Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Warning: you may not be able to lift your arms the day after this routine. If that kind of thing sounds good to you, then this is the perfect arm workout to test and challenge your guns. This 20 minute arms workout at home only requires a pair of dumbbells and is great for both women and men. You may want to have a couple of pairs of dumbbells ready, so that you can change up your weight as needed.

20 Minute Arms Workout at Home with Dumbbells

A1: Dumbbell Curl x 12
A2: 90 Degree Biceps Pulse x 15 seconds
A3: 90 Degree Iso Biceps Hold x 15 seconds

B1: Lying Triceps Extension x 12
B2: 90 Degree Triceps Pulse x 15 seconds
B3: Triceps Iso Hold x 15 seconds

C1: Reverse Dumbbell Curl x 5
C2: Reverse Dumbbell 0 to 90 x 5
C3: Reverse Dumbbell Curl 90 to 180 x 5
C4: Reverse Dumbbell Curl x 5

D1: Diamond Push Ups / from Knees x 5
D2: Close Grip Push Up / from Knees x 5
D3: Close Grip Iso Hold for 15 seconds

E1: Dumbbell Clutch Curl 3×15
E2: Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension 3×15