Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
Follow along with Claudia and Coach Kozak in this 20 minute shoulder workout for women and men. The only thing you’ll need for this muscle building routine is a couple pairs of dumbbells. You’ll want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up the weight as needed.

Shoulder Workout for Women & Men

A1: Cuban Press x12, x10, x8, x6
B1: Dumbbell Over and Back Press 3×8
B2: Y Raise 3×12
B3: Rear Delt Upright Row 3×12
C1: Dumbbell Front Raise x12, x10, x8
C2: Overhand Reverse Fly x12, x10, x8
D1: Side Raise 3×8 + 3×5 sec Pulse

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a muscle building shoulder workout this workout uses multiple muscle building techniques that require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells you’re going to want one heavier and one lighter pair so that you can switch up the way as needed the weight that you will use will be completely dependent upon your fitness level if you haven’t warmed up yet feel free to click the link up top and it will send you on over to our quick five minute warm-up otherwise let’s get this thing started [Music] [Music] we’re going to start with one of my favorite shoulder compound moves the Cuban press we’re going to do four sets we’re going to start with the set of twelve then ten eight and six we’re going to work our way up as we move through it so the first set we’re going to do 12 repetitions is going to be your lightest weight of the group and for the Cuban press it’s a three-part move we’re going to start with an upright row into an upright external rotation overhead press and then reverse it so there’s a few moves to each one keep your shoulders back good posture we’re going to go along do it with you here let’s hit 12 repetitions and three two one elbows up flip them over press overhead and then reverse the movement keep your core nice and tight abs are engaged good posture back is straight I also recommend you keeping a little bend in those knees throughout you don’t want those knees locked out making sure to breathe as you go through this one and as you do that upright row go ahead and pull up on those elbows half weight is a great one for that complete shoulder from your whoo from that and here your shoulder to your posterior rear delt all getting hit on this one a little bit of triceps in there as well be sure to breathe we have two more after this one guys let it go keep working through it pushing through that little burn last one nine all right so we can set that’s a good way to get started right there okay we can set those weights down our next set is going to be a set of 10 we’re going Everage about 15 seconds rest and beginning this one so find a weight that’s appropriate for your next set those 10 repetitions this is why we say should have a couple different bury dumbbell weights available alright and three two one up on those elbows is your first move flip them over and press overhead this is also a great one to duel with a barbell if you ever have access to one nice full range of motion breathe throughout the course of today’s workout can be very important that you stay focused on what brought you here today to begin when I fly plane because when it gets tough it’s all about that wise although focusing on your motivation 9 keep it up almost there guys two more breathe all right last one finish strong all right I’m going to work okay getting heavier as we go here or if you’re like me you’re just going to stay here yeah you want to move up every time but again make this we encourage you to make this workout your own this next set is eight repetitions go ahead and start this one and five four three two one right in director good nice full range of motion here coming all the way down with those dumbbells and all the way up I really want you to refrain from using any momentum during any portion of this lift muscle building is all about that time under tension halfway guys when you start swinging the dumbbells around well it can be good for power it is not necessarily good for strength or muscle building who are a little more my shoulders are burning I like it come on fight through that burn guys one right here last one big power nice okay so that was your set of eight we have one last one and this first grouping we’re doing six repetitions don’t be afraid to go a little heavy on this one you can see I’m going to push the weight a little bit try on your best to use good form but at the same time if you want to build serious muscle can’t be afraid to use some weight true all right let’s get started here last one and three – one right into it breathe nice now when I always talk about breathing it’s always important to breathe out on the hardest part of the move and inhale I’m the easiest part so for this high plane breathing out as you press up nice keep it up almost there right through this last one we have one more good posture you got it whoo oh my head next we’re going to do a try set so that’s three different exercises that we’re going to superset together we’re going to first we’re going to do a dumbbell over and back press so it’s almost like we have a barbell on our hands pressing the dumbbells in front of our head and then behind your heads we’re doing that one for eight repetitions next we’re going to do 12 repetitions of a why race so thumbs are up bent over on a 45 degree angle and we’re doing a front raise but out to the side and lastly we’re going to do a rear delt upright row again for 12 repetitions you’re going to bring those dumbbells up to their chest height and then hold back so we have three different exercises starting with a Dumbo over and back preppie a doozie it’s going to be a doozy shoulder you’re gonna make it okay so eight repetitions for that over and back press choose your weight accordingly choose it wisely choose it wisely because the shoulder is going to be set on fire if you need to change your weight up as you go that’s okay too so dumbbells come up we like to start with the dumbbells straight up overhead on this one and let’s bring those dumbbells until they’re in front and press back up and then now let’s pull those elbows back like we have a barbell that we’re reaching behind our head and every time the Dumbo’s come up overhead that’s one repetition eight and total breathe keep it neat little soft bend in the knees core stays tight three more guys full range of motion on this one all the way down all the way up you got it last one I hear and oh nice finish strong okay so we can set those dumbbells down and we’re moving into that dumbbell Y raise you’re going to want a lighter weight for this one just to be honest with you yes one yeah this is a little wrap definitely hit tough one we’re doing 12 repetitions of this one keeping that pace up then over a 45 degree angle symbols they’re on front thumbs are up and let’s begin raise those dumbbells up and out in a Y formation and you have 12 repetitions full range of motion keep that back straight core stays tight halfway through making sure to breathe this one is going to light those front delts on fire with a rear delt action on this one as well make sure to breathe keep it up guys I’m here last one excellent okay shaking them loose I was going a little bit heavier for the next one really up to you step up right rear delt upright row and again twelve repetitions good posture own those don’t elbows up until the dumbbells reach about chest height and then pulling back and three two one let’s go right into it one two squeeze that back up at the top hitting those rear delts pulling back on those elbows you’re not just pulling back on your hands but instead pulling back on those elbows like there’s a string attached to them so first hold dumbbells just come straight up and at the last minute boom pull them back you got it it’s a nice little very good bar last one right here guys twelve all right okay so we can set those down we’re going to keep this pace up in this try set so that means we’re going back to that overhead over and back press for eight repetitions get your weight right all right pump them up let go up overhead to start and begin front to start little bend in those knees got it nice whole range of motion this one’s hitting the complete shoulder socket and all the muscles associated with it full range of motion and if you want to use a barbell on this one you can do so as well good keep it up guys that’s when I get nice and under control hoo-wee all right that one’s working all right set those dumbbells down make sure using your legs to set them down and again we’re going a little bit lighter for this why Ray’s got 12 of these 12 ready to go bent over in that 45 degree angle three two one up and out to the side nice and controlled on this one I know it’s very tempting to use momentum and to swing those dumbbells up on this one but don’t do it again that time under tension is so important for muscle building you got it one into the next think about what drives you what brought you here day today to begin with what is it that’s going to be the same thing that gets you through the end I lost one right here boom finish strong good okay we have upright row we’re doing jelly I know a row ding tongue twister rear delt up retro neck twelve repetition let’s go no break right into it right here three two one dumbbell come up and pull back good posture on this one one rep right into the next come on you got it just like a machine you can do this all day long when those shoulders start to catch on fire you just got push past that burn you’re stronger than that burn right here get after you got two more guys that’s it last one finish strong whoo all right we got one more time through this brutal try set eight repetitions on that over and back press get it right get your mind right let’s go try some up overhead three one began excellent should I breathe in as you lower and breathe out as you press them up overhead good one of the next you got it guys come on breathe core stays tight pushing past that burn you got it full into motion guys you had qumar almost there last one whoo oh that burns so good yes it does burn so good all right let’s go into that Y raise next and over on a 45 degree angle at Saturday’s you got it guys you got it three two one jumping right into it again nice and controlled try not to swing it up swing them up too fast I know how tempting it is trust us it’s tempting for us to come on I threw up guys you got it think about how good you’re going to flail when this is all done good you’re going to feel when you accomplish that goal you stay focused on it one right into the neck you got it Kim wire that’s it here it is last one excellent okay let’s finish this try set strong go go a little heavier on my last one thank you there it is twelve repetitions you choose that weight that’s appropriate for you pushing yourself because nobody else can do it for you here we are three two one dumbbells up and back nice squeeze those rear delts up at the top every single time and try to control that descent don’t just allow the dumbbells to fly down and it’s definitely harder that way but more effective come on right through this last one almost there two more that’s it just two more and you’re done with this try set here don’t work alright next up we have a superset between two exercise this first one is a dumbbell front raise we’re actually going to do it from the wall but we can’t cheat dumbbells are together all the way up all the way down we’re going to alternate that with an overhand reverse fly really hits the rear delts bent over pinkies are up arms are straight we’re going to do both of these exercises for one set of twelve one set of ten one set of eight working our way up as we go so we’re getting heavier as we go through it choosing a lighter weight to start on this first one the dumbbell front raise we’re doing twelve repetitions to find a wall or something you can lean upon and if you don’t have one you can do it just standing up straight but I like the wall variation because it doesn’t allow us cheat go and get those shoulder blades up against the wall that you can palms are facing us dumbbell press together and now let’s go twelve repetitions all the way up all the way down into your arms are parallel to the ground and again this one’s all about control that’s why we’re up against the wall surely be easier to be standing out on their own and just fling the dumbbells up halfway about that time under tension muscles are constantly working and contracting on this one breathe nice and controlled almost there two more all right last one pushing through good oh wow that was tough it’s effective alright we’re going to do it that overhand row so that 1 times our overhand fly so that one is all about the anterior front deltoids this one will give out the rear so let’s go ahead and bend over on a 45 degree angle and we’re going to just a slight bend in that elbow keep it same Bend now we’re going to pull back keep those arms straight and bring those pinkies up full range of motion squeezing those rear deltoids the back of the shoulder I’ll put the top of the movement keep your back straight on this one weight back in your hips might even feel in your legs a little bit on this and that’s okay we’ll just call that extra credit and again this should be your lighter set of 3:12 repetition qumar last one right here good okay so next set of ten I’m going to increase my weight just a little bit you guys decide if you’re increasing for this one or staying the same is appropriate for you you know on these type of multi-building workouts where we’re adjusting the way it’s all about practice and as you do it more often you get a better feel for where you’re at and what an appropriate weight is for you and if you’re not doing a lot of changing in your weight that’s okay that’s alright again come back do it off and get a little bit better every time here we are for 12 I’m sorry 10 repetition grumbo squeeze nice and tight together let’s begin full range of motion and I’m already going to feel this increase in weight burn so good you got it stay tough guys don’t have a lot left in this one halfway there it is full range of motion one right into the next you got it you got it almost there last one coming up whoo excellent work all right no break in this superset we’re moving right into that reverse fly change your weight if you need to then over 45 degree angle pinkies are up and let’s begin nice and controlled on the way up and the way down again trying your best not to swing those dumbbells keep them under control you got it you’re stronger than that burn keep fighting through it guys all about that mental toughness two more shoulders started catch on fire get have the mental toughness to push past and last one right there guys okay one more set of eight I think I’m going to keep this wait for my last set of eight because I blame you it’s plenty who’s where they’re are so we have that front raise neck let’s blast those front deltoid all right shoulders up against the wall here we are in 3 2 1 8 repetitions you got a full range of motion all the way up all the way down last set of these right here grind through it guys and it’s driving in time come on you only have three more you got it almost there last two last two here we are finish strong oh nice okay last one in this superset you got this bent over thank you there to the sky here we are for eight repetitions three two one get after it nice come on guys let’s go I want to point you to prove yourself today how tough you are exceed your own expectations you got it one to the neck never tell you more guys never said it’d be easy just said it’d be worse last one there it is alright nice job this last move is going to finish off your shoulders we’re going to do a dumbbell side raise bring those dumbbells out – they’re parallel to the ground we’re doing that eight times and on the eighth and final one we’re going to do five seconds of pulses this is really just going to burn those shoulders out we’re doing three sets of this one just this one on its own so choose your weight accordingly and again the objective of this one is just a finish those shoulders off so don’t be afraid to pick up some heavier weight on this one here we are and three two one bring those dumbbells out to the side nice and controlled don’t swing them up and just to the parallel to the ground no reason to bring them up any higher than that all the way up all the way down control that descent you got it three more breathe it is okay and there’s the last one yup and now pull five seconds four three two one zero alright that’s one time down set those dumbbells down shake them loose for just taking a 10-second break and then we’re right back into it it’s a great one overall shoulder but especially those medial delts dumbbells back up let’s get it alright and at 8 side raises begin one two here it is is what you came here for focus on what motivates you what you’re trying to gain muscle lose wages get more fit whatever it is my guys have it in your mind right here all right last one let’s hit those pulses one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand who is going to add up shake a move yeah so me hahaha thank you the mean movement that as a compliment all right this is it right here guys get it pumped up last one right here you got this let’s go choose your weight accordingly in three two one here it is finishing strong guys again try your best not to swing those dumbbells up keep them nice and under control way up and the way down even though I know it burns come on barn so good fight through you I guys like through it let’s go alright last one you know what time it is pulse it one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand ahh let’s see if I can give a high-five nice work out there guys way to fight through and push right to the very end thank you so much for working out with us today if you enjoyed this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping this great service free and if you enjoyed working out with us today we ask that you give this video a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that way you never miss another workout in Hospice make sure to check out has sitcom or we have hundreds of free workouts just like this one our free meal plans and our free complete fitness program and if you are on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat come find us connect with us because we want to connect with you again thank you so much for grinding it out with us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you your next workout


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