Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Mobility and flexibility are so often overlooked, but play such a pivotal role in our overall fitness. Take the time to focus on recovery with this full body stretching routine. This routine can be performed on its own or after a workout as a cool down. You’ll need either a towel or band for a few of the moves and a chair is optional but not required.

Full Body Stretching

Deep Squat Holds / With Chair
Wrist Curl Glides
Bent Over T’s, Y’s
Bent Over Arm Haulers
Hamstring Sweep
Overhead Triceps Stretch

Lying Overhead Shoulder Extension with Chin Tuck
Floor Angels
Dynamic Lying Straight Leg Hamstring
Lying Side Quad Stretch
Band Calf Stretch
Pigeon / 90-90
Kneeling Page Turner
Lumbar Cat / Cow
Quadruped Scapular Stretch
Quadruped Wrist Stretch