Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
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Improve shoulder strength and enhance lean muscle with this . The only thing you’ll need for this muscle building routine is a couple pairs of dumbbells. You’ll want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up the weight as needed.

Home Shoulder Workout Routine

A1: Arnold Press x12, x10, x8, x6
B1: Military Press x12, x10, x8
B2: Drag Row x12, x10, x8
C1: Seated DB Front Delt Raise Supinated 3×10 303 Tempo
C2: Seated Overhand Reverse Fly 3×10 303 Tempo
D1: DB Lateral Raise w/ Pause 3×15
D2: Upright External Rotation 3×15

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a muscle building shoulder workout this workout uses advanced muscle building techniques they require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells you’re gonna want one heavier and one lighter pair so you can switch up your weight as needed for a couple of the exercises will be seated so you may want to have either a chair box or a bench nearby all right if you’re ready to go yeah let’s get into it [Music] we’re going to get started with a strength move we’re gonna do some Arnold presses and we’re gonna do four sets we’re gonna start with the set of twelve a set of ten a set of eight and then a set of six and we’re gonna work our way up in weight as we go so we’re gonna start with your lightest weight for a set of twelve repetitions we’re going to start with our arms up hands up in rack position so curl those dumbbells up by your shoulders now we’re gonna press the dumbbells up overhead while at the same time we twist and rotate those palms until they’re forward finishing with our bicep Spire our ears then rotate reverse back down for twelve repetitions all right here we go and begin full press all the way up overhead and control the movement on the way back down so you’ll see throughout today’s routine that we’re really gonna focus on the time under tension and controlling the weights as we press and as those dumbbells go through that eccentric or lowering phase as well nice and control little bend your knees core stays tight on this one I’m gonna burn those shoulders out today I’m excited are you excited Claudia I am get it going nice and controlled on this first set of twelve you have three more breathe in on the way down and then exhale on the way up as you press and again twist those palms until those palms are facing forward and we have last one right here alright make it count full range of motion all the way up all the way down controlled and relaxed okay so because we are going a little heavier on this first set we’re gonna take a slightly longer break so allow those shoulders to recover a little bit we’re gonna choose our weight for the next set so we’re going set of 10 repetitions now ideally on this one you’d be moving up anywhere between 15 to 20 percent in weight but you’re really gonna have to make this workout your own and also base it off of the weights that you have exactly what you have access to at home exactly so you might not be going up every time all right here we go next set 10 repetitions up in rack position and begin nice and controlled on the way up and on the way down again not a race on this one this isn’t a hit routine it’s all about that strength and muscle building really need those muscles to take over not just your joints and momentum good good posture keep it core nice and tight and engage throughout so that means actually halfway point relaxing those core muscles this one’s working really your entire shoulder great compound move as you come all the way up and all the way down and as the name suggests this was a popular rise bar by Arnold Schwarzenegger two more almost there come on fight through that burn guys burn starting to kick in definitely last one whoo and control all the way down excellent okay set those dumbbells down again shaking out your arms shake them out shake them out we got our next set of eight repetitions so I’m going up and weight again staying the same for this one we have eight reps actually I think I’ll go up a little bit and as you can see the you know the more you do these workouts look better you’ll get it figuring out exactly what weight is appropriate for you all right start again next set of eight curl those dumbbells up by your chin little bend those knees and then full range of motion control both ends you got it making sure to breathe throughout one of the great things about setting up your wraps the way that we’re doing is like that 12 and the sets of 12 and 10 repetitions are more hypertrophy for muscle building and then these heavier sets of eight and six are better for strength so it kind of gives you the best of both world two more challenges those muscles here we go last one coming up after this last one make it count come on finish strong excellent all right we got one last set again I’m gonna go up just a little bit more for this last set of six I think I’m gonna stay where I’m at and you decide what is right for you pushing yourself but at the same time trying your best to keep proper form yes I’m gonna get started here in five seconds shake those arms out let’s make it count here in three two one zero begin again full range of motion on the way up and on the way down and as this burn starts to kick in you got to remind yourself what brought you here today what is it halfway point what are you working on stay focused on it control that descent here we go last one right here and zero excellent up next we’re gonna perform a superset we’re gonna go back and forth between a military press and a drag rope we’re getting started with that military press we’re gonna do each exercise for a set of twelve ten and then eight repetitions using a similar technique as we used last time so a military press is just a have it your most standard basic overhead shoulder press so again curl those dumbbells up into rack position palms facing forward little bend in those knees dumbbells by your shoulders we’re gonna press straight up overhead extend those arms and then again control that lowering face back down to the dumbbells are about in line with your ears here we go 12 repetitions and begin again I really want you to control the weight throughout you may get tired and hearing me say that today but it’s so important and then as we get fatigued it becomes more tempting to let momentum take over but we really want to enjoy the results that come along with this routine today otherwise there’s no reason to even do it again breathe in on the way down and breathe out as we press up overhead this is your halfway point six down six To Go come on last five you got it pushing through right here that core tight and engaged again this one’s really working all three of your deltoid heads control that descent and last one right here finishing strong and zero Oh excellent okay I’m burning a nice fire okay so the next one is gonna be I’m gonna use the same way it’s gonna be but you can change if you need to we’re gonna do a dumbbell drag row so keeping those dumbbells in close to our sides or palms are facing inward now we’re gonna keep those dumbbells up against our sides as we drag them up and pull up from the elbow so at different to the naked eye this looks a lot like a shrug but we don’t want your traps to take over so we’re really gonna hit the medial deltoid of your shoulder so as we pull up and keep those dumbbells up we’re pulling up from the elbows let’s hit it for a set of 12 and three two one begin again pulling all the way up I’m pretty sure this one forces you to have the most unattractive face at the top do a screen grab from this for the thumbnail yeah but it’s effective pulling up from those elbows keep the shoulders back nice and controlled on this one all the way up all the way down so unique move that kind of hits the medial deltoids from a different angle than they’re used to getting hit from pairs nicely with that military price again we have 12 in total almost there you have three more after this and on this one you’re breathing out on the way up and then in on the way down so for every exercise you’re trying to exhale on the hardest part of the move and last one zero good okay so we can set those dumbbells down if you do for the next one if you’re gonna go up and weight which I am for that military press set of ten repetitions on this next one shake out those shoulders in between and again ideally you’re going up and weight between about 15 to 20 percent everybody always wants to know numbers but it’s so difficult because everybody’s different that’s right everybody has access to different dumbbells you have to make it your own let’s go and curl those dumbbells up to our shoulders right back into that military press let’s begin all the way up all the way down for 10 reps breathe nice when breathing in on the way down and then exhaling as you press straight up slight bend in those elbows I’m sorry in those knees you got it pushing through everybody halfway point come on it’s not about being perfect today if you need to lower your weight that’s okay feel free to do so just about getting through getting the work in right here whoo I’m burning I like it though learning to love that burn right here last one right here push through and control that descent zero whew excellent Wow I was burning okay I’m gonna change my weight a little bit for this next set of drag rows again ten repetitions on this next one you decide which weight is appropriate for you shake those arms out you’re gonna get it going here in five four three two one zero good posture dumbbells on your sides and pull up from your elbow it’s like you have a string attached to those elbows and somebody’s pulling you straight up with it just for a little mental visualization there core stays tight good posture on this one don’t bend over or lean back you got it pushing through think about how good you’re gonna feel when this workouts all done you can cross this one off your list for today every repetitions give you just that much closer to your goals three more almost there finishing this set strong let’s go last two right here right here breathing in and breathing out last one come on and zero that’s it all right I’m gonna go a little heavier for my next set up military press last set of eight repetitions I’m gonna push the pace a little bit on this one you decide which way is it appropriate for you use those legs to pick up the dumbbells you’re not just thinking hit back yeah that’s right special even more important as I get heavier okay curl them up up by your shoulders and here let’s hit it a little bend those knees last set right here control the way up and the way down last set of eight repetitions excellent job nice and under control I know as it gets heavier no shoulders burn you just want to race through it but stop yourself right here come on let’s go push your white pushing through last one zero excellent no more military presses and cross those off your list getting ready for that last shot of drag rose last set of eight should be your heaviest set if you’ve been working up my shoulders are already feeling good boulders for shoulders let’s go shoulders are back good posture let’s get it going in five four three two one and up keeping those dumbbells nice and tight to your sides we’ve got a little sweat going feels good warming the gym today come on hold up on those elbows every repetition fighting through that burn for more remember you don’t have to listen to that burn push and past it shoulders maybe telling you no more but you’re in charge come on two more almost there almost there pull them up keep those dumbbells nice and tight to your side last one and all the way up squeeze back down nice this next superset we’re gonna perform from a seated position so whether you’re using a chair a box the ability ball whatever it is bench go ahead and grab it for this next one we’re gonna go back and forth between a front raise and a seated reverse fly so go ahead and sit down for this one both of these exercises really gonna focus on time under tension so we’re gonna go three seconds on the way up and three seconds on the way down let’s start with the front raise palms are facing up to start we’re slowly going to bring those dumbbells up one two three until those palms are parallel to the ground and then reverse one two three is a great one for those anterior deltoids let’s go ahead and get started ten repetitions and three two one hit it nice and control and this one we’re really focusing on that time under tension so you’re not gonna need a lot of weight for this one this one’s gonna catch up to you quick fast and in a hurry definitely I’m using five pounders and I may have to drop it we’ll see I think even good posture five pounds feels like 20 and if you need to eventually just drop down to just your arms or a couple water bottles that’s alright we are totally burning out those shoulders today so that is by design excellent 3 seconds 1 2 3 can be easy to start to pick up the pace here as you get into it and as you could see but again I encourage you to really get this time under tension yeah three more almost there good and control coming up into those arms are parallel to the ground and immediately right back down under control last one right here one two three and one two three whoo Wow burn so good guys all right we’re gonna transition now into a rear deltoid or exercise posterior deltoid so let’s go ahead and bend over in a 45 degree angle slight bend in those elbows and then palms are facing us as we come up we’re gonna pull up from the pinkies squeeze our back and come back down again three seconds on the way up one two three three seconds on the way down one two three let’s begin for ten reps and go one two three reverse one two three squeezing those posterior rear deltoids on this one especially up at the top and as you pull back we’re not turning this into a row but instead we’re maintaining that same slight elbow Bend throughout the whole move so notice how we’re not pulling back and turning it into a pull but instead it’s all about those rear delts and pulling apart like imagine I have my finger in them in the middle of your back and trying to squeeze my finger up at the top you got it one rep right into the next breathe through it guys almost there breathing in on the way down two more exhaling on the way up good here we go last one make it count one two three one two three whoo all right shake them loose on this one I may have to drop my weight it’s totally okay we encourage you to make this work out your own we have two more sets of each choose the weight that’s appropriate for you I think I’m gonna go ahead and keep the same way on this that’s how it’s burning but it’s just the right amount of burn that’s the goal be great I’m dropping my weight because my form was suffering right we definitely don’t want you to sacrifice form at all so if you feel like your make it work for you guys doing it right then drop your weight here we are next set palms are facing up and begin one two three and again control on the way down again when you’re emphasizing time under tension generally speaking you’re not going to be using a lot of weight no that is the nature of the training method but it’s actually one of the best ways to build muscle because it just concentrates on the muscles and doesn’t allow you momentum to take over also doesn’t allow your joints to help or pitch in and get that weight moving either good posture that’s it right here breathing in breathing out that’s the halfway mark think about what brought you here today to begin with whether you’re trying to just get more fit gain muscle you got a sport you’re working on you’re trying to lose weight whatever it is every repetition you’re in just that much closer to your goal it’s not gonna be easy but it’s gonna be worth it very easy everybody be fit but they’re not that’s what makes you so special for putting in the work today two more come on right here pushing through everybody where yeah has fit tribe where yeah come on fighting through the burn with us let’s go last one right here nice and slow and on the way down good shake them out for a second I’m actually gonna adjust my weight for this next I’m gonna go up a little bit from the reverse fly again you decide what’s right for you get a few seconds here to adjust if need be we’re going right into that the reverse fly bending over 45 degree angle good straight back good posture slight bend in those elbows and let’s hit it for 10 and slow repetitions whoo I’m gonna feel this weight increase right away yeah you know it’s bad when you start feeling it on rep one yeah exactly that’s all right I know what’s working that’s the way I was in the first round and they say hey we’re human right there with you everybody so just try and adjust the way to to survive till the next round let’s go come on forcing those muscles to adapt that’s a challenge that makes them stronger that challenge that makes them grow yeah pull back and squeeze you got a rep by Rep come on nothing can stop you our house three more that’s it come on squeeze up at the top last two right here come on make a count pushing yourself cuz nobody can do it for you come on last one and zero aah shake him out for a second Wow I’m gonna try to keep the same wait for the next one if you need to adjust now is your time to do it we have one more set of each of these in the superset going back to that front raise again focusing on those anterior deltoids all right Claudia’s increasing her weight a little bit for this one she’s on the front raise thank you feeling good okay good posture shoulders back and let’s begin nice and slow there we go control both ends try not to lean and really not using momentum hard to do come on each rep getting you that much closer to your goals breathing in breathing out you got it come on what did you come here for has for a tribe what brought you here today think about it just mindlessly float through this workout have your goal in mind getting stronger every day halfway point every day doing at least one thing to eat you closer to that goal I couldn’t be accomplished overnight but you put in the work you trust the process you will get there come on almost there whew two more I’m burning everybody come on guys let’s go we’re burning with you has four tribe and you have your last one right here let’s do it come on nice and slow control that descent ah okay last side of reverse flyes let’s do it together everybody keep that energy up come on right there with you those pinkies are up on this one adjust your weight if you need to and let’s get started in three two one zero pull up from those pinkies and squeeze that’s it keep those elbows out to your side squeeze the middle of your back on every repetition this one I find especially hard to control that descent that lowering phase is to me even harder than the up on these three by threes good keep breathing everybody you got it halfway point not much left let’s fight through it last set of these I think about how good you’re gonna feel in this set is all over with I’ll get those shoulders I’m gonna look in the mirror when this is all over with come on whatever it is it motivates you focus on it ah Oh two more last two last two burn so good burn so good here we are last one finish line get there guys and zero excellent this is our last superset so you’re almost there let’s do it we’re gonna go ahead and move your chair bench box whatever you’re using out of the way we don’t need it for this last one we’re gonna go back and forth between a dumbbell lateral raise and an upright external rotation all right let’s go ahead get started with that lateral raise with both of our dumbbells feet are shoulder width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle now we’re gonna come up raise those arms until they’re parallel to the ground pause and back down so every repetition we’re gonna pause up at the top and then slowly return back down we have 15 repetitions for this one so it’s probably a lighter weight definite specially if this is your first time doing it okay let’s get into it here in three two one zero coming on up squeeze and return that’s it one good one one-thousand pause up at the top on every rep this one’s gonna hit your medial deltoids as well as your rear deltoids really control those dumbbells and accentuate that pause on every rep core stays tight weights back in your hips may even feel this one a little bit in your legs that’s totally normal these 15 repetitions we are gonna get a good lactic acid burn going here so it’s important that you remember that lactic acid is just that fuel that your muscles use when it starts to burn five more guys you don’t have to listen to it just ignore push past it your fitness is all mental right here come on almost there squeeze and you have one more come on zero all right Wow okay I’m gonna go a little bit lighter for this next one good idea all right we have another 15 repetitions coming no pause on this one thank goodness we’re gonna go into that external rotation up right external rotation bringing the dumbbells up we have a 90 degree angle with the underarms and it – elbows we’re gonna rotate the hands back and then rotate them forward until those lower arms are parallel to the ground 15 repetitions again under control a little lighter weight for this one it’s a great move for your rotator cuffs okay let’s bring it up and begin pull back from your hands while keeping those elbows up and again this one is all about being under control be much easier just to fly through these but don’t do it come on fighting through that burn you are stronger than that burn right here come on prove it to yourself everybody what brought you here today come on let’s hit it right there with you rep by Rep fighting through has four tribal let’s go oh goodness all fighting together oh you have five more that’s it come on 15 in total four three keep those elbows up to one last one zero oh oh my god alright shake them out not much time not much break on this one adjust your weight if you need to again it’s three sets of each of these exercises one down two to go again I’m going a little heavier for my my lateral raise I’m gonna stay at the same weight you decide what is appropriate for you either way bending over 45-degree angle come on let’s go right into it guys pulling up from those elbows and squeeze don’t forget about the pause whoops it’s alright they shine a little Freudian slip there and shoulders wanted you to forget about it squeeze up at the top and pause every time one one-thousand that’s it you got it come on ten more nothing can stop you right here right now come on exceeding your own expectations that’s it just you versus you whoa defeating the you who couldn’t get it done yesterday but tomorrow today you are stronger come on five more let’s go right here you got it you got it control that descent come on you can do it push through push through darn so good come on we’re right there with you more last one right here guys oh there it is okay you only have one more set of those moving to that upright external rotation like I said I’m lowering my way just a little bit on this one another 15 repetitions coming up shake them loose know about that mental toughness right here your shoulders may be telling you no for real but you got to take control you’re in control alright get those arms up bend elbows and let’s pull back on those hands nice and control that’s it fifteen repetitions you may have noticed throughout today’s workout that I’m using these power blocks pretty nice because they allow me to have many different varieties of weights and allows me to switch it up pretty quick and you don’t take up a lot of space you want more information on those we do have the link in the video description we always get questions about them come on let’s go right here squeeze those shoulders as you come back breathe fight you through that burn you got it come on almost there five more thousands maybe millions of you at home feeling that same burn you’re feeling you’re not alone we’re in it together has the tribe come on what’s that last one one more right here one more I think I wanted it to be the last one okay definitely we have one more of each come on home stretch everybody home stretch adjust your weight if you need to this is it where you lost that one more set of each of these shoulder moves and our shoulders are done oh my goodness okay Dumbo been over lateral raises here we are elbows are on that 90 degree angle and let’s begin last 15 of these paws up the top gotta go that happy place on this one again there’s that point of the workout where it’s not even physical anymore it’s just you versus you your ability to push yourself push past that pain push that past that desire to hit that pause button and just say yeah I’m good but no finishing through you start something and you finish it that’s just the type of person you are right here come on paws up at the top you got it not much left on these heads we tried five more that’s it let’s go pushing through four more three more come on to get that squeeze that pause every time every time here we’re going that’s it last one and pause ah like it burn so good come on gotta keep that positive mentality going a positive attitude oh it’s Gooden I’m changing on my weight for this last set who knew I sweat this much for a shoulder workout Hey feels good we’re working hard everybody that’s right we appreciate you working along with us let’s knock out this last one arms are up 90-degree angles all around pull back on those hands for 15 repetitions 14 more 14 more that’s it come on you got it you’ve come this far you nothing’s gonna stop you now nothing’s gonna get in your way right here making sure to breathe throughout do not hold that breath excellent not a race control them control them come on it’s all mental don’t listen to that burn push them past it every repetition every rep getting you that bad more every rep getting you that much closer to your goals that’s it almost there almost there pushing through everybody two more whoo here we are last one what do you got what do you got what do you got squeeze ah I’ll tell you what I have I have jello arms ah agreed nice work out there ride thank 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