Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner
intermediate workout
Need to work your core, but not a fan of crawling down on the floor? Then this 13 minute standing ab workout is just what you need! There is no equipment required for this routine, but if you’d like to increase the intensity then grab a pair of dumbbells.

Standing Ab Workout

Straight Leg Kick + Crunch / Knee Raise + Crunch
Bent Over T Rotations / No Weight
Opposite Elbow to Knee
Choppers / No Weight
Load Swings / No Weight
Diagonal Chop / No Weight
Around the World / No Weight
Knee Chop
Rotating Good Morning Split / Neutral

coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is\par a standing ab workout we’re going to get\par your heart rate up and work your core\par without ever getting down on the floor\par there’s absolutely no equipment required\par for today’s workout but you may want to\par grab either a couple of light hand\par weights or water bottles for extra\par resistance let’s get started\par [Music]\par Oh\par [Music]\par you\par [Music]\par all right we’re going to get started\par with either a standing leg raise and\par crunch or a standing knee raise and\par crunch you can decide which variation is\par right for you but we’re going to start\par with those arms straight over our head\par we’re going to crunch and contract those\par ABS and at the same time you’re either\par going to keep your straight leg up or\par you’re going to bring that knee up and\par into your midsection and bring your knee\par as high as you possibly can\par of course if you’re not bringing your\par knee quite as high as me that’s okay\par do the best that you can and just\par remember to crunch and contract those\par ABS on the movement down stand up nice\par and big and tall in between repetitions\par so you’re able to actually stretch those\par ABS and then contract them now\par throughout the course of today’s workout\par we’re not going to count any reps so\par it’s just going to be all about you\par working at your own pace and give me as\par many reps in as we can and they had a\par lot of time period making sure to\par breathe one rep right into the next here\par we are let’s do this one for ten more\par seconds you got it come on keep moving\par and five four three two one zero all\par right we’re going to grab our light hand\par weights for this next one you decide if\par that’s right for you you could just do\par it with your arms we’re going to do a\par bent over T rotation on a 45 degree\par angle arms are hanging down straight I’m\par gonna rotate and look up at that hand\par and arm and then opposite side keeping\par our back nice and straight on this one\par even as we rotate that weight back in\par your hips now I’m using just a three\par pound pair of dumbbells claudia has just\par a couple of water bottles but like we\par said we encourage you to make this\par workout your own and use a weight that’s\par appropriate for your fitness level make\par sure to breathe get that core tight\par weight is back in your hips you don’t\par want to be coming forward onto your toes\par on this one remembering to keep our core\par nice and tight keep that belly button\par drawn in towards our spine one rep into\par the net\par and as we get into this workout and it\par starts to get a little bit tougher I\par want you to focus on what brought you\par here today to begin with what’s your\par goal what motivates you what’s your why\par just keep that at the front of your mind\par rep by Rep when it starts to hurt just\par remembering why you’re here will help\par you make it through to the end you got\par it come on keep pushing the guys 1 wrap\par into the next nice and controlled it’s\par at this one for just 10 more seconds\par keep it going you got it you got it\par breathe four five four three two one and\par zero set those hand weights down keeping\par the pace up we’re going into an opposite\par elbow to knee so my feet are a little\par wider than shoulder-width apart I’m\par going to bring that opposite elbow up to\par my knee for this one of course if you\par can’t bring your knee to your elbow just\par bring your knee again as high as you can\par as well as high as your fitness level\par will allow you to go at your own pace\par but just keep moving and you keep coming\par back repeating this workout and you’ll\par be able to get that knee up just a\par little bit higher it actually works as a\par bit of an active stretch at the same\par time so definitely getting multiple\par muscles today not just your abs and at\par the same time working on some added\par mobility call that a little extra credit\par that’s right where you are now is not\par where you’re going to be two or three\par weeks from now as long as you keep\par coming back and being consistent that’s\par what it’s all about just that\par consistency day after day putting in\par that effort getting to enjoy the results\par afterwards breathe come on keep it\par moving guys how many can you get keep\par twisting in the opposite elbow to me\par contracting those abs every rep actually\par squeeze those at you got it let’s hit\par this one for just 10 more seconds how\par many can you get in these next 10\par seconds almost there come on keep it up\par keep it up and five four three\par two-one-zero we’re going to get the hand\par weights if you’re using them we’re going\par to move into a chopper so we’re going to\par bring those dumbbells up overhead feet\par are shoulder width apart little bend\par back in the waist we’re going to bring\par those dumbbells down into our midsection\par contract and reach them back up so we’re\par actually chopping down bringing those\par dumbbells up overhead through that\par stretch and the abdominals in and\par contract so every time you’re stretching\par them bring those dumbbells our hands\par overhead and then as you bring them into\par your midsection I want you to contract\par or crunch very similar to a a crunching\par movement but again without having to get\par down on the ground focus on your\par breathing and every rep I want you to\par squeeze those ABS don’t just go through\par the movement but instead really focus\par every time I’m getting a good squeeze\par right there you got it come on keep it\par moving guys\par one wrap into the next come on you got\par it you got it if this one for just 10\par more seconds how many can you get in\par this last ten seconds you got it come on\par almost there four five four three two\par one zero\par alright we’re going to work on a\par different plane now we’re going to go\par side to side standing twist feet\par shoulder-width apart\par weights out in front of you we’re going\par to twist side to side on this one it’s\par so important that you’re actually\par engaging that core not just swinging\par your arms back and forth right but\par instead we want that your hips and your\par abs to come along for the ride and\par actually turn try to keep those weights\par or your hands but centered in the middle\par of your chest your sternum there it is\par come on keep that weight in your hips\par through those obliques working on this\par one you got it you’re doing great one\par rep into the neck every reps get you\par just that much closer to your goal you\par got it come on right through it fight\par too much\par you squeeze those ABS I can feel it we\par feel it too you’re not alone number\par thousands maybe millions doing the same\par workout feeling that same burn we’re all\par fighting together come on how to fit\par tribe let’s go come on keep it twisting\par you got it\par and if you’re not feeling challenged on\par this one enough off the wait use a\par heavier weight if it’s too hard just no\par way to dog encourage you to make this\par workout your own either way let’s grind\par this one out many reps as you can get 4\par 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right only one hand\par weight if you’re using them for the next\par one we’re going to move into a diagonal\par chop if you’re not just follow the same\par arm movement if you can show that the\par part little bend in your knees its reach\par to your right left arm is on top now as\par I turn I’m going to pivot my right foot\par and twist diagonally and then back so\par now my right hand is on top left hand is\par on top so that arm the arm is on top is\par going to alternate as you chop\par diagonally and up every time you get a\par nice full twist in and all this one\par takes a couple repetitions to kind of\par get the hang of it you notice we’re\par pivoting on that one foot as we rotate\par nice full range of motion coming all the\par way up with your arms core stays engaged\par you got it and you don’t have to do a\par full squat as you come down just put a\par bend in your knees and in your hips if\par you want extra credit feel free to go\par ahead and come off we count and do a\par squat but it’s not required\par let’s hit this side 4 5 4 3 2 1 opposite\par side same loop assigned to the left side\par right arm is on top as we go down and\par then left arm sure to breathe they\par focused on this one guys you got it one\par rep into the neck pushing yourself\par because nobody else can do it for you\par guys let’s hit it right here come on\par working together again go at your own\par pace feel like you have to keep up with\par us no one by no means keep coming back\par in a little bit better every time look\par in the mirror that is your one and only\par competition not competing with us come\par on\par you got it guys hit this side four five\par four three two one zero\par hanging on to that one dumbbell if you\par using it we’re going to do it around the\par world so feet shoulders apart Press that\par dumbbell straight up and overhead we’re\par going to do a side Bend to your right\par side only bend over at the side as far\par as you can when you can’t bend over\par anymore go ahead and twist your body\par reach down and it’s around the world so\par then we’re going to come back and the\par opposite so we set as far as you can\par bending and then twist down and return\par back up again this one is going to take\par probably a couple reps where you really\par get the hang of it we should be feeling\par that big stretch in your obliques as you\par perform that side Bend and then you’re\par calm and back up it’s a great one for\par those obliques and if you can’t quite\par reach as far as we are again no big deal\par if you’re only getting down to your knee\par and then you come back up the move will\par still work great and we encourage you to\par customize this to your own needs but\par this is not a one-size-fits-all solution\par that is for sure come on all right there\par with you guys\par rap my rap keep it going keep breathing\par do not hold your breath keep that core\par engaged throughout let’s hit this one\par for just ten more seconds we’re getting\par close getting close and five four three\par two one zero\par all right fast transitions we’re going\par right into a knee Chop beater shoulder\par width apart staggered stance we’re going\par to reach up at the same time we’re going\par to pull our our hands and/or weight down\par bring that opposite knee up and crunch\par so kick that leg back every time light\par touch on the ball that foot and then\par back up trying your best to extend all\par the way up and every time not just about\par the contraction it’s also about that\par stretch one wrap into the next as you\par get the hang of it\par a little bit faster you can pick up the\par pace\par try again get those arms all the way up\par in between reps though keep bringing\par then keep moving that’s the name of the\par game doing great so far don’t give up\par now think of how good you’re going to\par feel and this workout is all done you\par can check this off of your list let’s\par switch sides in five four three two one\par opposite side now arms are up again\par bring that knee into your chest boom\par can’t get that knee up all the way it’s\par alright\par remember don’t doesn’t matter how slow\par you’re moving still laughing everybody\par on the couch just keep it going right go\par at your own pace\par what if you do don’t hit that pause\par button just keep moving\par come on guys are doing great come on\par fighting through that burn right through\par that burn think of the consequences if\par you don’t work out what happens if you\par get this pause button and never come\par back that’s not a life you want to live\par come on let’s go right here and five\par four three two one zero no weights for\par the last one look weights are down I’m\par gonna start in a staggered stance quad\par is gonna have her feet in a neutral\par position hands are on route bot behind\par my head it’s like bending my knees we’re\par both going to kick our hips back as we\par bend over into a good morning and as we\par come up we’re going to rotate to our\par left and stretch those ABS then back\par opposite way now to the right a little\par harder with the split stance activates a\par few more stabilizer muscles you decide\par which variation is right for you maybe\par start with a neutral one and move on to\par the split if you feel good so we’re\par bending over kicking those that weight\par back in our hips and as we stand up or\par twisting so don’t stand up and then\par twist but twist as you’re standing up\par full range of motion\par bring that upper body till it’s about\par parallel to the ground\par and then coming all the way back up and\par on the neutral one when I come up to the\par top I’m giving my glutes a nice big\par squeeze right at the top perfect just a\par little extra credit and double work\par right you’re doing the staggered stance\par go ahead and switch those feet same move\par just switching the legs working at a\par pace that’s comfortable for you you got\par it one rep into the next you’re doing\par great you’ve made it this far\par keep fighting right to the end guys\par don’t quit now now’s not the time to\par quit so time to sprint to that finish\par line let’s go\par don’t quit when it hurts don’t stop when\par it hurts stop when you’re done that’s\par we’re going to do right here come on\par minutes and strong we don’t have much\par left come on one wrap into the next what\par do you got here four five four three two\par one and zero workout complete excellent\par legs don’t work out there we got a lot\par of work in and it’s short period of time\par do their head I hope you enjoyed 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