Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Here’s a great routine to get your heart rate up without jumping or crawling down on the floor. There’s no equipment required for this standing low impact cardio workout, but if you’d like to add some additional resistance then you may hold on to a couple of light weights or water bottles.

Warm Up
Shoulder Box
Opposite Toe Touch / Knee Touch
Run in Place

Standing Low Impact Cardio Workout

Chest Squeeze + Front Kick / Low Kick
Step Back & Twist + High Knee / No Knee
Ladder Climbs / No Weight
Skier Swings
Push Jerks
Squat + Side Leg Raise / ¼ Squat
Seesaw Rows
Butt Kick Jacks

Cool Down
Toe Touch to Scarecrow
Standing Quad Stretch
Chest Opener

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a standing low impact cardio workout for beginners the only equipment required for today’s routine is either a light pair of dumbbells or even a couple of water bottles you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] [Music] all right we’re getting started with our warm-up and the purpose of this warm-up is to get our heart rates up and at the same time warm up our muscles all right we’re gonna start with a little shoulder warm-up start with those elbows in to your side then at a 90 degree angle let’s bring them up until they’re parallel to the ground and bring those hands back and then reach up overhead and then now we’re gonna reverse it elbows down hands down elbows back in to the side this is called a shoulder box we’re gonna warm up those shoulders we are gonna use our upper body today it is a cardio workout but it is a total body workout and we’re using this one to warm up that upper body just taking a second here to remind yourself what it is that made you click that play button today whatever that motivator is whatever that driver of yours is you want to hold on to it throughout today’s routine because that’s going to be the carrot that gets you through to the end breathing here getting full extension as we reach up overhead keeping good posture core is tight shoulders are back and retracted going through each step of this sequence last one here pulling back down and excellent ok we’re moving into an opposite side toe-touch feet are just a little bit wider than shoulder-width apart it’s going to bring those arms up straight overhead we’re gonna do an opposite cytotec so I’m gonna reach down touch my left foot with my right hand and I’m gonna reach down and I’m gonna touch my knee so if you don’t quite have the flexibility yet to get all the way down to your toes like Coach cozec that’s okay you can either tap your knee or even tap your shin yeah so we’re gonna encourage you throughout today’s routine to make this your own every time you come back you get a little bit better at it have a slight bend in those knees and as you’re bending over one should have drive those hips back behind you and you’re gonna feel a stretch in your hamstrings your glutes it’s also working to warm up that lower back just an overall great move for your posterior chain which is your whole back side feeling that stretch reaching down as far as you can also getting a little thoracic spine mobility in here as we twist making sure to breathe I don’t want you to go ahead and keep that head and line with your spine so shouldn’t have your head up while you’re doing it but instead keep that head in line with your spine and the wreathing not much left on this one let’s go five four three two one zero all right gonna get our heart rates up with the next one we’re just gonna run in place nice soft feet here if you have neighbors underneath you we don’t want them to hear you and just using this as an opportunity to get that heart rate up getting ready for this workout get those arms moving along with your legs opposite arm and leg should be working together again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that is nice big deep breaths here starting to feel warm a little warm in the gym today it is warm spring afternoon here so we’re gonna get warm real quick let’s do this home for just last 10 seconds keep it up keep it up nice light touches on the ground not big heavy stomps four three two one zero that’s it either your light hand weights or your water bottles you’ll notice I’m using like dumbbells and I’m just using a couple of water bottles but I’m grabbing one so you decide actually we need to sorry so you decide which variation is right for you we’re gonna get started with a chest squeeze plus a front kick so it’s gonna bring those arms out to your side elbows are bent in a 90 degree angle I’m gonna do a chest squeeze plus a full high front kick and I’m going to do the exact same movement except I’m going to be doing a low kick you decide which variation is right for you how high you want to kick how high you can kick right while maintaining balance and staying safe at the same time have those elbows bent at a 90 degree angle and then we’re bringing those dumbbells and your elbows together at the same time you know a lot of compound moves today that means we’re doing moves that are working multiple body parts at the same time your brain included because you really have to think about these movements as you’re doing them that is very true that a focus on not losing your balance just focusing on the movement as you’re working through it and this allows us to have maximum efficiency here today getting the most amount of work done in the shortest period of time so bringing that knee up and then extending at the leg and at the same time bringing those elbows and dumbbells together whoops working your shoulders your chest your legs your abs all whole working together here let’s go last ten seconds on this one keep it up keep it up get as many in as you can not counting any reps today and five four three two one zero alright you can set one hand weight down we’re only gonna need one for the next one we’re gonna grab that hand weight on either side we’re into a step-back + twist now I’m gonna step back and I’m gonna twist into that opposite side leg and as I twist back I’m gonna bring my knee up and I’m just skipping the high knee altogether so I’m doing the step-back twist return so you decide if you want to bring that knee up or if you’re more comfortable omitting that high knee you decide which variation is appropriate for you today again throughout today’s workout you’re gonna have to choose which one is right for you which one you feel most comfortable with it’s totally cool to go back and forth between my variations and variations and we just encourage you to make this workout your own and trying your best to keep balance at the same time that’s right it takes a lot of concentration that’s it and don’t worry it’s not about being perfect just about putting in the reps putting in the work getting a little bit better every workout every time breathe there that core working this one’s working your legs your abs shoulders all working together on this one again another compound move here look I’m gonna move that’s gonna work your brain almost as much as your your body as well good keep it up not much left on this one let’s go last 15 seconds again getting in as many as you can here getting closer and five four three two one zero okay I’m gonna grab both hand weights for this next one and I’m actually gonna be using no weight whatsoever this one’s called a ladder climb so let’s go and start with those hands up by our ears elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle now we’re gonna reach up with opposite arm and knee at the same time like we’re climbing a ladder somebody right arm left knee and then my opposite arm and knee reaching up again just like we’re climbing a ladder breathe and do it the best that you can if you can’t quite bring your knee up as high as I’m doing that’s okay if it needs to be here then it needs to be here that’s it and again just adjusting this for your specific needs throughout Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so go ahead and customize it that means going faster slower higher lower more weight less light with less weight less weight whatever that is we encourage you to adjust it and this one’s working your legs your shoulders triceps abs as well as of course getting your heart rate up all at the same time climb that ladder good every wrong on that ladder that you climb up you’re getting that much closer to your goal whoo I like that every time every rep just getting that much closer let’s go keep climbing come on let’s go let’s go let’s go not gonna come overnight but if you keep putting in the work you keep showing up consistency get that consistency going you will see the results good making sure to breathe do not hold your breath or whatever you do excellent moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with may be slower than us may be faster than us but just keep moving you got it let’s go last 10 seconds on this one you got it almost there almost there let’s go four five four three two one zero excellent all right we’re both gonna use our hand weights for this one so again you decide which weight is appropriate for you we’re gonna do is call this ski or swing theater show that the shoulder width apart palms are facing in slight bend in those knees we’re gonna drive your hips back as you swing your hands behind you and then hips for stand up nice and tall keeping good posture head stays in line with your spine and don’t turn this into a squat we’re hinging at the hips pushing those hips back trying to touch your glutes to the wall behind you and then squeezing those glutes up at the top every time standing up big and tall just keeping and maintaining that slight bend in your knees throughout using the power in your hips to drive those dumbbells up to parallel that’s it finishing big and tall every repetition and really your arms should just be along for the ride all the work should be done in your hips hamstrings glutes and lower back that head in line with your spine as well so shouldn’t have your head up while you’re doing it but instead that head comes down and stays in line with your spine definitely keep breathing do not hold your breath nice work you put up one rep into the next you got this nothing can stop you right here keep it up last ten seconds that’s it on this one flying by keep squeezing those glutes up at the top emphasizing that posterior chain whoo four three two one and zero good both hand weights for the next one when I do a push your feet are shoulder-width apart bring those hand weights up into a rack position by your chin we’re gonna sit back with the weight in your hips perform a quarter squat and then drive those hand weights straight up overhead using that power former legs to help press those weight straight up and we’re finishing with our biceps by our ears one right after the other that’s it one goes down and you harness that power in the energy and you explode right back up again breaking at the hips like you’re trying to sit back an invisible chair quarter squat and push those dumbbells that’s it shouldn’t all be in your knees but now that really break and hinge up those hips sitting back I like Claudia’s analogy like you’re trying to sit back in a chair this one’s gonna work your hamstrings your glutes quadriceps your cord shoulders triceps all working together on this one keep breathing keep pumping them out how many can you get that’s right and if you need to you can set your hand weights down and just do the same move with your arms again make it work for you or if you need to you can pick up the weight and add some extra resistance whatever you do don’t stop movin don’t stop fighting it’s a great thing about routines with hand weights tailored to your fitness level go up go down whatever he has to do whatever you have to do to get through this routine that’s it just keep moving you got an ear a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here not many left on this one just keep grindin here exhale on the way up breathing in on the way down exhaling on the way up let’s go last ten seconds keep it going keep it going always breathing out on the hardest part of the move in this case is that press four three two one zero all right arms are on fire so let’s set those hand weights down moving into a squat plus side leg raise hands are on your hips feet are shoulder width apart we’re gonna break at the hips I’m gonna perform a full squat to my thighs are parallel to the ground and I’m doing a squat back up one leg side leg raise out to the side back down this other opposite leg side leg raise you decide how far and how deep you feel comfortable going down on that squat but no matter what depth you choose make sure that you’re breaking at those hips first keeping that weight in your hips and then you’re keeping your feet flat on the ground that’s right keeping those knees out do not allow yourself to come forward onto your toes either good posture back stays straight on this one and notice as I’m coming up a Mortie going into that side leg raise woo for a little more of a challenge my goodness you decide if you want to do it that way or if you want to come all the way up pause and then side leg raises give your legs a little bit of a break and this actually can feel it in my glutes too lifting the leg up to the side oh yeah this is a great one for that whole lower body gluts included core stays tight and engaged you got it moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with I may be flying over here but that doesn’t mean you have to be that serious yourself the only in competition with yourself look in the mirror that is your competition trying to be a little bit better than you were yesterday every day was getting a little bit better almost done with this one let’s go ten more seconds almost there almost there keep it grinding guys all right there with you has four tried four five four three two one zero boom need those hand weights again for the next one giving the legs a break now we’re hitting that upper body we’re gonna do a bent over seesaw roof bent over on a 45 degree angle weights in your hips palms are facing inward pull back on that right arm in that right elbow and then alternating back stays straight and while we’re performing this row I want you to pretend like somebody has a string attached to your elbow and they’re pulling back on that string so not pulling back from the hands but instead you’re pulling back from the elbows back stays straight core is engaged and you may feel this one your legs a little bit too because you know just setting up in this position so it’s gonna work your legs as well mm-hmm making sure to breathe getting as many rows in as you can keep those shoulders Square parallel to the floor and again holing back on those elbows not on the hands but on the elbows and just using that little mental cue make sure that you’re engaging the right muscles make sure they’re getting that back muscle firing good head stays in line with your spine so we’re not here but again heads in a line with that spine nice neutral back oh there it is feeling good keep it up even warm oh yeah let’s do I said it is warm in here today especially under these lights come on keep it up almost there everything you got right here pull pull pull and anything that’s weighing you down any stress you may have in your life now’s the time to let it all out get it out work it out and I get down with this workout the clean slate feeling better just getting some clarity and I just overall feeling better keep it up keep it up not much left let’s go last ten seconds come on don’t hold your breath keep moving you need to set your hand weights down do so five four three two one zero excellent goodness okay so we’re both setting our hand weights down for this next one total body move getting our heart rate up we’re in do a butt kick jack so it’s a jumping jack variation we’re going side to side bring those arms up overhead and they’re bringing that heel to our back side performing a butt kick kicking our own butt it’s a great metaphor for today’s workout excellent good posture again moving at your own pace doesn’t matter how fast or slow you’re moving your lap and everybody on the couch it isn’t even trying it’s right just getting better right here putting in the work so you can enjoy those results think about how good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all done you can cross it off your list done for the day that’s it this one’s working your hamstrings your glutes your quadriceps and your shoulders feel no shoulders work here I know my shoulders have gotten some love today oh yeah they are working feeling good we’re almost done this is it right here has to be tried side to side nice big deep breaths focus on that why what is it that brought you here today what are you trying to achieve what do you got to do to get to that goal to achieve it whatever it is whether it’s losing weight gaining muscle are just getting better at life whatever it is you’re right here right now putting in the work to get there side to side here we go last 10 seconds this is it this is it come on has four tribe over there with you don’t give up don’t slow down let’s go five four three two one zero huh workout done you made it out there that’s my work we’re gonna move into a cool-down now and the purpose of the cooldown is so allow your heart rate to come down slowly and at the same time we’re gonna get a little added mobility and flexibility work in we’re in start with a toe touch – scarecrow combination feet are together let’s go ahead and bend over and try your best to touch those toes and you may just be right here at your knees you may be at your shins so you’re reaching down as far as you can and now let’s bring those hips forward as we bring the arms up stand up big and tall and now pull down on those elbows and we’re performing a scarecrow feuless shoulders and back stretch back into the toe touch this is a toe touch scarecrow combo again Noah two-for-one move here getting all those muscles in your posterior chain loosening it up whoo and your lower back – and lower back is included hamstrings glutes lower back upper back shoulders all feeling the stretch here you may find that your flexibility improves a little bit as you’re moving through the toe touch that’s it every time you go through it get just a little looser yeah and every time you come back and repeat this workout you’re getting better allow yourself to be a beginner recognize that nobody starts at the top everyone winner was once a beginner that includes us it’s about putting in that work overtime day in and day out let’s go last one here nice and relaxed pace not a race workout is done pulling down on those elbows good next we’re gonna stretch out those quadriceps we’re gonna move into a standing quad stretch you can do this one standing on your own or you can grab a chair a couch or a wall as you’re gonna see us do here go and pull back on that foot and try your best to bring that foot to your glute now we don’t want your leg flare it out to the side because when you do that then all of a sudden your quad isn’t mean stretch as much so try your best to keep that quad in and we’re just gonna hold again doing the best you can here you may be more flexible less flexible flexible than us but just make it your own so this is a static stretch we’re just holding trying to hold about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of taking nice big deep breaths feel a good stretch but at the same time we don’t want any pain and let’s do this one four five four three two one zero let’s switch it up same move opposite side now again pulling back on that foot if you want to do this on your own feel free to do so or if you prefer to hold on to something that’s great too nice big deep breaths here take a second here to just be proud of what you’ve achieved today you know we all know fitting in that workout is not easy nope mentally preparing yourself to hit that play button right easy you gotta peel yourself away from some way from something yep yeah but you did it you showed up today and you should be proud of yourself for that holding this one four five four three two one zero hoorah one last stretch we’re gonna finish up with a chest opener so it’s going to take your fingers and interlace or interlock them behind your back and now we’re gonna pull your shoulders back as you press your chest forward feel that chest open up and stretch nice big deep breaths here if you want you can also bend over get a little extra stretch totally optional this is a great one to improve your posture just open you back up and again just to regain that natural upright posture nice big deep breaths here no matter what the rest of your day brings you can be proud of yourself that you got your workout in you can check this off your list feel good about that four five four three two one zero stand up nice and slow if you’re down otherwise that’s it you made it it’s a wrap excellent work out there high five to you thank you so much for working with us today we’d ask that you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store and pick up some has fit gear or our new diet guide eating for life and we know that you enjoyed this routine with us today so we ask that you please give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from has fit thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout