Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout
This BLASTING arm workout in the gym is for intermediate trainees. HASfit’s arms exercises are great for both men and women. The routine contains both biceps and triceps workouts.

Arm Workouts Instructions: Alternate between A1 and A2 exercises until all sets are completed. Proceed to B exercises and repeat until all sets have been completed. Rest 30-45 seconds in between each set.
A1: Barbell Drag Curl 4 x 12
A2: Manual Triceps Extension 4 x 8
B1: Incline Low Cable Curl 4 x 12
B2: Incline Dumbbell Elbow Out Extension 4 x 12
C1: Reverse Grip Cable Curl 4 x 12
C2: Dumbbell Triceps Rollovers 4 x 12
D1: One Arm Iso-90 One Arm Hammer Curl 4 x 12 each arm
D2: EZ Curl Bar Reverse Grip Triceps Extension 4 x 12

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