Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Let’s work on your back strength. No gym is required for today’s back workout with dumbbells at home. You’ll need dumbbells and we recommend having multiple pair so that you can switch up the weight depending on the exercise. Grab a chair, bench, or box for one of the moves.

Warm up
Good Morning + T-Rotation
Arm Hauler

Back Workout with Dumbbells at Home

A1: 3-Point DB Row x 10
A2: Upright External Rotation x 12
B1: 1:3 Tempo DB Shrug x 10
B2: Straight Arm Reverse Fly x 12
C1: DB RDL + Hang Clean x 10
C2: DB Front Trap Raise x 12

Cool Down
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Seated Toe Touch to Cactus Arms