Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Crush your arms with this dumbbell arm workout. The only equipment needed for this workout is a couple pairs of dumbbells. This routine uses muscle building techniques that require you to have at least one lighter and one heavier pair so that you can change up the weight as needed. It’s a great routine for both men and women.

Arm Workout for Women & Men

Complete each set with between 15-30 seconds rest.
A1: Bent Over Dual Zottman Curls x12, x10, 8x
A2: Bilateral Dumbbell Triceps Ext x12, x10, 8x
B1: Bent Over Spider Curl x12, x10, 8x
B2: Overhead Triceps Ext x12, x10, 8x
C1: Double Arm Biceps Curl 3×10 303 Tempo
C2: Triceps Kickbacks 3×10 303 Tempo
D1: Reverse Curl Pulse 2 x Failure
D2: Diamond Push Up 2 x Failure

[Music] hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a muscle building arm workout this workout uses multiple muscle building techniques they require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells you’re going to want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up your weight as needed during the course of today’s workout you will have the opportunity to use either a bench or stability ball but neither is required if you’re ready to go let’s pump it up [Music] we’re going to get started with this superset we’re going to go back and forth between your biceps and your triceps we’re going to do three sets of each exercise starting with a set of twelve then ten and then eight and we’re going to work your way up and weight as we go Claude is going to demonstrate this first one for us a bent over dumbbell duals opment curl I know it’s a mouthful she’s been over on a 45 degree angle palms are facing up she’s going to go ahead and perform that first part of the curl when she reaches the top she’s going to pivot twist those palms until they face down and so that’s one repetition now she’s going to go back up with the palms facing down twist again at the top and reverse so every time you get to the top you’re go ahead and switch and twist your palms yeah your palm position okay here we are twelve repetitions to start starting with your lightest weight yes ma’am and as you get through this you’ll get better at figuring out which weight is appropriate for you feet are shoulder width apart alright let’s go ahead and begin palms are up on the way up and then twist up at the top we’re staying nice and under control throughout all aspects of this movement we keep our wrists nice and straight on this one elbows stay in you don’t want them flaring out making sure to breathe and the reason why we’re switching up that palm position is we’re going to hit different parts of the bicep and also when you have your palms facing down it really emphasizes the forearms as well good that back straight on this one if you don’t hold your breath keep breathing got three more almost there excellent back stays straight and your last one right here and 12 excellent okay stab so we’re going to move on to our triceps for the next one I’m going to lie down for this one and Claudia’s going to use her bench you could also use the stability ball you choose what’s right for you and the equipment that you have access to from a line position we’re going to do a lying dumbbell bilateral extension so lying down serve with those palms facing inwards arms are extended straight now I only want you to bend at the elbow and allow those dumbbells to slowly come down and now while you’re extending at the elbow I want you to twist those palms inward until they finish facing forward reverse and back down so on the way down palms are facing one another and then they’re facing forward as you twist up at the top and that’s just going to accentuate help you contract those triceps up at the top again we’re hitting 12 repetitions on this one and notice how we’re moving at a nice controlled pace one of the keys to muscle building and strength building is time under tension so really focusing on allowing those muscles to work and not just letting momentum take over on this one today excellent work not a big difference on this one between the floor and the bench really just a comfort preference we are halfway there I didn’t count those first two as demonstration so just so you know yes a 12 repetition get a total get a hang in the movement you got it again only bending at those elbows we have about three more feel that back of the arm working and lose rack and squeeze evidently feel that thing up at the top actually almost there last one yep last one right here and zero alright good okay so that’s one time around through the superset and do that again your biceps now for our next step we’re doing ten repetitions so you decide if it’s appropriate for you to raise the rate weight on this one or if the weight that you were using is still appropriate I’m going to raise mine up about 20% you staying the same or going up I’m going to go up all right light is going up to here we are 10 repetitions we’ll see how this goes oh here we are we’re committed okay bend over and 45 degree angle and begin palms are up on the way up down on the way down and reverse it there’s one good making sure to breathe we’re not holding our breath and one of the aims and focus of this superset is while your biceps are working your triceps are taking a break and vice-versa halfway point right there whoo feeling it it’s kicking it already guys it’s a good sign so important at this point to work out you focus on what motivates you what brought you here today to begin with whatever that may be we have one more right here that’s going to be the thing that gets you through can work ok I’m going to keep this same weight from my tricep extension as am i you decide what is right for you but either way we’re lying down again biceps are going to take a break triceps are going to work here arms are out up straight and only extend at those elbows as you lower those dumbbells down and twist those palms inward on the way up good again nice and controlled 10 reps in total breathe in on the way down and breathe out on the way up any of these movements we’re breathing in on the easier part of the movement exhaling on the hardest part which often means that we’re breathing in on the eccentric or lowering phase and exhaling on that concentric or that push we have four more to go squeeze those triceps up at the top definitely definitely going to get that lactic acid burn going today just got to push through it two more don’t listen to it you got it last one right here and zero who feels good it does felt good I like that okay so last set of the curls for eight repetitions I’m actually going to keep the weight where I was at for my last set I think is appropriate for me you decide if moving up is right for you I think I’m going to go up woo Hut is feeling good feeling a little strong today I mean look at those arms can you blame her okay here we go he’s not good sinem 45-degree angle palms are facing up let’s hit it last eight repetition to only bend at those elbows twisting those palms and as always staying nice and under control I think for me the hardest part is a reverse curl ya know it is going to be from a lot of people as well all depends on if your forearms are stronger that’s advice Esther stronger whoo I’m feeling that guys feels good right there with you come on we have three more grind it out guys grind it out that’s sick think about those goals what do you want those arms that look like focus on it last one right here and twist nine we have one more right here here it is feeling good and good art alright last set of triceps extension foot I’m actually going to raise my weight up a little bit for this next one again last set of eight here you decide what’s right for you staying the same or move it up yeah and for some people their biceps are a lot stronger than their triceps so definitely just feel out the weight that you need to be using for each muscle group their fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so you’re going to make this workout work for you all right arms are up straight palms are facing inward who are our last set of eight of these again staying nice and under control don’t drop the dumbbells on your head please those elbows towards the sky only bending at those elbows a bit you can try to keep your shoulders chester any other body part out of this one squeeze those triceps up at the top again breathing in on the way down halfway mark reading out on the way up you got it almost there guys and two more here we go push through it squeeze those triceps up at the top here we are last one and neros nice work excellent all right we have superset number two coming at you we’re going to get started with a bent over spider curl and then we’re going to move on to an overhead triceps extension again set a twelve ten and eight working up and wait here we are then over spider curl very similar set up to those opment correct and the point of this whole bending over at a 45 degree angle is to really take the cheating or the momentum out of the move right so palms are facing forward we’re actually going to curl those dumbbells up now to our shoulders nice and controlled and lower them back down so this one is all about control no momentum here we are twelve repetitions and begin really focus on keeping those elbows pointing down on this one and no swing no momentum no this whole thing right and if you’re playing that game that means you need to low or the wait that’s right your back straight on this one wheat and your hips as well have to keep good balance you might feel a little bit in your legs on this one as well all right call that extra credit your back straight a nice neutral spine head in line with your spine and this is the halfway point right here that’s it lactic acid is definitely to kick in on this one it’s important that when it does remember that’s just a little nerve response being put out by that muscle fuel you don’t have to listen to that burn push past it that’s it right here come on guys cue more getting comfortable with being outside of your comfort is on it’s 11 and 12 feels good all right next we’re going to move into our tricep move overhead dumbbell tricep extension with the same way here yeah I think I’m going to – now you can switch it up if you need to we’re going to start with the dumbbell straight overhead keep those elbows in and we’re only going to bend at the elbows as we lower the dumbbells down and straighten arms back up overhead here we are for 12 repetitions kick them up little bend in your knee back it straight and begin good I get good posture on this one looking straight ahead core stays tight again controlling both the descent as well as that concentric raising portion of the move you got it halfway point right here breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up one repetition into the next every rep getting you just that much closer to your goal whether you want bigger arms stronger arms or you just want to be more fit every rep getting you closer to it and last one right here and 0wu boom arms are starting to feel good guys must be working that tricep round you might feel a little bit fatigued faster we are moving to our set at 10 now for our spider curls if you want to raise raise your weight now is the time to do so I’m gonna again raise mine by about 20 percent on this one and again you can choose it the same way it’s still appropriate feel free to just go and use it make us work out your own but we’re getting started 10 reps then over dumbbells do your shoulders and back down good again keep it under control just because we’re raising the weight doesn’t mean that your form gets to slack off or that you can start throwing the weights still got to keep them nice and under control halfway mark that’s it ten repetitions in total on this set I keep those elbows pointing straight down is it bringing those dumbbells up to your shoulders few more burn so good come on guys push through it let’s go half the tribe let’s go last one right here [Music] nice whoa kick those arms a little bit doing good drop them for a second if you need to and I’m going to use a little bit different weight on my triceps extension my curls yep switching that up alright I think what the same way here you can change up if you need to alright biceps arrests and triceps are working here we are straight overhead only Bend with those triceps and begin feeling good in the groove here guys just keep moving don’t give up don’t stop rep after rep do what you know you need to do discipline is doing what you do in flav and when you don’t want to especially when you don’t want to come on fight through it guys whoo three more but right there with you rep by Rep let’s go last two last one finish strong ah axel Oh a nice job okay who are our last set of pearl or last set of the spider well I should say set of eight repetitions on this one choose your weight accordingly and let’s get er done here we are getting started in five four three two one zero nice and control last eight repetitions come on you got it pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you right here feeling good guys let’s go halfway for already you got it flying by we can do this all day come on nothing can stop ya two more and here we are last one excellent job okay well then fr overhead tricep extensions gonna make these bad boys count oh man ah I think I’m gonna stick with my family that’s fine what are you making I’m going to challenge myself make it work guys right here in front of all of you hey my recipe no pressure you can tell we’re really working guys we’re right here with you alright rep by Rep no movie magic here and if you need some help get in those dumbbells over your head you can use a little momentum and your legs to lift them up and clean them up and press them up here we go and begin eight repetitions keep that back straight core nice and tight control that descent one rep and to the next here it is last eight you got it we’re fighting with you guys last for fighting with you last three Road one here we are last one and zero burn so good way to go buddy and clutter push yourself on that one alright nice job guys for our next superset we’re really going to focus on time under tension we’re going to slow the tempo down we’re starting with a hammer curl so Claudia has her palms facing in and we’re going to do a slow one two three on the way up and then a slow one two three on the way back down so we encourage you to choose a light to middle-of-the-road weight we’re going to do three sets of ten of this movement keeping the same weight throughout so we’re not not moving up and weight on this one shoulders are back good posture elbows are in slight bend in those knees and let’s get it moving one two three zero up at the top and right back into it one two three zero at the bottom right back into that counts as your first rep and that’s your first rep against all about that slow time under tension on this one and a lot of times we especially if you do a lot of hit workouts things are about speed but this is the complete opposite we’ll focus on strength and muscle building on this one and we don’t want those joints and tendons to do any work this is all about your muscles and that time under tension be sure to breathe until the shoulders back and again we’re trying our best to keep our shoulders out of the movement that’s number five good posture only bend at those elbows that’s a slight you through that burn are we gonna have to go to your happy place at some point in time during this workout and that’s just focusing on that goal whatever it is you’re working towards three more it’s not going to come to you overnight but day in and day out you put in the work you plant the seeds it will grow here it is getting closer breathe guys we have one more last one right here nice and controlled and zero excellent okay next now we’re going to move on to the tricep equivalent of this one I’m going to actually lower my weight a little bit to my tricep move three we’re going to do a dumbbell triceps kickback three sets of ten on this one so this one is all about isolating those triceps the bent over on a 45 degree angle first thing we’re gonna do is bring those elbows up and back and now we’re going to extend at those elbows and bring them back forward again three seconds on the way up three seconds on the way down here we are hand begin one two three palms facing inward one two three lower good on this one we’re really focusing on trying to keep our upper arms parallel to the ground so that means having your elbows pointed up and not allowing your elbows to drop down hard to do I know especially on these slow tempo ones good breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up that’s the halfway mark to do back straight core tight you got it guys pushing through that burn squeeze those triceps up at the top on every repetition we have two more almost through this one here we are here we are last one and wow that was brutal it was so good guys it was good we’re right there with you alright Justin my weight now for our hammer curls back into it three sets of each so one down two to go you’ll see here I’m using my power block adjustable Dumbo just helps me have many different weights of dumbbells you’re interested in those we do have a link in the video description we can check them out all right here we are hammer curl time on face of one another and it’s below and on this one good rule of thumb is whatever speed you think you should be going go one second slower as you get tired it’s easy to go one two three one two three but really we really got to concentrate on that slow time under tension on this one if you need to lower your weight no problem no shame in doing sorry every time you come back and repeat this workout you’ll get just that much better at it we got it shoulders stay back keep your core tight on this one palms facing in four more almost there remember every repetition getting you that much closer to your goals think about it think about your goals think about what it is you need to do to achieve them make sure you’re waking up every morning passionate about it and doing at least one thing every day to get there whatever that may be one more curl after this then is strong whoo yes I like it guys whoo I like it all right moving on to those tricep kickbacks I can tell these are going to get hard for me here in the next couple set that’s true that’s all right so I know it’s working mm-hmm that’s it change doesn’t happen without your body being challenged here it is bending over elbows are up and let’s start it staying under control guys only bending it those elbows keeping it upper arm parallel to the ground and just keep moving like I said you got to drop the weight that’s okay but don’t give up don’t stop you got this come on nothing can stop you one repetition into the next guys we have five more that’s it halfway done with this one come on grind it out guys you got it you got it squeeze those triceps as you extend your arms bring it in on the way down bring out on the way up and we have the last one right here we’re all finished and strong finishing strong zero whoo all right here we are last set of curls we got it guys we’re going to finish strong on this one last set a hammer curls please the slow curls will creep up on yon no new what make that extinctions the reason why a lot of people you see hula swinging the dumbbells around cos it’s a lot easier than this control paste but we’re going to get more result out of this time under tension palms are facing inward and we’re off let’s go one two three last set of ten come on guys let’s go remember it’s not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it that’s it right there only thing that separates you from all your goals all your dreams is the work that needs to be put in to get there showing up every day what network in that’s what you’re doing right here come on keep it up you got it keep it moving keep fighting one wrap into the neck so right there with your heads fit drive let’s go come on how to attract and that is five five more halfway remember thousands maybe millions of us at home feeling that same burn you’re feeling all in it together you’re not alone not special I don’t care what your mama told you we’re all feeling it too let’s go almost there almost there keep fighting we have two more to go come on things on you slow reps are these are slow tempo movements is at the replicas by little oh they sure do I’m feeling I’m playing right here here we are guys come on right there with you nice and slow I am control ah actually made us we made it together all right last set of tricep extensions let’s make it through tell you to kick back oh I got a nice sweat going me tail feels good might because it’s very warm in the gym today well my because I’m working my butt off who knows maybe a little bit oh so how does it know all right hope you’re enjoying it with us arms are up elbows are back and extend let’s go last edit ease everybody this is it last set make it count nice and controlled again if you need to lower the weight that’s okay but keep that slow pace up I’d rather you lower the weight and keep the slow pace then up the weight and start flinging them back every time come on so that burn push through it push through it you got it halfway point you’re stronger than that burn got nothing on you let’s go come on keep moving you can do this you can do anything three more motion passed it so close to the end right here guys last two eight oh and nine you got one more here it is here it is make a count and little Oh slow slow ah nice work all right we have our last superset for the day and this time we are going to failure so that means absolute burnout we’re going to start with a reverse I so curl pulse so this one we’re going to do curl the dumbbells elbows around palms are facing down we’re going to bring our elbows to 90 degree angle and then we’re just going to pulse and we’re here until failure or 45 seconds whichever one comes first we’re going to alternate this with a diamond push up so we’re doing two sets of both of these exercises FYI so it’s going to gonna help that in a field where they’re right yes right alright I feel good wait here right pump yourself up we got these guys let’s go elbows are in 45-degree angle and pulse that’s it right here 45 seconds keep those wrists straight we don’t want what I call spaghetti wrists you don’t want weak palms stay facing down not a lot of range of motion in this pulse talking about one to two inch range of motion in total just go to your happy place that’s it fighting through that burn she was working the biceps and your forearms at the same time as well as your grip strength shoulders back core tight and breathe about 15 seconds whoo come on guys keep it going keep it going hold on tight hold on tight almost there and five four three two one zero ah alright set those dumbbells down again why says we’ve been doing all day biceps are under arrest triceps are going to work so we’re actually going to move the floor no weights need it for this one I’m going to do a diamond push-up glut is going to do hers from your knees I’m going to do it on my feet that’s right for putting our hands in a little diamond shape here this is really going to help us isolate our triceps so elbows are going to go out to the side as we lower ourselves and then back up you decide which variation is right for you same thing absolute burnout getting as men reps in as you can a lot of time period here we are and five four three two one hit it guys it is did you versus you everything you got and do the best that you can and your triceps are pretty wasted from the other workouts that we were just doing so yeah don’t be surprised if you know you’re not able to get as many reps in as we are maybe you get more whatever it is the point of this is absolute failure and the point of this is pushing yourself to the point where you can’t get anymore you’ve about fifteen seconds come on keep it going keep it going don’t stop almost there come on grind it through right to the very end guys four three two one right god oh my goodness okay one down of each row no nearing the end everybody right come on keep that energy light at the end of the tunnel that’s right right there with you yep fucking did it area and let’s go you got this you can stop you elbows are in bones are down reverse pulse curl let’s hit it last set of these think about it this way when you’re all done with these your biceps are done for the day all they have to do is make it through this last set it is it right here go to your happy place no matter what the rest of your day brings you feel accomplished cuz you got this done whoo come on guys let’s go I’m feeling it too right there with you don’t stop don’t give up those wrists straight and keep breathing we have about five seconds three two one zero whoo okay get those down shake them out really quick this is it right here everybody remember not about how bad you want it how hard you’re willing to work for it ask yourself that question right here let’s go come on everything you got last set of these right here make it count everybody 5 4 3 2 1 It’s Showtime right here that point of the workout we’re going to separate those who really want it and those who just want to talk about it which one are you ooh I like that line go come on breathe dad stay tight everything you got burn them out guys burn them out one wrapping to the next remember every rep but just giving you that much closer I feel it pushing yourself come on let’s go let’s go let’s go no excuses there without five more seconds and three two one zero ah excellent job we’re feeling it – we couldn’t hide it if we wanted to good job girl good job to you guys out there thank you so much for pushing yourself and working through with us right to the very end do you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while we encourage that you please go check out our patreon page we can find out more about how you can support our mission keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout routine with us today we ask that you please give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another workout from Aspen make sure to check out has SATCOM where we have hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and if you’re on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat please find us connect with us because we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working with us today who my arms are strong I know I’m coach Koza and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout