Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Strengthen and tone your abs from your feet with this 10 minute standing abs workout. There’s no equipment, but you may want to use a couple of light hand weights or water bottles for extra resistance. Let’s go!

10 Minute Standing Abs Workout

Upward Chop
Straight Leg Kick + Twist / Low Kick
Hook Punches
Overhead Side Bends
Extended Twist
Standing Cat / Cow
Chair Pose Reach

[Music] what’s up as for tribe its you’re a personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a standing abs workout this routine doesn’t require any equipment but if you want to increase the resistance feel free to add a couple of light hand weights or water bottles if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] all right if you’re using resistance we’re gonna need just either one dumbbell or one water bottle we’re getting started with an upward chop go ahead and interlock those fingers around that one way feet are shoulder width apart or you can just make a fist and use your hands we’re gonna swing that dumbbell between your legs and then upward chop up overhead so the emphasis is on the upward portion of the movement bringing those hips forward feel that core engage as you squeeze those gluts up at the top and keeping that core straight throughout so kind of think of it as almost trying to toss your weight or a water bottle behind your head that’s it don’t let go of it but at the same time visualize like you’re getting ready to heave either your hands or that weight back behind you keep your back straight and your head should stay in line with your spine so as you’re going down you shouldn’t have your head up but instead bring in that head down with you give it a nice a flat straight back good really control the way down but emphasize the way up big power every time making sure to breathe keeping a slight bend in your knees throughout hinging at those hips almost done with this one let’s go last ten seconds pushing through pushing through four five four three two one zero okay hand weight down if you’re using it next we’re moving into a straight leg kick Plus twist feet are shoulder-width apart we’re going opposite side leg kicks as we twist into it and for my variation I’m going to do a low kick so I’m not bringing my leg quite as high as Coach cozec you decide which variation is most appropriate for you people can get that kick all the way up and touch it with your opposite side hand that’s great if that’s not really in the cards for you today that’s okay as well in addition to being a great ab exercise this is also a great mobility move and help you stretch out those hamstrings as well as your thoracic call that a little extra credit today making sure to breathe throughout whatever you do do not hold your breath I’m gonna exhale when you’re bringing your leg up so inhale here exhale as you twist and kick that’s a good rule of thumb always exhaling on the hardest part of the move and on that twist if you can do a full 90-degree turn every time that’s great but again if you don’t feel comfortable in doing so just do what you can that’s right and you might feel that after a while you’re getting more and more 90 degrees as you go through the movement yeah and that leg may be getting higher as well four five four three two one zero we’re gonna need those hand weights again if you’re using them both of them this time and we’re moving into a hook punch gonna let out some stress with this next repeaters we’ll do at the part bring those hands up by our chin we’re gonna alternate right and left hook punch so we’re bringing that elbow up as we punch and then that opposite side hand returns to the chin as we’re doing so so it’s just side to side rotation getting those obliques involved and again any of these moves if you start with weight and you want to drop it or the other way around you start with no weight and then you want to increase the resistance feel free to do so we just encourage you to make it your own breathe them throughout again not holding our breath side to side here big hook punches big power left and right if there’s anything that’s been weighing you down today any stress in your life let it all out with this one right and sit out that’s it punch it out come on you got running through tribe good time and the workout here to take a second to remind yourself what brought you here today what is it what are you working towards what are you fighting for be deliberate and every workout remembering why you hit that play but keep it up let’s go last ten seconds almost there four five four three two one zero let’s hold on to those weights of you using them we’re gonna do an overhead side Ben so let’s bring those hands up straight overhead palms facing inward and we’re gonna decide bend from the right back to square to the left not a lot of range of motion on this one keep those arms straight as you stretch that oblique you’ll really feel that oblique stretch on this one and try your best to keep those arms straight and under control don’t allow them to flop down but instead focus on that stability feel that core working and engaging focus on stability while also focusing on that form right so if you’re not able to go down quite as far as Coach Kozak that’s perfectly fine do what you can that’s it and that’s true for all of these moves right to left feeling that core working hitting hitting it from every angle today you’ve got it keeping it up here one repetition right into the next X and that work we’re gonna keep pushing through not thinking about that burn not thinking about anything else but how good we’re gonna feel when this workout is all done you got it one right in the next last ten seconds almost there try come on grind it through grind it through four five four three two one zero excellent alright if you’re using them we only need one hand wait for the next one we’re gonna move into an extended twist feet are shoulder-width apart let’s grab that hand weight on both sides or you can just keep your hands out in a fist in front of you we’re gonna twist side to side and rotate 180 degrees keep a slight bend in both your knees as well as your elbows feeling that core engage throughout I want you to stay under control on this one not necessarily swing in back and forth but really focus on control hanging those abdominal muscles and working them throughout and if you don’t quite feel comfortable with a complete 180 degree twist then make it your own and maybe you know 45 to 45 or whatever it is that you feel comfortable doing today keep those shoulders retracted and back back is straight it’s a great one for your overall core transverse abdominis as well as your obliques one right into the next here staying focused keep it moving one rep right into the nest constant breathing on this one nice and controlled feeling that core work think about how good you’re gonna feel in this workout it’s all done and you can check it off your list excellent come on let’s go last ten seconds on this one come on tribe keep twisting pushing through here four five four three two one zero excellent ok we can set that hand weight down if you’re using it and we’re moving on to a standing cat cow kind of a yoga variation inspired move here so feet are shoulder width apart first we’re gonna do a standing cow so I want you to bring those hips forward head back squeeze your abs hands come back and then hands come forward allow your back to round into a standing cat reverse it hips forward squeeze your abs and glutes hips back hips full or feel that those ABS contract and stretch on every repetition keep them nice and tight throughout feeling that core engage again maintaining your breath do not hold it throughout good and allowing that backed around on that standing cat on into the next here I would say inhale here and exhale as you come into the cat that’s it focus on that breathing throughout again not a race on this one but instead focus on engaging those core muscles throughout keeping them tight Drive excellent one into the next here in addition to being a great core move this one’s also helping you with that spinal mobility one into the next here you got a tribe come on you got it you got it let’s go last ten seconds on this one fly him through not much less come on you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here four five four three two one zero excellent okay next we’re gonna move into a chair pose twist a little variation between our two variations and move my feet are shoulder-width apart and I’m gonna come all the way down to a complete chair pose and I’m about at a quarter chair pose here you decide which one is right for you and now we’re gonna twist bring that opposite elbow to opposite knee and we’re just gonna hold this position as we twist yes we’re getting a little extra leg burn in here we’re just gonna call the head extra-credit nothing wrong with that excellent exhale as you twist in the chair pose inhale back to Center that’s it stand focus on what brought you here today not focused on those burning abs or burning legs but instead think about whatever it is that you’re working towards whether you’re trying to just get more fit lose weight gain muscle or just get better at life whatever it is stay focused on it right here right now day after day stand disciplined doing what you need to do to reach that goal that’s right consistency is key that’s everything that’s what you’re doing right here come on let’s go last 10 seconds we’re almost there tribe grind it out with us we’re fighting with you here it is finishing strong four five four three two one zero and that is it you made it good burn nice work out there thank you for pushing through with us right to the very end we’d asked you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both Android and iOS you can also stop by our store pick up some hands fit gear or our diet guide eating for life if you enjoyed this routine a day don’t forget to Like and follow our channel thank you again so much for working out with us today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout