Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

We like to say the show muscles are in the front and the go muscles are in the back. We’ll be focusing on your entire posterior chain with this dumbbell back workout. While it’s specifically designed to be used at home, you can perform it anyway you have dumbbells. We recommend having several weights available, so that you can mix up the weight depending on the movement. You’ll need a chair, bench, or box for one of the exercises so make sure to have it ready.

Warm up
Good Morning + T-Rotation
Arm Hauler

Dumbbell Back Workout

A1: 3-Point DB Row x 10
A2: Upright External Rotation x 12
B1: 1:3 Tempo DB Shrug x 10
B2: Straight Arm Reverse Fly x 12
C1: DB RDL + Hang Clean x 10
C2: DB Front Trap Raise x 12
D1: DB Bent-over Elbowing Row x 10
D2: Pilates Swimming x 30 seconds

Cool Down
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Seated Toe Touch to Cactus Arms