Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout

Grab a pair of dumbbells and let’s get it started! This 12 minute biceps workout is great for both men and women. When choosing a weight, remember that it is always better to start light and work your way up.

Bicep Workout with Dumbbells

Complete 2 rounds of 45 seconds of each exercise:
Dumbbell Clutch Curl 1-3-1 Tempo
Dumbbell Zottman Curl 1-3 Tempo
Preacher Hammer Curl 2-2 Tempo
Concentration Curl Pulses at 3 levels
Alternating Dumbbell Curl 1-1 Tempo

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak from has fit and we’re getting ready to work on our biceps you’re going to need a pair of dumbbells the weights going to be totally determined on your fitness level and then either like a bench a chair a couch and ottoman a step just anything that you can use we’re going to do some preacher curls with it this is a great routine for both men and women of an intermediate to an advanced fitness level as always I’m going to do the whole thing with you today and today we’re going to focus on how to find my dumbbells we’re going to focus on our tempo so we’re going to be doing some traditional exercises but we’re going to be using a different tempo that a lot of times can be overlooked so the first thing we’re gonna do is a dumbbell clutch curl so tempo is the pace that you’re moving at I’ll run you through it we’re going to go one second on the way up and then we’re going to hold one two three and then one second on the way down so our palms are facing back this is a clutch curl we’re coming up palms are facing us one second on the way up three second isometric squeeze and then one second on the way down so let’s go ahead and repeat that one up one two three and one down so we’re going to be using different tempos for every different movement today really going to throw those biceps a curveball show them something new hopefully spark some some new results two three and back down good making sure to breathe now we’re going to not going to count any repetitions today so you’re just going to get as many reps in as you can working at the exercises tempo and a lot of timeframe nice good all right just a few more seconds on this one and three two one nice all right we’re moving on to a zapman curl so is that micro we’re going to start with our palms up we’re going to go one one on the way up zero so we’re going right back down and then we’re going one two three with a reverse curl so we’re going one turn them around one two three so that way down is really slow nice and control keep your elbows in and your wrists nice and straight and tight good make sure to breathe one up three down control control control on the way down excellent is a great one for not only your biceps with your forearms as well this is also a good move to improve your pull-ups it hits a lot of those same muscles nice good good good just a few more you got it let’s go ten more seconds on this one biceps are starting to burn how we know it’s working we’re gonna be fighting through that burn all day today alright last one here it is three two one nice okay we are going to need that bench or that chair or whatever you have handy for the next one you see how come using the bench here so you might have to adjust your position depending on what you have but it shouldn’t be too bad we’re going to do a preacher hammer curl so I’m getting my elbows that’s the key to get my elbows on that chair or bench whatever you have and then palms facing one another hammer curl grip all the way up all the way down this one is a two two so it’s one two one two so two two tempo good palms facing one another another good one not only for the biceps but for the forearms as well excellent I like this movement as a whole movement works just as well if you ask me is the one in the gym well he requires a lot less equipment without the gym membership fee nice good fight you through that burn everybody you got it come on now remember what you came here for remember how you want those arms to feel and look at the end of this workout almost there let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 all right so we’re going to still need this chair bench box whatever you got for the next one we’re going to do a concentration curl pulse so legs are wide I’m gonna open them up we’re only going to do one arm at a time on this one fair warning so elbow goes inside the thigh we’re going to do pulses at three different spots one spot here nice and low bending at the elbow we’re traveling about 15 degree angle here at the bottom pulse back and forth probably about a three inch range of motion good now pop it up to it in the ninety degree range nice good bending hit that only moving at that elbow bolts bolts bolts bolts good and then all the way up top bolts so you’re basically getting that full contraction up here at the top good like I said trying to spark some new results out of those arms with some new techniques today good good okay let’s switch opposite a side arm remember starting down low with pulses make sure you’re not just swinging but actually using this elbow as the lever that it is and bending at that elbow making that bicep work good and up 90 degree pulse good three you got it you got it again about a 3/4 inch range of motion on this one back and forth and then all the way up the squeezing that peak up at the top squeeze that bicep peak make these short range of motion ones I think they said Arnold Schwarzenegger some of his favorite for that bye piqué do it do it now let’s go come on three two one all right good so let’s go ahead and grab that dumb about second dumbbell standing up and get your bench out of the way or whatever you’re using we’re going to do a one one one tempo I should say one zero one tempo alternating curl so we’re just going to do a curl burn out getting as many curls in as you can alternate all the way up all the way down one second up one second down curl that pinkie in up at the top for maximum bicep contraction good keep shoulders back try not to use a lot of momentum it’s really easy to get into this whole thing but if you don’t have to try your best not to link again make those arms work don’t let them cheat and get momentum err your shoulders involved nice come on pop them out how many can you get how many can you get what’d you come here for remind yourself right now what’d you come here for let’s go hug them out pump them out pump them out almost there almost there let’s go let’s go in five four three two one nice okay end of the first round it’s just one more to go alright so this is the one and only short break if you need some water now’s the time to get it of course it is if you can reach the water bottle to your face right now only a 20 second break going on that 10 more seconds having your dumbbells ready to go here getting right back into those clutch curls the first one we did let’s do it in three two one so palms are facing us one second up three second squeeze one second back down these are probably going to be worse than they were the first time whore huh just because now your arms are a little fatigued before this is like the first thing I sound so bad now this time around it’s probably gonna be like just that much more challenging that’s okay how we know it’s working moving forward that’s how we know we’re gonna get that progress we’re looking for because we’re putting in the work right here putting in the work one rep after the next three seconds up top one two three squeeze those biceps two up top squeeze them come on there is how bad do you want it let’s go of course it’s not just how bad you want is how hard are you willing to work for there it is come on everybody wants it but who’s willing to put in the work right here you are you’re putting it in right here rep by Rep let’s go nobody can take any of these away from you you got it keep moving let’s go five more seconds that’s it five more seconds three two one nice okay dumbbells Outman curl neck so that’s palms up on the way up one second immediately turn them around three seconds on the way down wrists are straight and tight one turn one two three good one of the things when you get start to get fatigued you’re going to Pat the battle against those elbows are going to want to do this whole thing but try your best keep those elbows nice and tucked in to your sides good palms are facing down do it nice and strong slow hold really putting the emphasis on the east centric portion of this exercise which is the lowering or the yielding phase here good you got it one into the next one into the next you got it getting in the zone the arms are burning but we’re not listening to them we know they got plenty left we know that’s just the lactic acid trying to tell us to calm down but we run the show not our arms your brain your mind is in control let’s go right here and five four three two one okay got that bench chair stool ottoman whatever it is you’re using we’re going to do some pre hammer preacher curls on the elbows palms are facing one another remember this is a two two so it’s one two one two one two one two good get full range of motion try to keep your shoulders back on this one try not to bounce up off the bail bench chair whatever it is you’re using excellent work breathe we’re going to learn to love that burn fight them through it now fighting through it you are stronger than that burn come on let’s go you got it you got it right here you’re going to earn those arms those arms that you want that you’re thinking about you’re going to earn them right here let’s go rep by Rep not much left not much left and five four three two one all right let’s go into that concentration pulse curl so just turn to my bench you may not have to turn yours so opening the legs up one at a time remember we go right into that bottom pulse that’s about a 15 degree range of motion Bend at that elbow each one of these is going to hit the bicep in that little different spot you got it you got it come on breathe fighting through it we don’t have much left everybody if you saving something stop and put it all out there let’s go into that tank out up next level 90 degree pulse bend at that elbow you got it if you’re burning if you’re on fire go to that happy place think about what motivates you think about your goals all the way up now top good top pulse just that very end contraction you got it come on pushing the pace now pushing the pace don’t save it don’t save it switch sides now that arms going to rest for a second let’s get right back into it come on no slowing down nothing stopping you today nothing stopping you come on you got it you got it a little bit at that elbow every time 15 degree try your best not to use momentum you know it can be hard okay next level try to stay under control on the lowering phase as well is that contraction phase yeah come on get it guys get it what are you waiting for what are you waiting for let’s go next one boom mom I know you want to pause that video I know you want to set that dumbbell down don’t do it come on you’re stronger than that let’s go right here what are you waiting for what are you waiting for five four three two one grab that second dumbbell we’re up on our feet we’re going to close this thing out strong with our alternating dumbbell curl all right let’s see how many can you get here we close that out one second up one second down you got it come on push it out go ahead one in the next one in the next row that pinky in and contract here it is here it is right here one into the next you got it don’t give up don’t stop don’t slow down whatever you do don’t slow down come on almost there you come this far close it out strong close it up strong good let’s go ten more seconds that’s it there’s nothing that’s nothing ten seconds can you do that all day you got it five four three two one zero and you are all done my friend good job thank you for joining me today I’d offer you a high five but I’m not sure I can get my arm that high if you like this workout make sure you give it a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you want to take your levels of support to the next level please check out our patreon page where you can see how you can make a big difference to help us grow has fit and keep it free for everybody make sure also check out has fit comm for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans free complete fitness programs it’s all there all for you for free follow us on whatever social media platform you’re on Facebook snapchat Instagram Twitter I mean we’re everywhere that you are come find us we’d love to connect thank you so much for giving me the pleasure to train with you today I’m coach Kozak from has fit and I will see you at your next workout.

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