes there is another static hold here good track best to keep those elbows in another tough one come on let’s go would you come here for today what is it what’s driving you three two one break ahh shake it loose we’re gonna do that one more time and if this is taking you to your your breaking point that’s okay give it your best it’s meant to totally burn you out that’s that’s by design that’s right and you’re gonna see me struggle as you probably just saw but you know what I’m here I’m doing it and we’re all getting better together right there wait a minute with you speaking of which time for round two back to the ground let’s get into that diamond shape all working together all getting better every repetition let’s hit it three two one begin again doing your best to control that descent we’re breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up almost there last one and now let’s transition into that close grip pushup hands in line with your chest here we go let’s hit it come on the workout gets tough you got to get tougher those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right which one are you today come on make a decision let’s hit it last one keep that core tight back straight nice last one down and hold 15 seconds that’s it right there core stays tight working your abs shoulders chest and of course your triceps hold hold hold hold it come on don’t give up almost there three two one break cool I just wanted to push it for a little extra challenge oh no all right we have one last superset we’re actually gonna back and forth between your biceps and your triceps we recommend choosing a little bit lighter weight for this one just so you’re prepared we’re gonna do three sets of each of these moves starting with a dumbbell clutch curl we’re gonna do three sets of 15 of each move good posture shoulders are back palms are facing inward we’re gonna keep those palms facing in as we allow our elbows to come out to the side dumbbells together all the way up all the way down again nice and controlled for 15 repetitions we’re just doing a little burn out here a lot of repetitions at the end just gonna finish off those arms getting a lot of work in in a short period of time today you made it this far just keep fighting just keep moving you got it again breathing in on the way down and breathing out and the hardest part of the move as you curl those dumbbells up squeeze those dumbbells up at the top every time we’re almost there you have two more here it is and last one all right now you can choose to use the same way or mix it up but we’re gonna go into an overhead tricep extension pop those dumbbells straight up overhead trying your best to keep good posture keep those elbows in as we lower the dumbbells and raise them back up extending your arms straight up nice and controlled all the way up all the way down for 15 reps you got it right here everybody we’re fighting and burning with you you gotta keep moving focus on what brought you here today whether it’s more toned arm stronger arms you’re just trying to get better at life in general five more whatever it is just stay focused on it almost there fighting through that burn here we go here we go come on you got it all day you got one excellent okay right back into the biceps now triceps arresting oh here it is let’s curl five steps are working now like I said at any point in time if you need to switch up your weight either making it heavier or lighter feel free to do so you don’t need our permission make this workout work for you again squeeze those dumbbells up at the top squeezing your biceps elbows come out to the side you got it here we are every repetition give you just that much closer to the end and just that much closer to your goals I have more that’s it come on fighting through made it this far no giving up now you got it come on you can do this you can do anything it’s all about that mental toughness right here last one we’re yet all right let’s go has Fit tribe let’s get those triceps next you know the drill pump them up overhead right into it that’s it biceps are work or resting where those triceps are working nice keep breathing whatever you do do not hold your breath all right third of the way through that’s it come on just three sets of each of these and your arms are done come on that’s it whoo they’re starting to get heavy we’re feeling it tight more come on focus on what brought you here today what is it come on what’s it gonna take to get there doing at least one thing every day to get you just that slow sir come on man one more goal goodness gracious we gotta shake those arms loose let’s go come on you got it you got it right here it’s five pounders you’re starting to feel like 30 pounds hundred and five yes come on that’s it if you got a switch to just using your arms or using some water bottles whatever you got to do just finish right here think about how good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all done and you can cross this off your list think about what would happen if you just stopped working out and never worked out again what were the consequences be of that that’s not something you want to move forward with so why are you here putting in the work that’s number 12 right there that’s it 13 almost there last to 14 squeeze them last one 15 here we are last set finishing strong finishing together let’s go ahead and spit drive come on blue those arms are getting more toned more lean muscle with every rep not all about vanity but hey I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you how good those arms are gonna look in a tank top come on now let’s hit it rep by Rep that much closer keeping good posture full range of motion five more come on fighting through fighting through almost there and two one last one zero those dumbbells down workout complete nice job everybody nice wearing a high-five to you out days if you can lift your arms things yeah yeah virtual high five on it oh one of those thank you so much for working out with us today please support our mission to keep these great workouts free by donating to our patreon page downloading our app or by picking up one of our t-shirts or my new book stay fit for life and if you enjoyed this workout routine with us today we ask that you give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another new workout from husband again thank you so much for joining us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout