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25 Min Beginners Workout Routine

Beginner Difficulty
beginner workout

This 25 minute beginners workout routine is great for both men and women. The exercises only require a couple of light dumbbells and two water bottles.

Beginner Workouts Instructions: Complete two rounds of each exercise.
Dumbbell Split Squat x 20 seconds each side
Standing Curl + Arnold Press x 45 seconds
RDL + Dumbbell Shrug x 45 seconds
Hip Ups + Dumbbell Chest Press x 45 seconds
High Plank from knees + Dumbbell Row x 45 seconds
Dumbbell Squat x 45 seconds
Bent-over Reverse Dumbbell Fly x 45 seconds

Low Impact Exercises Instructions: Complete two rounds of each exercise.
Reach and Front Kick x 45 seconds
Wall Push + Mule Kick x 45 seconds
1,2,3,4 x 45 seconds
Side Raise + Leg Side Raise x 45 seconds
Wall Knee Raises x 45 seconds
High Punches x 45 seconds