Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Strengthen your chest and triceps with this home workout routine. This is a great workout for both men and women. It only requires a pair of dumbbells and a chair, but you may also use a bench or stability ball for some movements.

Chest and Triceps Workout

Part 1: Chest
A1: 2:1 Press to Negative Fly x15 x12 x10 x8
B1: Underhand Chest Press x15 x12 x10 x8
B2: Dumbbell Low Fly’s / Band x15 x12 x10 x8
C1: Dumbbell Fly 4×8
C2: Dumbbell Chest Press 4×15
D1: 1 ¼ Push Up / from Knees 3 x 30 seconds
E1: Pushup Hover x 60 sec
Part 2: Triceps
A1: Diamond Push Ups / from Knees 4×8
B1: Dumbbell Extension 3:1 Tempo / from Bench x12 x10 x8
B2: Dumbbell Narrow Press / from Bench x12 x10 x8
C1: Seated Bent Over Triceps Kickback x12 x10 x8
C2: Dumbbell Elbow Out Ext / from Bench x12 x10 x8
D1: Tabata Triceps Popups / from Knees 4 x 20 sec work / 10 sec rest

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is our muscle building chest and triceps workout today’s workout uses multiple muscle building techniques they require you to have at least two pairs of dumbbells you’re going to want one heavier and one lighter pair so you can switch up your weight as needed while dumbbells are the only required piece of equipment today you will have the opportunity to incorporate either a bench or a stability ball in today’s workout if you haven’t warmed up yet go ahead and click the link up top and we’ll send you on over to our quick five-minute warm-up otherwise let’s get into it [Music] we’re starting with the two-in-one movement it’s a press to a negative fly we’re going to start with a lighter weight doing a set of 15 followed by set of 12 and 10 then 8 we’re working our way up and weight as we go get ready to perform a chest press movement I’m going to be using my stability ball Claudia is going to use their bench if you don’t have access either one feel free to perform this move from the ground so let’s go ahead and lie back it into our chest pressed position so we’re going to do a press on the way up we’re getting those hands together squeezing your chest and then when turn your palms so they’re facing inward and negative portion for the flies like bend in those elbows control the descent bring them back to starting position your hands back and press again so I know there’s a couple different components on this one but the goal of this one is to overload what you’re able to do in that negative fly so you know really the strain on this movement should be coming on that fly I want you to control that way as it comes down and then boom press up be sure to breathe if you’re on the stability ball keeping your hips up core nice and tight this just adds a little extra element of stability in core if you’re on the bench either way I’m going to keep those feet firmly planted on the ground again we’re doing 15 repetitions on this first one pressing up and then as those dumbbells are lowering you’ll net stretch in your chest got five mark and controlling that descent almost there keep it going we’re just doing this exercise to start on its own we’re breaking just long enough for you to change that weight and mix it up almost there feel a little burn going button through it two more and last one right here and last one excellent okay so go ahead and set that weight down and we need to raise that way just a little bit for your next set of twelve repetitions so I’m going to up my weight by about 20 percent when you’re doing using this muscle building technique and mixing up your weights and your reps really it’s all about this feel and experience and knowing what weights to use and if you need some times if it’s the weights too much for me I’ll keep the same weight for maybe a set or two oh yeah you don’t have to change it every time you’ll figure it out as you go and again if you just have a couple pairs of dumbbells you probably want to switch it up at the midway point correct all right so let’s go ahead and get right into it next set now this time we’re hitting twelve repetitions pressing up and again nice and controlled on that way down breathe so on this one you’re breathing in on the way down as those dumbbells are being lowered and you’re breathing out as you press up excellent keep it up this one’s working not only your chest but also hitting your shoulders your triceps as well a little extra credit on this one nothing wrong with that three keep fighting guys pushing through rep by Rep excellent work you more almost last one and done good okay so that’s halfway through this first one again I’m going up my weight we have a set of 10 repetitions coming up oh I definitely do fill those on my shoulders as well alright change it on my way like a so go up about 20% if you’re looking for a general rule of thumb how much you should be increasing if you can alright getting back into it here let’s go and start this next set in five four three two one it’s important that we take we use a little rest periods in between and just don’t just go one right into the next your muscles do need that time to recover so you can use the maximum amount of weight which in turn allows you to build muscle so they’ll break periods they’re very important they’re going to be very important throughout today’s workout if you’re used to doing some of our hit workouts yes today is going to go a little slower paced but the point of that is for you to increase and increase that weight that you’re using tomorrow don’t be afraid to push it on the weight excellent one into the next bend laughing right there excellent work okay we have just one more remaining of this I’m going to max out my adjustable dumbbells here I’m using power blocks if anybody’s wondering we do recommend these adjustable dumbbells there’s a link and available in the video description if you want to check them out some nicer space saver that’s right for sure definitely okay what do we got next that is starting here in five seconds ready position last set so this is your set to go heavy if you’re going to do it all right everything you got out there on this last one really control that lowering portion with the Flies don’t allow those dumbbells to just fly down but instead you’re really controlling that eccentric negative portion of the move and then as you press up squeeze that chest up at the top three more good one and to the next you guys got it boom your machine let’s see it come on keep it up guys almost there man last one right here that’s it last one boom ah really good nice work next we’re going to do a superset we’re going to go back and forth between an underhand dumbbell chest press and a standing low dumbbell fly so we’re going to do a set of fifteen twelve and then ten again increasing the weight as you go so we’re going to start with that underhand chest press for a set of fifteen getting into our line down position here whether you’re on your bench ball or on the ground would lie back and on this time we’re going to have our hands in an underhand position so that means palms facing up go ahead and let those elbows naturally flare out to the sides as they come down don’t feel the need to keep them in and then as you come up you’re squeezing that chest up at the top this is just a way to go ahead and hit that chest from a different angle that we don’t usually do donate a little muscle confusion here great way to spark some new growth and on this one make sure that you keep that weight over your elbows that is your source of power again breathing in on the way down breathing out more on the way up 15 in total almost there starting to feel that lactic acid kicking in pushing through it good breathe almost there and last one good good okay so we’re lowering the weight again like I said a superset we’re doing that standing dumbbell fly this is your first time doing this one I recommend a pretty light weight so you can get the feel of it it’s not an easy move and we’re going to do 15 repetitions let’s get into a staggered stance feet shoulder-width apart little bend in those elbows hands out to your side bring those dumbbells straight up using your chest and control them on the way down that’s the big key is do not allow them to just flop and fly down right but instead you’re controlling both that raising and lowering portions on wrapping in the neck squeeze that chest up at the top nice work guys again 15 reps on this one sticking with it really isolate those chest muscles don’t allow your biceps to get involved five miles let’s stay nice and under control go to work guys almost there two more and here we go last one whew this one is a killer last line perfect whoa okay so we’re going to probably raise that weight back up going to the underhand chest press and we’re doing 12 repetitions this time so raise your weight accordingly all right getting into position you never tell you how much I love moving these balls around alright go on lie back palms are facing up and let’s get right into it keep that core tight again controlling both parts of this movement not just the pressing but also that lowering face equally as important driving those palms straight up six more nice and controlled good work guys keep it up breathe in on the way down out on the way up big power two more and last one nice smooth lay down all right again we’ll keep these super sets going back-to-back here get into that low fly their minimal rest here on this one by design and keep that pace up we get a set of 12 coming up either stagger a little bend those elbows and let’s hit it right into a guide you should bring those arms out to your sides as they come down not just straight down help you to engage your chest and make sure you’re not just using your shoulders or your biceps nice and controlled again I know if you might wait here to get a big ole swing in but don’t do it come on breathe nice and controlled think about what brought you here today to begin with Kim why what are you trying to accomplish come on focus on it last one that’s perfect kill there those are effective that is for certain okay one last one of this all these underhand presses one last time raising away just a little bit here set up ten repetitions on this last one getting into position so in short this last one in five seconds three two one and right into a guy’s good gang control that descent not just the way up you don’t have to keep your elbows in tight to your body it’s okay if they flare out a little bit actually preferred helps you use chat I have more this one is flying by just ten reps on this last one almost there two more pop earn so good and last one boom perfect all right one last one of these low flies these things are burning me up good I’m still going to increase my weight feel free to do so you want to maximum gain so you do have to push yourself put yourself out of that plane kids are thinking what are you thinking Claudia going up oh she’s pushing it – all right here we go guys we’re here you’re pushing it with you rep by Rep let’s go after it right here ten times right to squeeze that chest up top three who I’m hurting already therefore that’s a bad sign five clown were right there with you guys don’t quit six nice seven push through eight Kim why come on now about how bad you want it I find how hard you want to work for it boom there it is nice next up we’re going to do a double superset we’re going to go back and forth between a fly and a dumbbell chest press without setting down the weight so first we’re doing eight flies followed up immediately by 15 presses and then you get a rest choose your weight accordingly incorrect because we’re not switching late we’re not switching weights we’re going to try our best to keep that same way to sync the whole time so find a weight that’s appropriate for you but there will be enough time in between sets if you need to drop your weight if it gets a little too heavy but that’s about all there’s time for now okay no no time for recovery okay lying back again we’re starting with a dumbbell fly so slight bend in those elbows control that negative portion on the way down all the way up and all the way down on this one good core stays tight and eight repetitions of this one and then we’re going to move right into a dumbbell chest press yes it is gonna burn as much as you think it is more all right it’s worth it though not an easy and last one okay so we’re moving right into the presses now boom 15 times not come out well don’t be afraid to get a little a little faster pace on these ones still controlled but this is more of a burnout technique come on let’s go ice control bar and the way down good good good almost there 14 and last one all right nice go and sit them down so the good news is that one’s over with the bad news is we got to do it three more three more set three more sets so three more times through that little round just a few more seconds here in between it got my chest a little bit check it out if you need to let’s get it going in three two one and zero into those flies for fifteen repetitions eight I’m sorry eight repetitions I knew that thank you see what would I do without Claudia to keep me on track over here the chest press is 15 fly is ace nice work guy and more is a brutal combination and eight trying to the press right into that press start knocking them out this is a brutal combination for your chest it just overloads it that’s where that growth comes from for sales force those muscles to adapt that trick to doing right here keep it up guys doing great stick with it high and more come on grind them out fighting through that burn you got it 14 and 15 right back up boom very good very good okay I’m gonna raise my weight just a little bit I think I went a little a little too light not by much though starting that next set in five seconds though so don’t think you’re getting an extra break just because coach took a second to raise his weight all right right into it guys let’s go right into that fly boom full range of motion nice and controlled again hugging the tree that’s it I always say on this one like Larry just said go and pretend like you’re wrapping your arms around a big ol wide tree so you don’t have them straight but at the same time you don’t have so much Bend either nice happy balance Tamar it’s a great way to isolate that chest and last one right here eight all right 15 presses you know what time is let’s go nice work guys all right here focus on what motivates you what brought you here today more what is it come on getting a little closer to that goal with every rep every movement getting they’re so focused on more you got it come on nothing can take that away from you let’s go last one 14 and 15 right here last one perfect all right that way it was more appropriate I’m feeling it feeling it guys I hope you are too I’m going to stick to right why Matt all right that’s good we got just one more set of these again not much break let’s break for five more seconds that’s it shake it loose if you got to the last set of this crazy superset crazy good she must mean crazy effective crazy effective 301 hope I was already going all three mature she was excited she was pumped up come on keep that energy high guys during this workout you got it stay positive you can do this all day long come on you got it nothing can stop you nothing can stop you oh seven and eight right here perfectly that’s not got those 15 presses right into it nice full range of motion so give me these little baby ones where you’re going halfway up halfway down really got to go all the way down if you want more engage those chest muscles which one oh you do oh you got it right through last set right here almost there five more and twelve [Music] fourteen last one Oh fifteen whoo excellent job alright next we have this pretty killer burnout Claudius super excited aren’t you that’s our excited we’re going to do a one and a quarter push-up so we’re going to go all the way down is one glad to do it for knees her knees I’m doing it up top and then we renew an extra quarters here come quarter the way up back down and then all the way up so it’s one quarter down back up we’re going to repeat that for 30 seconds you’re gonna get as many in as you can and then we’re going to take a 15-second break repeating that three times the purpose of this is to burn you out so give it everything you got let’s go now you know I was excited now you know let’s start this in three two one right into it one quarter back up and again just getting as many as you can and a lot of time period let’s just put extra emphasis on your chest take your chest pull double duties while I was down there in that bottom position keep the core nice and tight on this one and just empty that tank out giving it everything you got we got ten more seconds if this first set come on keep it up three two one zero nine okay that’s one time down this break is going to go quick take a couple big deep breaths we’re going to get in a right now come on right there with you cloudy and we’re all fighting with her guys three two one you got it let’s go Oh mcgann 30 seconds again just the tension of this is to totally wipe you out so if you’re a master at push-ups and this is too easy put your feet up on something make it harder but find a way to get it done come on sticking with it guys on your knees that’s okay just get as many as you can doing this one now four five four three two one zero whoo we’re feeling it right there with you we’re not giving up though don’t pause this video don’t give up give it everything you got I can’t pause I wish I could we can’t pause I can right there with you guys let’s do this one now in five four three two one last set of these come on grind them out guys what you got prove it to yourself on this one squeeze that chest as you press up come on everything you got put it all out there on the line no holding back let’s go one of the next get that full quarter at those extra quarter push up at the bottom let’s go ten more seconds almost there come on right through fight through five four three two one and zero way to finish strong all right we’re not quite done yet we have just one last set remaining we’re going to do a push up hover so we’re getting down in the bottom push-up position and then we’re just going to hold Oh 30 seconds kins let’s go right here hold and breathe try your best to stay down in that negative position but anytime you need to come up and rest you can do so but we’re trying our best just to hold it and if you come down you need to break for a second come right back up get back into it just make this workout your own but keep fighting don’t quit right to the end right to the end you got it guys chest is burned we run two guys who hundred second back up and into it come on that’s it we just have 15 more seconds that’s it fight through don’t give up don’t give up oh come on we’re right there with you guys right there with you five four three two one zero ah that exercise did its job alright we’re going to get started with four sets of eight of a diamond push up so this push up really concentrates on those triceps really isolates them we’re going to put our hands in a diamond position nice and close together Claudia’s going to do this one from your knees I’m going to do this one on my feet but you could also do this one with your feet elevated on your bench or chair it’s going to allow those elbows to come out to the side keeping your core and back straight we’re doing eight repetitions alright let’s get into it in three – one and begin nice and controlled doing the best you can to get a full range of motion these are tough even from the knees this is a tough move keep that core tight back stay straight come on you should have breathe in on the way down breathe out on the way up last line excellent okay so it’s a short break just enough time for those triceps to get a little bit of recovery in and we’re moving right into that next set so again four sets in total this one’s back to back to back to back all right let’s go get in position now and three two one next eight repetitions begin all the way up all the way down excellent Aiken truth whatever you do do not hold your breath on this one again breathing in on the way down and exhale on the way up last one right here good okay that’s halfway done my triceps are already feeling it yeah that’s my favorite it’s only one of the worst ones every translation one of the best words ever I mean it we are we’re all going to love the way our triceps lock but it’s terrible all right here we go next one and three two one begin again full range of motion on this one keep that back straight core stays tight nice work and if you started on your feet you need to drop your knees totally okay encourage you to make this workout your own almost there fight through it guys that’s one right here all right wait finish strong I got just one more of these that’s it sometimes these bodyweight ones are the biggest killer hey-ya if you think about it holding on to some dumbbells isn’t gonna be as heavy as moving your own bodyweight all right last one right here finish strong guys let’s go in three two one right into it not explode range of motion think about what brought you here today to begin with what is it could be an important theme throughout today’s workout staying focused on your why come on let’s go three more almost there last three only two more let’s hit it boom just one more you got it you got it excellent nice work next we’re going to do a killer superset we’re going to do two exercises back to back first we’re going to do a dumbbell tricep extension followed by a dumbbell narrow press I’m going to do the moves from the floor but if you do have a bench feel free to grab it and you can do them from your bench we’re going to do each exercise for a set of twelve ten and then eight we’re going to be working your way up and wait as you go through getting a little bit heavier every single time so on this dumbbell tricep extension we’re going to do it with a three one tempo which means we’re going to take three seconds on the way down one two three and then one second on the way up again hitting that one for twelve repetitions here we go three two one begin palms or face one another only bending at those elbows nice and slow on the way down one two three and up good one two three one on the way up you got it good keep that pace up throughout the course of this set I know it can be tempting to really pick up the speed as you go but you’ve got to take it slow one two three up good posture face with one another really focus on just bending at that elbow not allowing any other muscles to take over by just bending at that elbow we really isolate those triceps muscle building is really all about time under tension it’s two more guys so by using this slow technique really allows you to get that time under tension last one all right now we’re transitioning right into an arrow press so keep those elbows in down and up press keep those elbows and your chest will get hit a little bit on this one but really you’re not hit those triceps so we’re hitting 12 repetitions on this narrow press again one right into the next you’re breathing in on the way down out on the way up keep those elbows and upper arms tucked to your sides now help allow you to get more concentrate on those triceps one more right here boom guys excellent okay you can set those weights down so that was our set of 12 of each and now we’re going to move up and wait just a little bit for this next set of 10 of each you decide what weight is right for you maybe you’ll keep the same weight this time and move up and wait the next time again it’s all about making this workout your own you see I’m using my adjustable dumbbells here these power blocks if you’re interested in them we do have a link in the video description you can check them out okay I’m getting in ready position set of 10 of each exercise getting a little harder every time here we go three two one again control that descent and one on the way up excellent again as those triceps get fatigued it’s going to be just that much harder to control that negative lowering phase so you just really need to concentrate on it that much more excellent breathe guys whatever you do do not hold your breath halfway nice going to fly by right here when those triceps start to burn and catch on fire and just remember that’s just that lactic acid just that muscle fuel that your muscles use creating that nerve response you don’t have to listen to that burn you’re stronger than that burn right here last one right here guys then we’re going to transition right into that narrow press here we go ten presses going one two three keep it up full range of motion all the way up all the way down keeping those elbows in you got it almost there last one I’m done okay let’s set those dumbbells down all right so that was the second one two down one to go with it next set word performing eight repetitions of every one I’m going to go up and wait just a little bit so we’re taking just long enough a break for you to adjust your weight accordingly we decide what’s right for you we have eight repetitions of e to claudius whipping out the big the big dogs for this one all right here we go guys let’s go last bit of these volume through that burn three two one control that way down excellent job and I hit all three tricep heads today breathe nice and controlled on the way down I know it’s easy to forget about that part specially lay weights get heavy but control them one two three up two more come on almost there here we go last one right here all right hit those eight presses let’s go one right into the neck skill one two three four keep it up five almost there six seven last one eight whew steps are starting to feel good all right we got another superset coming up for this one we’re going to need either your bench or your chair we’re going to do a seated dumbbell tricep kickback for the first one and then we’re going to do a dumbbell about extension for the second one we’re going to do both of these first set of twelve ten and then eight just like the last one working our way up in wait let’s sit down at the front of your chair or seat like you to bend over a 45 degree angle first we’re going to do is raise those elbows up so your upper arms are about parallel to the ground now we’re going to perform a tricep kickback alright we’re doing this one for 12 repetitions let’s go in three two one and begin and again using that elbow as a lever or as a hinge and only bending from that elbow keep those palms facing inward you should have breathe squeeze those triceps up at the top you have two more almost there squeeze those triceps last one and done all right excellent using that chair going to move it out of the way otherwise you go ahead and continue to use your bench we’re going to lie down on our backs performing a dumbbell elbow out extension so on this one palms are facing forward and keep those dumbbells touching one another and allow them to drop down elbows come out and then extend straight back up for 12 repetitions it’s right over your chest correct all right right into it starting in three two one begin again key on this one is to keep those ends of the dumbbells touching as the dumbbells come down really isolates those triceps doesn’t allow any other muscles to get involved we don’t want to turn this into a chest press or while your shoulders you get involved again hitting this one for 12 repetitions almost there breathing in all right guys breathing in on the way down out on the way up last one excellent all right I was probably a little too light on that first one so I’m definitely going up on this next one at our set of 10 repetitions coming up so those triceps kickbacks all right let’s get you at my seat over then over on that 45-degree angle elbows are up and let’s hit it for ten repetitions begin full range of motion squeeze those triceps up at the top there we go this weights a little more appropriate weight I’m feeling it guys hope you’re feeling it too let’s go that challenges the feeling of change happening that’s what Oh last words can go by fast all right right into it going through the ground or lying down on your bench dumbbell elbow out extension ten repetitions it’s a pace up and to the dumbbells are together and begin drop them straight down and back up good again don’t be afraid to change the weight as needed it’s encouraged you want to build serious muscle you can’t be afraid to go heavier on the way nice work guys and repetitions on this one you’re almost there guys you have two more after this and one last one and done good okay I am gonna stay with my weight and I’m gonna go heavy I’m going to go up again okay last set of eight repetitions for this next one again you choose that weight that is right for you and you come back next time you get a little bit heavier that’s what it’s all about just that little bit of improvement every single time progress all right whoo this is going to feel good I already tells us about picking up these dumbbell alright let’s go eight repetitions in three two one and begin full range of motion squeeze those triceps up at the top halfway try your best to avoid swinging Mills dumbbells and it would be easier if you did when guys and nice okay to the ground we go or line down on your bench last set of these elbow out extensions for eight repetition getting started and three two one zero actually ends of those dumbbells stay together get nice full range of motion control that descent that lowering phase don’t just allow the dumbbells to fly down but instead really control three more flying through that burn guys let’s go you’re stronger than that burn you got it one into the next last one excellent alright guys I got good news and I got bad news the good news is you’re almost done with your triceps mm-hm the bad news is we’re going to finish up with a tricep pop up burnout so we’re going to do a Tabata style burn out 20 seconds of work ten seconds ten seconds of rest we’re going to do that four times Cullotta is going to do this one for your knees I’m going to do it up top they’re both tough we’re going to go ahead and get those hands out in front of you so not in line with your chest if they normally would for a push-up but instead out in front hands are just shoulder-width apart you’re going to drop those elbows in and down to the ground and then back up we’re going to do that for 20 seconds straight then we’re going to hit a 10 second rest repeat four times here we go we’re going to get started and five four three two one zero here it is put it all out there guys the name the game is getting as many good form repetitions in as you can being sure to breathe keep that core tight back straight elbow stand don’t allow your shoulders or your chest to get involved three two one zero all right ten seconds rest I promise you this ten seconds is going to go by fast so don’t go too far shake it out getting started in three two one right into it so that’s one down three to go I’m can you get guys want you to challenge yourself here at the end if you versus you looking in that mirror because that is where your competition is you got it keep it up almost there four three two one even I’m good that’s half way down two down two to go home and buy are you so good two one zero go it burns so good that’s right Claudia here we go elbows stay in don’t allow them to flare out and if you start it on your feet you need to drop to your knees that’s totally cool just keep moving don’t hit that pause button don’t give up you got it almost there go three two one zero all right we just have one last one give those arms a good shake one more that lactic acid moving three two one let’s go last one you got this guy pushing through lets goes what you came here for come on fighting to the end here fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here last ten seconds what do you got put it all out there come on come on come on three two one zero AHA nice or not nice work right oh yeah nice work out there and I guess it wasn’t terrible survive our life I there’s a little better thank you so much for working out with this today if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page we can find out more of a hike and support our mission keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout routine with us today we ask that you would have a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you never miss a workout from Hospit make sure to check out has become a rib hundreds of free workouts just like this one a free meal plans on our free complete fitness program and if you are on snapchat Twitter Instagram Facebook like us follow us tweet at us because we want to connect with you thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next work