Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Follow Coach Kozak and Claudia through this 25 minute arm workout. The only equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells and it’s a great routine for both men and women.

Arm Workout

Complete 2 rounds of 50 seconds of each exercise:
Part 1: Biceps
Bent Over Alternating Curl / Alternating Curl
Dumbbell Pulses 3-levels
Zottman w/ 1:3 Tempo from Knees / Standing
Iso 90 Curl / One Arm Curl
Hammer Burnout
Part 2: Triceps
Triceps Crusher Press / Close Grip Press
Triceps Popups / from Knees
Reverse Dumbbell Triceps Extension
Pronate Triceps Kickback
Diamond Push Ups / from Knees

[Music] hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is an arms workout this workout was divided up into two parts first we’re going to hit your biceps and then we’re going to hit your triceps the only equipment required for this workout today is a pair of dumbbells now the way that you’re going to use is going to be dependent upon your fitness level follow along with me for the intermediate through Advanced exercises and follow me for this beginner modification now if you haven’t quite warmed up yet you can go and click the link up top and that will send you over to our quick five-minute warm-up otherwise let’s burn those arms out go ahead and pick up your dumbbells for the first one I’m going to be doing a bent-over alternating curl where Claudia is just going to be doing a straight forward standing alternating curl as we’re doing this our arms or hands return back to our sides and on the way up we’re going to curl that pinkie in now the reason for the bent over variation is it makes it just a little bit harder when we take our you know any momentum out of the movement makes it harder for us to swing or overcompensate and for the standing variation be sure to keep those elbows nice and close to your body and good posture and shoulders back as well now we’re not going to be counting any repetitions on this workout today it’s just about completing it many reps as possible in the allotted time period really want you to focus on making this workout your own today Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so if you need to change the weight go back and forth between our two different variations whatever it is just keep it moving and breathe good not much left on this first one let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 and 0 ok we’re going to be doing the same thing for this next one standing up big and tall palms facing forward we’re going to do pulses at the bottom so it’s just a small bend in the elbow just as you’re just starting to raise them up and then back down breathe small little pulses at different angles are a great way to mix up your bicep training kind of throw your bicep something news I don’t always see good let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 now we’re going to come up to a 90 degree angle and pull a small little pulse I don’t feel like much at first but they start to catch up to you yeah breathe you got it guys the name of the game today is going to be fighting through that burn we’re definitely going to get some lactic acid going just got a push past it all right now all the way up at the top and hold good just slowly start to bring them down and then back up and contract those biceps at the top plug in through that burn let’s go it’s early in the workout but it’s already here arms are already starting to burn yeah you got it you got it let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 nice for the next one I’m going to quickly grab a mat here just for my knees I’m going to my knees Claudia is going to stay standing we’re going to do a shot min curl we’re going to go one second palms up on the way up turn them down slowly return three seconds on the way down one second up and then slowly return keep your wrist straight on the way down don’t know spaghetti wrists as I like to call right but instead keep them nice and straight and locked out and in line with your forearms good one really quick and then turn in control again this is called a zapman curl great move to not only hit your biceps but your forearms as well excellent hitting your biceps from all different angles today not letting any of these muscles get overlooked nice and control the way down keep good posture shoulders stay back elbows in elbows stay in yeah I know I’m specially on the way down right you want to fleer those elbows out don’t allow it to happen keep them nice and tucked let’s go five four three two one okay I’m going to stand back up mat to the side Claudia is just going to do a one-arm curl where I’m going to do one arm at a 90 and my other is going to do the curl so all the way up all the way down on that curl so you if you want the extra credit of doing the isometric hold I’m taking one arm has behind it again make this workout your own guys if you need to change your weight any time feel free to do so but do not pause that video keep pushing through we’re right here with you burnin rep by Rep thousands of us feeling that same burn you are you’re not special I don’t care what your mama told you we’re all feeling that burn let’s go breathe and we’re gonna switch sides in five four three two one opposite side right into it good whoo I think it’s working it could not have come sooner of course now it’s just laying here seizing up on me China seizing up is a very good word to describe that feeling isn’t it see we’re right there with you but we’re pushing through guys come on it’s all right that feeling that you feel that burn that’s your body being challenged and that’s where change comes from come on you got it right here think about your goal think about what motivates you think of what about what brought you here to begin with today whatever that may be it’s going to be what gets you through let’s go five four three two one all right we’re doing the same movement next which is a burnout hammer curl so palms are face one another once you bring those dumbbells all the way up to your shoulders and back down so we’re just getting as many hammer curls as we can in this a lot of time period I’m just go to your happy place on this one that’s right don’t listen to that burn don’t listen to that lactic acid you know that’s just your muscle fuel and that’s just the reaction that your nerves send once that fuel fuel is released into your body it’s just science a little bit of pain but you cannot push past it thank you for dropping science on us Oh science bomb rot take that bill nye let’s go come on come on push it guys you got it you got it Reed let’s go let’s go let’s go ten more seconds on this one that’s it whoa come on push past it push past that burn you got it pushing yourself because nobody else can do it for you let’s go in three two one zero nice all right it’s a short break so if you need to adjust your weight now it’s the time to do so shake those on turns out if that lactic acid movement we have just ten more seconds and then we’re moving into that alternating curl remember I’m going to do it from that bent over position Claudia standing up go ahead and grab those dumbbells let’s get right back into that alternating curl so now that you’re a little more familiar with the movement let’s keep this pace up make this workout count guys are you standing up be sure not to keep your knees locked out give it a nice soft Bend and back straight at the same time whichever one you’re doing keep that back nice and straight good squeeze and contract those biceps up at the top curl in that pinky in on every rep good rep by Rep get a little bit better right here guys you gotta keep it moving breathe whew starting to feel it let’s go ten more seconds on this one you got it pushing through pushing through and five four three two one zero standing up tall moving into the dumbbell pulses so starting at the bottom short little pulses just bend those elbows yeah about between 10 to 15 degrees nice so palms up keep the dumbbells under control it’s not about swinging a little under control pulse good you got it just gonna smile – smile okay come on up to 90 degrees on the next one that’s good nothing wrong with that that tickles no it doesn’t kick home okay you know you start smiling you start sending your brain of positive signals fool your brain into thinking it doesn’t they’re so great oh my god I love it hey whatever you got to do to get through this let’s go come on getting through it together fight through that burn guys you’re here and you haven’t quit yet you’re still standing still breathe and still move and keep fighting you’re a fighter not a quitter those pulse is gone all right top last set of pulses for the day right here good contract those biceps this is a good one to throw into the mix with it throw those biceps the curveball nice work come on keep it up you got it smiling real big like Claudia is she’s loving it you see how much she’s loving it come on where they’re hurting with you fighting through it let’s go five four three two one all right dumbbells out man curl next that means I’m going to be on my knees Claudia Antoinette she’s standing it up so we’re going to one second on the way up and three seconds on the way down palms are up on the way up turn them over slow in control keeping your elbows in and wrists nice and straight and lacked out good you got it guys fighting through right here don’t let those elbows flare out it’s all going to be worth it keeping them in rep by Rep getting a little bit stronger every rep it’s all mental right now your arms are telling you they don’t have anything left but they’re lying to you they got plenty left you’ve got to keep pushing you’re in control you’ve got to make your mind run the body not the other way around you are in charge at your arms let’s go I’ll keep moving as long as you tell them to as long as you believe they can they’ll keep going come on let’s go pushing through nice and slow on the way down one two three you got it one into the next you’re a machine let’s go come on there’s no quit in you just fight just fight you got it keeping good posture shoulders stay back excellent let’s go five more seconds on this one almost there and three two one zero Oh back up on my feet Claudia’s doing the one arm curl and I’m doing the one arm plus ninety degree I so whole good posture let’s go on kick them out guys kick them out what you got left don’t want you to save anything in those arms don’t feel like you got to hold back we don’t have much left like right through it let’s go who started was it weird you starting to tickle signal starting to take a little bit I can feel it that’s all right because I’m stronger than that tickle I’m stronger than that burn so are you let’s go keep going guys you got it you got a three two one switch it up opposite side cool I think that is one of the hardest part come on you got it you got it you can do it keep pushing through keep good posture remember what brought you here today to begin with whatever it is whatever that goal is whatever that motivator is does not lose sight of it right now anything you just be hyper focused on it so what brought you here today – what will get you through this workout whether it’s not you want nicer toned arms or maybe you’re playing a sport maybe you just want to be better at life whatever that is let’s go focus on it three two one zero hammer curl burn out let’s go right into it no break no break one of the next one of the next what you got left let’s go try your best not to use a lot of momentum keep those shoulders back bending at the elbows palms facing one another and bring those ends of the dumbbells all the way up and don’t feel like you have to keep up no coach Kozak’s hammer curls here no don’t feel like you have to make this workout your own because I’m not the most important thing make this workout your own come on let’s go in don’t sacrifice form whatever you do just competing with yourself look in the mirror that’s your competition right there come on you got it you got it what you got for 10 more seconds what can you do put it all out there let’s go surprise yourself come on let’s go you got it you got it exceed your own expectations here four five four three two one zero oh goodness gracious burn so good ah oh I think we missed first exercise does require those dumbbells so go ahead and grab them and we’re going to move to the floor now I’m going to be doing a dumbbell crusher press where Claudia is going to do a dumbbell Close Grip press the difference is I’m actually at the same time as I raise and lower the dumbbells I’m pressing them together but we’re both going to keep our elbows in throughout the whole press when we’re on the bot the bottom of the movement your upper arm is up against your side nice and controlled on this one all the way up all the way down now we’re not going to count any repetitions today it’s just about getting as many reps in as you can in this a lot of time period we just encourage you to work at your own pace good breathe all the way up all the way down nice we’re going to hit all three tricep heads today so we’re going to hit your triceps from all angles almost there and five four three two one zero excellent okay set your dumbbells to the side turning over we’re in a push-up position I’m going to come up onto all fours where Claudia is going to be on her knees go ahead walk your hands out a little bit now drop your elbow straight down keep your elbows in and then pop up this is a triceps pop up it is a very challenging move if you’re having trouble doing it from on your feet no shame and dropping down to your knees good this one really isolates your triceps great bodyweight movement to do so keep those elbows in and ideally you’re really just bending at the elbows not allowing any other joints muscles to get involved and definitely don’t try to keep up with our pace guys if you can only do five in this timeframe then that is okay work your way up yes make this workout your own excellent it’s a tough one who’s hurting to burn me here we go let’s go five Oh four three two one nice okay back to our backs we go lying down on our backs we’re both doing the same move on this next one we’re going to do a reverse dumbbell tricep extension so dumbbells are facing backwards slowly lower your hands and come back up we’re just bending at the elbows keep those elbows straight up in the air careful not to drop the dumbbells on your face stay nice and under control on this one you don’t want to just let them fly down throw them back up but really focus on the movement on this one good breathe you got it keep moving guys keep that upper arm perpendicular to the ground so let’s keep those elbows pointed straight in the air as you lower the dumbbell nice work keep it up just a couple more keep breathing keep pushing let’s go and five four three two one zero all right keeping your dumbbells that we’re coming up onto our feet we’re going to bend over on about a 45 degree angle bring those upper arms up and then we’re going to do a pronate tricep kickback again Claudia and I are doing the same movement on this one so to modify it just use lighter weight this is our fourth exercise in a row on those triceps and they’re going to start taking a beating here so if you need to you can lower the weight but we just encourage you to keep moving keep that upper arm parallel to the ground keep elbows up and try your best to only bend at the elbows so you don’t want to be swinging them forward swinging them back excellent good you got it keep grinding keep grinding let’s go not much left that claudia is regretting grabbing those eight pound dumbbells about right now how’d you know let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 okay Dumbo setting down to back to the ground we go we’re going to go into a diamond push-up so Claudia is going to be on her knees I’m going to go up on my field making a diamond shape with their hands elbows stand lower your body and back up nice and control and for this movement if the diamond push-up is still a little too difficult for you and that’s okay you can just do a closed grip pushup which is still a challenging movement good excellent work he pushing guys make this workout your own you got it it’s that time the workout where it becomes important to focus on what motivates you focus what brought you here today in the first place whatever that may be whatever brought you here is what’s going to get you through this workout when it gets tough it’s all about that mental toughness come on let’s go three let’s go five four three two one and zero nine all right so it’s just a short break go ahead and shake out those arms I know ours are on fire as well they are and I actually didn’t have to reduce my weight to some five pound dumbbells so if you need to drop your weight right now now it’s your time to do it go time just 10 more seconds we’re going to get back into it so we’re going to drop down to the ground remember that first one was easier the dumbbell crusher press or the clothes get grip fresh press that is a tongue twister alright so I’m pressing together Claudia is just going to go ahead and keep your elbows in and to10 get it going good keep those elbows in and again work at a pace that you feel comfortable with make this workout your own excellent work and if you know you end up doing most of Claudia’s today or half-and-half whatever maybe just come back repeat this workout get a little bit better at it maybe you’ll do some of the more some of the harder modifications maybe you’ll be able to increase your weight but you know your fitness doesn’t come overnight it’s just all about those small little daily steps to add up to big results 3 keep going not much left on this one this workouts going to be over with before you know it let’s go three two one and zero okay set those dumbbells off to the side we’re turning over moving into that triceps pop up I’m up on my feet Claudia is on her knees but either way we’re keeping our elbows in just bending up those elbows drop on our bodies down you’re going to get some core work in on this one as well so boost be sure to keep your back straight you want your butt up in the air and you don’t want your butt turned hips sinking either good breathe this is a definitely a killer come on let’s go you got it guys you got it stay strong remember what brought you here today never told you it was going to be easy but it will be worth it I promise you that let’s go come let’s go let’s get this one for just 10 more seconds you got it you got it you can do anything for 10 seconds including this almost our let’s go five four three two one zero to our backs we go alright we have that reverse dumbbell tricep extension so right on our back palms are reversed just bend at the elbow and straighten your arms back up good read on this one try your best to keep those elbows straight keep them from flaring out as well good the last thing you want to do is turn this into like a like a press we’re here but instead keep that upper arm perpendicular to the floor good whew starting to burn burn so good yeah it feels good that’s how it’s okay though that’s how we know it’s working has fit tribe where you at tribe let’s go come on we’re all burning together all fighting together right here let’s go four five four three two one nice okay up on our feet not much left come on we got that pronate tricep kickback bent over elbows are up and then only Bend at those elbows nice and controlled on your best not to get a big swing involved and do what you had to do to keep moving but try your best not to yeah good remember there’s no shame in reducing the weight if you need to but just try to keep moving excellent you got it guys you got it and it’s okay triceps I feel like it’s always one of those areas of the body that can easily neglect so it’s true there’s definitely not a strong as biceps right at least for me well you know they get overlooked by six or more of the sexy muscle it’ll work come on let’s go let’s go five four three two one whampire finishes strong go to the ground we got those Diamond push-ups that’s it right here guys that’s it let’s get after it diamond or Close Grip push up whichever you hear or not as whichever long whichever one is right for you I like that one you can get through here we go there it is come on it sit right here guys what are you made of right here it’s all mental toughness at this point trust us anybody doing this workout your arms are all on fire they’re all burning ours are hell thousands of people doing this all on fire the question is are you going to keep moving I use mentally tough enough just to fight through it for just another 15 seconds that’s it 15 seconds I’ll tell you what you start challenging yourself with something like this you get through 15 seconds of this you can get through anything that life has to throw edge let’s go five four three two one zero excellent work oh I don’t know if I can do the high-five oh I was one of the hardest high-fives or dark notice I may be able to carry my child Landry circuit thank you so much for working out with this today if you liked this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we encourage you to please go check out our patreon page you can find out how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and also if you did enjoy this workout with us today’s and we ask that you please give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss the workout from hospit make sure to check out has fit comm for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and free complete fitness programs go check it out it’s all free do you mention that somewhere also please find it on your favorite social media channel whatever that is if you’re on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat connect with us because we want to connect with you thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our pleasure to serve you thank you for the opportunity I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you your next workout

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