Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
This is a quick home leg workout that will strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Beginner and intermediate exercises are provided for your convenience. The only equipment required is a pair of dumbbells and then either chair, box, or step.

Home Leg Workout

Complete 1 round of each exercise for 50 seconds:
Dumbbell Squat + Reverse Lunge / No DB’s
Stiff Leg Deadlift / RDL
Bulgarian Split Squat / Split Squat
3 Position Calf Raises / No DB’s
One Leg Hip Ups / Two Legs
1 ¼ Sumo Deadlift / No DB’s

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a leg workout this is a great workout for both men and women and the only equipment required today is a pair of dumbbells I am going to be using a plyo box for one movement you could use a chair or nothing at all it’s totally up to you and just follow along with me for all of those beginner modifications and follow me for the intermediate to advanced exercises there’s no warm-up record for today’s workout but if you’d like to do one get the blood flowing you go ahead and click up here to start a quick five minute warm-up otherwise I think we’re ready to go let’s go we’re going to burn out these legs I’m excited we are going to need our dumbbells well I’m going to need my dumbbells for the first one quality is going to go without so that’s the difference between our two modifications on this one it’s a combo movement we’re getting right into it we’re going to go squat feet shoulder-width apart butt back head up chest up up and then we’re going to do a reverse lunge step back drop that back knee so we’ll get to a 90 degree angle back to the squat opposite leg reverse lunge good so you decide which one of these two variations is right for you today whether you’re going to use some dumbbells on this one or whether your body weight is enough for you you go ahead and make that decision now we’re not going to count any reps today so it’s all about you moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with push yourself but at the same time make this workout your own just trying to get in as many reps in as you can and this a lot of time period the goal really on both of these moves is to put that weight back in your hips so like both on the reverse lunge and the squat you really want to sit back drop that weight straight down keeping a lot of the weight in your heel also important to keep your keep good posture shoulders back head up chest up good breathe it in as many as you can is a brutal one to start the legs with no kidding I was just me think of the exact same thing right into it today and we’re going hard and we’re going fast my community around the bush here not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it let’s go for five four three – one nice okay you are going to need those dumbbells for this one next one I’m going to do a stiff leg deadlift feet shoulders apart little bend the knees heads up chest up kick your hips back I’m gonna go all the way down keeping my back straight we’re Claudia’s going to do a Romanian deadlift and she’s just going to bring those weights down to just below her knee and then she’s going to stand up I’m really just breaking at the hips like Coach cozec is there’s not much of a difference of course except I am stopping it right below my knees but you just using those hips pop them right back up so you are going to feel that sure right to my hamstrings main difference just the range of motion that you’re using on this one I want you to go really go down as far as you can while keeping your back nice and straight the second you start hunching over we’re doing one of these because you can’t keep your back straight anymore wow that’s the point where I don’t want you to go down anything further yeah back straight hips go back and then hips go forward squeezing those glutes right at the top squeeze them good nice keep breathing good posture you got it let’s go working that back side on this one good and let’s go five four three two one zero okay for the next one I’m going to use my box Claudia isn’t she’s going to do a split squat I’m going to Hue a Bulgarian squat so I’m going to put one leg up on the box behind me I’m going to drop straight down we’re both dropping straight down I just have this back foot elevated so again you’re going to make the decision and which one is right for you we’re trying to drop down into that lead leg it’s a 45 degree angle you can either have your foot up on the ball of your foot like I’m doing it around the box or you can have it down pat you decide which one is right for you today good you got it again dropping straight down you don’t want to want that forward knee to go too far over your foot I’m trying to drop that weight straight down and straight up you got it let’s go five four three two one switching sides now get lined up and hook and right into delays are getting a little tired this one gets a little harder here we go let’s keep my balance one good tips to help you keep your balance is to find a focal point for your eyes and just keep your eyes focused on that point whatever it may be find a spot on the wall whatever it is keep your eyes on it good looking up dropping straight down you got it nice work fighting through that burn yeah I feel it we feel it too how long we feel it three two one nice we get my box out of the way for the next one Claudia’s gonna go without her dumbbells and when you use mine and we’ll do our calves next turn do it just with simple calf raise toes pointed straight ahead driving up onto the balls of your feet all the way up all the way down if it helps you can put your arms out to the side it helps you balance just leave them down whatever it takes your side and I really want you to control the way down to right don’t press up in it slot down but instead control that descent I really feel this one all the way down line or all the way up my posterior chain and that’s pretty common especially when you’ve already started to work out and everything is pre fatigued if you will okay so now I need to switch you toes pointed out I’ll point them out a little bit and now look it’s going to hit different parts of your cast as to hitting different muscles with different angles a little trick you can use here good all the way up all the way down getting those heels up off the ground every rep we’re doing three positions on this one we’re going to point our toes in next and 5 4 3 2 1 okay readjust so it’s pointed in so the soft need but he’s bent all the way up all the way down good burning those calves out you’re not imagining that burn no it’s real and that’s ok I know it’s working that’s why we came here today get results not waste our time your time is too valuable to waste come on let’s go one into the next let’s go five more seconds on this one up and down nice and control three two one zero okay no waste I need it for this next one go into our backs Claudia is going to use two legs I’m going to use one we’re doing hip ups so the line down put it on their back hands are out of my thighs I’m gonna bring one leg up I’m going to drive off my heel atomic ground the claudia is going to drive off a both he’ll decide which one of these is gonna be right for you today you know if any of these yet you start doing a harder one and moved it easier or vice versa totally cool just make this workout your own and don’t give up don’t stop don’t pause the video you can do it make it through make it through right here drive off the heel squeezing your glutes and your hamstrings up at the top give them a good squeeze being sure not to hyperextend that back exactly straight up but don’t hyperextend it but you’re arching it good you’re using one leg now’s the time to switch for the wife keep going all the way up all the way down nice hitting every muscle in your legs today no individual part of your legs is going to escape good all up all the way down squeeze those glutes up with the top you got it nice work guys keep it up stay focused you got it I know leg training can suck that’s okay you’re here you’re pushing through your persevering you’re a fighter not a quitter keep driving through three two one zero okay we’re up I’m going to grab my dumb boat for this next one cloudy didn’t go without hers we’re doing a one-and-a-quarter sumo deadlift so let’s feet nice and wide toes pointed out a little bit hips go back first head chest up sit back all the way down now we’re going to come up a cord up back down and up so it’s one quarter and up good so that’s where that one-and-a-quarter name comes from now if you’re wondering what the heck why are we doing this just puts a little extra emphasis on your hamstrings and glutes being down here forcing them to do some extra work oh you’re not going to wonder for very long because you’re going to feel it yeah that’s true mister he’s gonna be solved quick real claim in a hurry I want you to keep your knees out on this window well you need the class in but keep them out and strong that’s one of the reasons also why we point those toes out a little bit hopefully no oh you got it keep moving guys you’re right here let’s go breathe nice work one into the next your machine let’s get after it good work let’s go just ten more seconds on this one biking through almost there and five four three two one zero not oh oh I’m gonna need a wheelbarrow after this one take it lose a little barrel yeah I’m not getting a wheelbarrow have you pushed me and then you’re gonna bring your arms out no you’re pushing thank you for working about this today if you enjoyed this workout as much as we hope you did and you’ve been starting to see some results we’d ask and encourage you to go check out our patreon page you can learn more about how you can support our mission of providing these great workouts around the globe for free and if you like this workout please give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss a workout from – yeah make sure you check out has stay calm where we have hundreds of additional workouts free meal plans free completeness for the complete fitness programs i legs burning we’re all there for you for free and follow us on your favorite social media handle Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat we’re everywhere come on connect me we’d love to connect again it’s been our pleasure and our honor to work out with you today thank you for the opportunity I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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