Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
While it’s true that squats can work your butt, they also work your quadriceps. Many will have a hard time getting adequate glute work while performing squats because their thighs tend to take over. Try this 20 minute butt workout at home or in the gym to isolate and build your glutes. The only equipment required is a pair of dumbbells and either a chair or bench. You may also choose to use a resistance circle / loop band for added resistance.

Here’s the resistance band we use

Butt Workout at Home

Complete 2 rounds of each exercise:
Deep Reverse Lunge / Reverse Lunge x 10
Stiff Leg Deadlift x10
Feet Elevated Frog Pump / Frog Pump x 30
Single Leg Hip Thrust with Band / without Band x 10
Dumbbell Glute Bridge with Band / without Band x 30
Bottom Half Sumo DL with Band / without Band x 20 pulses
Fire Hydrant w/ Band / without Band x 15 each
Hip Hinge Abduction with Band / without Band x 10 (pause)

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a booty building butt workout the only equipment required for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair or a bench I’ll be providing the advanced modification today by using my circle band but don’t worry if you don’t have one you’re still going to get a great workout all right let’s go ahead and get this thing started as Claudia said I’m going to be doing the more beginner intermediate variations where she’s going to be doing more intermediate to advanced so throughout the course of today’s workout you decide which one is right for you we’re going to start with some reverse lunges we’re going to do one leg at a time ten repetitions I’m gonna do a traditional reverse lunge we’re not doing the deep reverse lunge so we’re stepping back you can tell Claudia to step back further I’m just going to drop that back knee – it gets to a 90 where Claudia is going to drop that leg all the way back we’re doing 10 repetitions on each leg you can decide if it’s better for you to have your hands on your hips or out in front of you for a little balance make sure to keep that core nice and tight and if you’re having trouble balancing find a focal point for your eyes and it will help you keep that balance and we have a last one right here guys excellent okay switch in size now opposite side and three two one step back with that opposite leg and again you decide which one is right for you if you’re doing that deep lunge make sure you’re keeping your back nice and straight sitting back that weight in your hips emphasizing those glutes whichever one you’re doing make sure to sit back and squeeze those glutes up at the top as you extend and stand up excellent almost there two more guys last two fucking through it here we go done okay for the next one we are going to need those dumbbells we’re going to do a stiff leg deadlift so we need just two dumbbells for the next one we’re going to do ten repetitions feet are shoulder width apart slight bend in those knees we’re going to keep our back nice and straight we’re going to use our hips as a hinge kick those hips back behind you back stay straight your head in a neutral position stretch as far down as you can and then bring those hips forward to stand up ten reps let’s hit it back stays nice and straight just a slight bend in those knees so we’re not going to turn this one into a squat but instead really drive those hips back as you come down and if you don’t quite have the flexibility yet to come all the way down that’s okay ends up being mid chin every time you come back complete this workout you will get a little bit better and again we want to emphasize those gluts on this one so stretch those glutes back and at the top right now boom squeeze those glutes at the top every time we have two more making sure to breathe stretch and squeeze one more stretch and squeeze excellent okay so we can set those weights down next we’re going to do a frog pump Chloe’s going to do it from an elevated position grabbing her bench but again you could also grab the chair and on this one I’m going to go ahead and lie back with our legs open we’re going to bring our heels and feet together all right next we’re going to go ahead and take your chin and tuck it almost like you’re getting ready to start a crunch now let’s press off of those heels bringing your gluts up off the ground and squeeze those gluts up at the top full range of motion all the way up all the way down it also like you to emphasize keeping your upper upper back and your ribs still on the ground you want to arch they’re all just in those gluts coming straight up and straight down we’re doing this one for 30 repetitions in total one wrap into the next and then nice and controlled both the way up and the way down you don’t want to just flop your hips back down on the ground good press and up and again emphasizing those glutes if you’re the type of person that’s glutes have a hard time firing with me it really takes a lot of mental effort when performing these exercises not to allow any other body parts to take over on this one we don’t want our lower back to take over really when you focus just on those glutes excellent full range of motion all the way up all the way down actually guys we have ten more all right last ten keep it up guys you’re doing great one into the next nice focus on what brought you here today to begin with what’s your goal with every repetition we can just that much closer to it you got it almost there five more last five let’s hit it and four three two almost there one and let’s hit that last one zero excellent all right so next we’re going to move into a single leg hip thruster so we’re both going to use this bench for the next one Claudia’s going to use use her resistance band and I’m going to put the resistance band right above my knee here so just placing it just above her knee we’re both going to place our upper backs on the edge of the bench foot again you could use a chair for this one and again similar starting position on this one make sure you have your heels nice and underneath your feet underneath you and then we’re going to go ahead and curl your chin tuck your chin in all right so now on one leg drive off that heel and kick up full range of motion hips drop down and then driving off that heel we’re doing ten repetitions in total I’m sorry ten per leg I should say another good cue on this one is to try to pick your toes up so it’s all you’ll that’ll help you to emphasize those glutes on this one all the way up all the way down you got it guys we have two more last two on this leg one more perfect you really feel it on the stationary leg that’s pushing yes all right switching sides right into it drop those hips and then drive off that heel and again focusing on those glutes making sure it’s the glutes that are firing shouldn’t be your lower back that’s catching on fire drive off that heel and again it really helps on this one if you take those toes up I’ll help you focus on those glutes nice one into the next you got it two more guys last two stay strong fight through that burn all right last one excellent work it nice job all right come on up next we’re going to need your dumbbell Claudia’s gonna go ahead and keep her my bands on my legs everybody wait and we’re going to move to the ground we’re going to do a dumbbell bridge from the ground so let’s come on come down to the ground so we’re going to do a hip up driving off the heels again bring those toes up we’re going to place the weight right on our pelvis right over where we’re going to lift up drive off those heels all the way up all the way down Claudia’s keeping that band over her knees or doing a total of how many risks we do 20 20 repetitions thank you ma’am what would I do without Claudia here one wrap into the next and we’re just concentrating again huh I’m contracting those glutes up at the top every time bring those toes up off the ground you know we don’t want your quads taking over on this one that’s a problem when people try to do a bunch of squats to work their glutes unfortunately squats also work yours the highs in your quads is all glutes are here you got it one in the next you can adjust the resistance on this one if you need a little bit more feel free to pull down on that dumbbell or if you need lighter you can just go ahead and remove the dumbbell altogether also a total possibility so easier variation two more guys same move just without the dumbbell and last one right here alright we’re going to come up onto our feet for the next one I’m going to use two dumbbells and I’m just going to hang on to one heavier dumbbell because I’m going to leave my bands on for this one we’re going to do a bottom half sumo deadlift pulse so feet little wider and shoulder-width go ahead and point out on those toes both of this going to have the dumbbells hanging in front you see we’re using a little different grip on it first move is going to be to break at your hips put your hips back then bend at your knees coming down we’re going to stay in this bottom half for 20 repetitions we’re just going to burn it out down here your feet should be flat weights in your heels keep those knees out don’t allow them to collapse inwards way back is straight and breathe that booty working here we go we feel it five more keep it going to that back straight you got it one into the next last one excellent okay whew come on I’m not next one you’re going to set your weights down we’re going to get into it all four position Claudia’s keeping her band guys I’m going to use my mat for this one just first just for comfort purposes totally because my knees next we’re going to move into a fire hydrant so we’re going to work our medial gluon this one to the side knees are bent we’re going to bring that leg out to the side and return back down and again cloudy’s performing the same move but she’s just using the band we’re doing this one for 15 repetitions full range of motion again squeeze that glute up at the top trying your best to keep your shoulders square on this one really want to emphasize that glue we’re not trying to roll or roll your upper back good again every time contract that glues at the top we have one more guys last one nice okay switch inside opposite leg now right into it and begin again full range of motion core stays tight emphasize using that glute and only that glute lighting through that burn glutes are starting to catch on fire just remember you don’t have to listen to that little lactic acid burn it’s stronger than that burn plumb getting closer keep it up and one more last one nice alright very good let’s go ahead and come up onto our feet to the next one we’re going to do a hip hinge adduction closing again I’m going to keep her band so this one let’s go and get those feet shoulder width apart first move we’re going to do is we’re going to bring those knees allow them to collapse in and then we’re going to take them out and we’re going to roll on the outside of our feet we’re going to squeeze right here in our glutes and we’re going to hold it one two three now come back in I want you to lower your body so that you’re in about a half squat position so we’re not standing straight up on this one two three come back in again in the food so out one two three back in so that’s three reps we’re doing 10 out one two three good again you’re sitting back not standing straight up and this is a killer one with or without the band especially with the band as I’m sure oh yeah they’re gonna test you if you don’t have any bands they’re actually pretty affordable if you want to use the ones that we’re using there’s a link available in the video description where you can buy the ones that we like otherwise just go ahead and keep working out with media over here guys we have two more almost there going through that burn pass that goes there it is tried to take your mind off of it last one nice all right this is your one and only real break of this routine if you need some water need to take a second now is the time to do it we’re going to repeat this one more time fruit starting off with those deep reverse lunges or this traditional reverse lunges we have 10 on each leg we’re getting started here in five four three two one step them back drop that back knee again you decide which variation is appropriate for you and your fitness level making sure to breathe on the weight breathe in on the way down and greed out on the way up and every eye can play every exercise are exhaling on the hardest part excellent drive off that heel we have two more last two squeeze those glutes squeeze them one more last one quick switching legs right into it okay let’s go I’ll fill my gluts girl growing already I hope you guys do – pretty sure these shorts are getting shorter with every rep keep breathing keep that good posture back stays straight halfway again if you’re having trouble balancing find a focal point for your eyes something to look at three more almost there say tough here we go last one go couldn’t all right let’s grab it with both of those dumbbells needed for the next one we have those stiff leg deadlift choose your weight appropriately you got ten of these and if you start with the heavier weight need to drop it during the course of the workout or vice versa and you’ll have your no problem to adjust as we go feet are shoulder width apart little bend those knees back is straight push those hips back behind you to the head in a nice neutral position and you might find as you go through these that you improve flexibility mobility just within the same workout and that’s a good thing once you try your best to kind of keep those shoulders retracted on this one don’t totally bend over and lose tightness and stricken you’re straight flat back that’s why guys by doing that I’ll make sure that you’re stretching those hamstrings and glutes good I driving them back behind you you got it one right into the next qumari pushing through that burn you got it come on would you come here for I’m lighter okay set those dumbbells down we’re moving into that 20 that funny-looking one the Frog pump glad he’s going to do that elevated Frog pump where I’m going to do it from on the ground mm-hmm you decide which variation is right for you but we do have 30 repetitions of this one so feeder together heel the heel head is up almost a little bit of a crunch position and now let’s drive off those heels and squeeze those glutes up at the top might need to go to your happy place on this one or the glutes start burning one the next excellent work keep breathing stay focused on what motivates you what’s your why why’d you click on this video dick today something brought you here whatever it is stay focused on it don’t let it leave your mind nice work come on keep it up think about what you want those glutes to look like visualize it right here one into the next we have 15 more all right halfway point there it is keep fighting excellent squeeze those glutes up at the top every time I know they’re catching on fire I know it’s hurting ten more guys but you still got to squeeze them come on what’s the point of doing this we’re not going to do it right I want to get maximum results right here you got it almost there yes I have more and four three two almost there one last one right here zero whoo little good yes it is all right the burn the burn is way over is not over yet oh no the burn is real oh no no are we moving into that single leg hip thrust one leg at a time if you have the bands this is where you put them on putting it on over here and your knees again we’re going to get that upper back balance on to either your bench or your chair couch whatever you have on this one could also be done from the floor if you have absolutely nothing to lean up on all right one leg at a time we’re doing ten reps on this one Claudia yes sir all right dropping that hip and bringing it up driving off that heel bring those toes up and it really forces you to isolate those glutes nice four more all the way up all the way down nice full range of motion squeeze more you got it last one oh my goodness gracious these bands they work they’ll get you hey I’m having fun over here and I don’t even have the band so Claudia is working hard I know that much nice again last ten of these well yeah sometimes a band slips no big deal put a bag where it belongs nice you got it one wrap into the next half way guys your machine right here pushing past that burn no giving up you gotta G like last one right here ah nice good job her down yeah we need just one dumbbell for the next one that’s right I’m gonna leave my bands on and get my heavier weight we’re gonna do that dumbbell hip up bridge and Jenn Claudia’s going to use her band on this one I line down on the ground feet are flat on the ground one play set Dumbo your lower abs and we’re gonna come up drive off those heels squeeze the gluts up at the top we got this one for 20 reps 20 times you got it you’re not imagining things that burn is real our glutes are on fire just like yours are we’re right there with you pushing through rep by Rep nice just think about how good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all over with you can just cross this off your list halfway point round is flying by you got it again keep those toes up driving off those heels good and five more guys after this focus on controlling the way down to don’t just allow your hips to flop down but instead keep them under control good good not one more after that last one right here and nice all right we’re up on our feet moving into that sumo bottom half deadlift again I’m using the two dumbbells I’m using the one with the band and honestly if you’re burnt out right now and you need to put the dumbbells down and just use your own body weight hey that works to you we encourage you to make this workout your own feet are a little wider than shoulder width toes are pointed out hips back first head chest up dropping down and now it’s one any pulses nice don’t try to rush those pulses get those knees out and again go to that happy place what motivates you why are you here I think my good weight how good you’re going to feel when this thing’s all done there we go pushing yourself five more nobody else can do it for you right here you got it three two two-one-zero whoo-hoo we burn so good yes sir burn so good how are you set those dumbbells down are moving on to the fire hydrants are on all fours for the next one we’re knocking out 15 repetitions per lay another one you should go to your happy place about or with yes hands are shoulder-width apart let’s go ahead and raise up with our medial glute knee out to the side again nice and under control you have to be easier if we just flop that leg back and forth but not about just making it easy you want to be effective excellent squeeze that glute up at the top you got it 15 reps in total and you have five more guys that’s it four more three more two one last one zero all right switch legs now let’s hit it last one on the other side and begin excellent one wrap into the next you got it doing this for you not for anybody else see that’s getting a little bit better every day you got it right here put in that works you can accomplish your goals nice and five more almost there let’s go four three two one last one finish strong zero Louie all right we’re up on our feet come on this is it right here hats a tribe what you got feet are shoulder-width apart let’s go ahead and start those adductor hip hinges knees come in we’re squatted back and then a roll out on the outside of your feet hold two three in I’ll squeeze right here pull those knees out and back in and rap sum total to three and you got it everything you got right here sitting back waiting your hips don’t stand up like that urge here we go you and me sit come on halfway guys we’re right there with you you’re not alone let’s finish then it’s strong and I stay focused on them there it is one rap into the next two more so close come on don’t give up now squeeze back in here it last one squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze and uh whoa excellent nice that’s it you made it way to push it we made it we did make it thank you so much for working out with us today if you enjoyed this workout you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free if you enjoyed this workout with routine with us today give this video a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you were always on the know when we have new workouts coming out make sure to visit has fit calm for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and if you are on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat come find us we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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