Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Intermediate Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Back Workout at Home with Dumbbells

Complete 2 Rounds of 50 seconds of each exercise:
One Arm Bent Over Row / Self Supported
Front Trap Raise / Shrug
Straight Arm Pullbacks
Dumbbell Snatch from Hang / Dumbbell High Pull
Reverse Row + Curl / Reverse Curl
High Plank Reverse Fly / from Knees

[Music] hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a back workout this workout is great for both men and women it only requires a pair of dumbbells now the weight that you use is going to be totally dependent on your fitness level follow along with me for the intermediate through Advanced exercises and then I will be doing the beginner modifications of all of his movements there’s no warm-up required for this workout but if you’d like to do one to warm up your muscles and joints go ahead and click up here and it’ll send you over to a quick five minute warm-up otherwise let’s get this thing going we have our dumbbells handy ready to go we’re going to start with a one-arm row so you actually only need one dumbbell to start it’s a great movement to work on your stability as well as your strength in your back I’m gonna have my feet shoulder-width apart one hand behind my back bent over to 45 we’re going to roll pulling back on the elbow the difference between my move and Claudia’s move is she’s using that hand to help and give herself support so she’s doing a self supported hers is going to be a little bit easier to stay stabilized you decide which one is right for you we’re pulling back on that elbow opposed to pulling back on your hand now you’re going to notice we’re not going to count any reps today so it’s all about getting as many reps in as you can and this a lot of time period making sure to breathe and moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that is keep your shoulders square abs are tight nice good we’re gonna switch sides here coming up and five four three two one switching arms and legs if you’re doing that variation and again pulling back on that elbow now just the way some of these exercises are set up we’re using a lot of core involved and we are going to get a little bit of leg going here on this one too so if you’re starting to feel a little burn your legs is supporting yourself know that that’s okay we’re getting to call that out call that a bonus pulling back on that elbow every time good keep your core tight shoulders square we’re gonna try to avoid gaining momentum on this one so don’t go back and twist but in I’d keep those shoulders Square to the ground core stays tight working on that core stabilization nice let’s go four five four three two one and done we’re going to need your second dumbbell for the next one we’re going back to back here we’re working on our traps next trap raise and Claudia’s going to do a shrug so I’m actually going to pull these dumbbells straight up keep my arms straight or Claudia’s just going to pull up from her shoulders trying to bring your shoulders to her ears either way we’re working on those traps on this one this move is definitely the harder of the two bending over on this one I like about a 30-degree angle on this one and for my movement I’m just keeping my knees nice and soft not locking them out and I’m just concentrating on that shrug either way whichever one you choose make sure you’re controlling both ends of the movement the way up and the way down and that’s just letting your arms flop all right realized a lot easier to do it that way but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective want to make sure we’re getting your money’s worth on this one good it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right you got it keep it up guys come on let’s go ten more seconds on this one we’re almost there breathe oh my traps are feeling it feeling it and three two one ah zero keeping both dumbbells for the next we’re going to work on your lats next we’re going to bend over we’re doing a straight arm pullback so arms stay straight bent over forty-five palms are facing back pull back squeeze your back and forward now Claudia and I are doing the same move on this one so to adjust the difficulty it’s all about just changing that weight and if you need to alternate between two different sets of weights do that if you notice I have a pair of five pound dumbbells in the corner over here yeah so again make it your own some moves are going to be harder for you some are going to be easier it’s always best to have a couple different weight options if you can if possible if you need something lighter couple water bottles sometimes do the trick to you’d be surprised especially when you get a little more fatigued good Zam been over pulling back squeeze the back on this one get a little tricep involved in this one too but mostly back whoo let’s go five four three two one okay standing up moving into a dumbbell snatch or power pull either way feet are shoulder-width apart little bend in the knees hips go back elbows come up and where Claudia’s just going to bring up the elbows nice and high I’m going to bring them up and then flip them over into a snatch use your backside for power hips go back hips go forward now use that power in your upper body pull those elbows up and either explode bring the dumbbells overhead or as you see Claudia’s doing she’s just bring the elbows straight up into the air you decide which one is right for you this was a great movement for not only your lower back but also your upper back as well in a lot of muscles hittin this one a lot of efficiency in today’s workout getting a lot done too short period of time good keep it up everybody you’re doing great keep it moving keep breathing this thing will be over before you know it good you got it guys let’s go ten more seconds on this one not much left good keep pushing through focus on your form focus on breathing and three two one zero yes we’re going to do a reverse curl I’m sorry reverse row then over 45 palms are facing forward we’re going to pull back from the elbows keeping elbows into our sides back down where Claudia is just going to do the row but I’m gonna include a curl so I’m gonna go row curved row curl you decide if you should just be doing a row pull Mac on the elbows or if you want to get a little extra bicep involved and throw that curl in again a little bonus a little bonus by set for you there good work guys keep it up breathe one into the next your machine just keep pumping them out you got it good focus on what brought you here today to begin with when it starts getting hard you need that extra motivation right think about your goals think about why you’re here think about what you’d like to achieve not just in your fitness but in life use it use this time to get your head right get a game plan moving forward let’s go come on keep it up let’s go five four three two one zero one more in this first round we need one dumbbell we’re going to the ground bodies going we’re going to high plank position Claudia’s going to be on her knees I’m going to be up top and I drop my weight and I’m going to do a reverse fly on one arm supported shoulders are square to the ground pulling back like it’s a wing a little bend in that elbow but the most part keeping your arms straight just blowing back pulling apart keep your core tight back straight a little soft elbow in that one arm that’s supporting your body nice pull back squeeze the middle of your back up at the top nice keep it up we’re going to go half and half on each side come on let’s go let’s go five four three two one zero switching sides now we’re right into it let’s go no break in between remember we’re going hard and fast today keep it going you can do it let’s go no pause in that video one wrap into the next and keep fighting because you are a fighter not a quitter let’s go keep driving guys you got it a little bend in that elbow pull it apart good you got it you got it fighting through almost there let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 0 alright nice work getting through that first round we got one more to go it’s a short break get that one dumbbell ready just two quick 10-second break we’re right back into these one-armed rows again you decide which one of these is right for you nan stabilize or self-supported one-arm row bending over and let’s go get right into it pull them back on that elbow habit you really should get into is focusing on pulling back on your elbow there’s a string attached to that elbow it’s being pulled back behind you opposed to pulling at that hand right yes makes a big difference in how you look at this this movement and if you’re doing sorry anybody catch up if you’re doing the self-supported one thing that cut coach goes like really told me to be mindful of is just my stance here it’s a little wider before I was a little bit more narrow and I was having a hard time balancing so if you need to bring that foot out just a little bit more yeah keep it put out the shoulder width or hip width and really helps to one switching sides now good okay I want to give yourself a nice solid base on both of these whichever variation you choose again pulling back on that elbow stand bent over about a 45 degree angle you got it keep it going just stay focus we’re halfway done with this back workout keep them moving let’s go breathe let’s go ten more seconds on this side you got it starting to feel it feeling a Claudia feeling it when she gets quiet Hey two one nice okay we’re going to need that second dumbo for the next one going to your traps either a front trap raise or the shrug you decide and it’s okay if you say maybe you start around or her set with the harder variation and you got to move on to the easier that’s okay every time come back through this workout you will get a little bit better you’ll be a little bit stronger and knock out a couple more repetitions that’s what it’s all about just putting in the work making those small measures steps getting a little bit better everyday that’s what we’re doing right here come on keep it up guys you’re doing great stick with it mentally nice remember your body’s gonna shut down way after your mind starts sending those pain signals so just because you’re in pain doesn’t mean your body doesn’t have it left keep it going keep fighting through it’s all mental good keep it up you got it let’s go ten more seconds on this one pushing through and five four three two one zero oh my goodness that was one beat me off let’s go straight arm pull backs bent over remember this is one we’re both doing the same movement just keeping those arms straight using those lats to pull back the dumbbells good definitely do not turn this into a swing yes stay nice and controlled be a lot easier to fling them up every time but avoid that temptation right we want to make sure we get our money’s worth like I said earlier wanna make sure we get the fat that we’re looking for that outcome good speaking of which focus on that outcome why are you here why are you here if you don’t know why you’re here you’re not going to get through it think about it stay focused on it good let that be your motivator your driver good and five four three two one zero hoop right up dumbbell snatch next so palms in front of us a little bend the knees hips go back elbows up explode straight up either overhead or just into the high pole again you decide which one you feel comfortable with today which one’s appropriate for the weight that you have come on let’s go making this workout your own customizing it to fit your needs and then coming back getting a little better every time that’s it it’s that simple come on no magic pills no secret diets nope we’re just putting in the work right here hardware let’s go there are no shortcuts rat by rap right here you’re putting in the work be proud of yourself for this work to engrave you so much easier pause this video right now walk away and do anything else but you’re not you’re here right now keep it up you got it it’s on your head guys fighting through fighting through come on let’s go for five four three two one zero reverse row either curl or no curl bent over palms facing forward elbows come back down and either curl or right into the next row either way pull him back on those and elbows right home back in the elbows every time good solid base weights in your hips come on guys you got to go you’re not imagining the burn and your bum or your hamstrings because that’s why I’m feeling it right now yeah keep it a good solid base there’s a lot of work too so yeah I’m sneaking in a little extra work on this one figure you’ll thank me with a little hex your muscle tone and a few extra calories burn yeah can be mad at you for that doing you a favor here believe it or not even though you may be over there cussing at me it’s okay I understand I’d be doing the same thing long to keep coming back you can say whatever you want come on let’s go guys come on it’s about you right now it’s about you and your goal stay focused second-to-the-last work movement right in here guys and this back workout is done almost there five four three two one nice whoa to the ground my weights only one weight for this next one to the ground high plank position we got this reverse fly it’s a doozy because as you can tell we’re working more than just your back on this one but it’s the last one your back is the primary mover but we’re working a lot like Claudia said last one in the back workout today come on keep it up three you got it keep your shoulders square the best you can to the ground and though it gets a little hard if you need to you can widen your feet a little better balance a little better base good give it core tight pull back five four three two one zero switching sides here it is right here let’s go finish this exercise strong come on you got it what’d you come here for today what goals you have in mind why’d you start this video get there right now in your head remind yourself what it’s going to take to achieve your goals are they gonna happen on their own are they gonna happen overnight no that’s alright because you’re putting in the work right here you can be patient as you work through it working through rep by Rep right there next rep max rep you got it five four three two one zero excellent workout thank you and thank you out there for joining us if you liked this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we please ask that you go check out our patreon page where you can learn about how you can keep supporting this mission to keep for us to keep this great service free for everybody around the globe and if you like this workout we ask that you please just give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you are notified and you always keep current as to new workouts that we’re releasing I’m never missing you never miss one make sure you check out has become for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans free fitness plans all there for you for free I know it’s crazy it’s free but there’s no games no games no game really free and also find us on your favorite social media outlet if you’re on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat we’re there we just want to connect with you and hear from you thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our pleasure I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you or your next workout

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