Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout
Coach Kozak’s 15 minute senior workout is great for senior strength and will get your heart rate up at the same time. The total body exercise for elderly doesn’t require any equipment, but you may choose to use some light weights or a couple water bottles. Senior exercises for elderly are low impact and safe on the joints.

Complete 2 rounds of the senior aerobic and strengthening workouts:
Shoulder raise + calf raise x 30 seconds
March in place x 30 seconds
Single arm chair supported row x 30 seconds
Side to side x 30 seconds
RDL + Shrug x 30 seconds
High knee pulldowns x 30 seconds
Wall push ups x 30 seconds
Chair supported squats x 30 seconds
Side to side punch outs x 30 seconds
Curl + press x 30 seconds

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