Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

It’s push day! Let’s work on improving strength and lean muscle in your chest and triceps. You’ll need dumbbells and we do recommend having a few different weights available, so that you can switch up the resistance for different exercises. You’ll also have an opportunity to use a bench, but it isn’t required. Let’s get moving.

Warm up
Bent Over T-Rotation
Chest Opener + External Rotation

Dumbbell Chest and Triceps Workout

A1: DB Chest Press + Twist on Bench / Floor x 8
A2: DB Triceps Extension on Bench / Floor x 12
B1: DB Iso + Narrow Press on Bench / Floor x 10
B2: Standing Low DB Fly x 10
C1: Push Up from Floor / Incline x 40, 30, 20, 10 sec
D1: Dumbbell Pullover on Bench / Floor x 10
D2: 2:1 Negative Fly to Chest Press on Bench / Floor x 10

Cool Down
Behind-the-back Chest Opener
Crossover Arm Stretch
Overhead Triceps Stretch