Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
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What’s up HASfit Mamas! Are you ready to get your heart rate up? This prenatal cardio HIIT workout is performed Tabata style. That means we’re going to do 4 rounds of each exercise, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Warm Up
Side to Side Chest Opener
Modified Jacks
Step Back and Reach
T, Y, I

Prenatal Cardio HIIT Workout

Sumo Squat to Hammer Curl to Overhead Press
Staggered Row to Reverse Fly
Squat to Bicep Curl
RDL to Upright Row
Staggered Overhead Tricep Extension
DB Swings

Cool Down
Standing Quad Stretch
Hip Hinge Hamstring Stretch
Chest Opener
Pelvic Tilts

[Music] hi has fit mamas I’m Claudia and this is a prenatal cardio hit workout with dumbbells this workout is safe to do in your second and third trimesters all the way through your post baby recovery process the only equipment required for today’s routine is a light pair of hand weights and the weight that you choose is completely dependent upon your fitness level we’re going to be doing this workout Tabata style that means that we’re gonna do each exercise for four rounds 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest if you’re ready to get that heart pumping let’s do this [Music] moving from one side to the other we have our elbows at a 90 degree angle and we’re just opening that chest getting our shoulders chest back everything ready for this workout today remembering to breathe using our proper breathing techniques this is going to get your heart rate up a little bit that’s okay that’s what’s it’s what it’s supposed to do just remembering to move at your own warm-up pace here feeling good do this for 10 more seconds and 5 4 3 2 1 alright next move we’re going to be doing a modified Jack so again keeping our heart rate up bringing it up nice and slow doing a modified Jack where we are stepping one leg out to the side so just taking the plain old jumping jack doing a lower impact version of it one leg out to the side hands reaching up overhead of course we could never recommend that you exhale she bring those arms overhead and are stepping out to the side let’s go mama’s getting that heart rate up feeling good about moving during this pregnancy whatever week you’re at I’m at 24 I’m starting to feel like I’m really getting prime really pregnant here let’s keep moving in five four three two one and break okay so the next move is going to be a step back and reach so you’re just going to step back about half of a foot maybe a foot and reaching across the opposite side really warming up your thoracic spine here with a nice reach meeting everything ready for today’s Tabata workout we’re gonna burn some calories and feel good about staying active during this pregnancy right exhale as you reach back overhead one side to the other if your balance is off just a little bit which of course is the later you get into your pregnancy the more your balance is off you can step out a little bit to your side just for a wider base if you need to take your time moving along and we’ll do the step back and reach for another five four three two one and break so for the last movement in our warm-up we’re going to do 80 why I really just to warm up our back our shoulders so we’re going to be hinging at a 45 degree angle here and by a hinge pattern we’re going to be pushing our rear end back and we’re going to with our thumbs out do our T we’re gonna do this again as I mentioned to warm up our back our shoulders and in this hinging position we’re really warming up that posterior chain as well so glutes lower back hamstrings all getting ready alright we’ll do the T move for another five four three two one and into a Y raise so Y bringing your hands in a Y position out to the sides again hitting another part of our back here really warming up our lats feeling good getting ready alright half it Mama’s let’s go do this for another five four three two one and straight into the eye so straight in front of us here we go nice and warm now you may feel a little bit of it in your lower back that’s okay being in this position it’s just helping to strengthen that lower back and we’ll trust me we’ll hit it in the in the cooldown to help you get rid of any of those aches we have about 10 more seconds with the eye come on Mama’s let’s go exhale as you lift those arms gentle gentle exhale here and five four three two one and break all right so we’re going to get our dumbbells of course we’re gonna need them I’m gonna have a couple of different sets here as I can switch up if I need to our very first movement is going to be a sumo squat to a hammer curl to an overhead press so let me demo what that is gonna look like and we have our feet wider than shoulder-width apart and a little wider than hip width apart toes pointed out for a sumo squat we’re going to drop down into a squat breaking at the hint breaking at the hips we come up hammer curl overhead press so again sumo squat breaking it the hips into a hammer curl overhead press we’re going to do this exercise four times 20 seconds of work followed by 10 tickets of rest all right here we go starting in three two one begin here we go getting this workout going right into your sumo squat overhead whoo feeling good remembering to inhale down exhale as we push up and break all right shake it out just a little bit if you need to I’m gonna take a quick 10-second break here starting again in three two one begin into the sumo squat breaking at those hips remembering to as we come up we really want our weight to be mid-foot so keep those toes down keep those heels down pushing overhead want your biceps by your ears on the overhead press so straight overhead and three two one and break oh I take a couple of deep breaths depending on the way that you’re using if you feel like you need to drop it do so starting in two one begin here we go another round hammer curl overhead press nice posture head up chest up as we sit back into that sumo squat come on mamas it feels good to get our heart rate up and three two one break that was the third round one more one more of these sumo squats to hammer to overhead press starting again and two one begin last round hammer overhead you’ve got this this is good for you it’s good for baby get that baby moving whoo moving our bump that we’re all nine months of pregnancy here feeling strong feeling healthy not much longer and three two one and break perfect I’m gonna switch ways to a lighter weight for more of a upper-body movement for this one it’s the staggered row plus the reverse fly so staggered row I’m going to be in a staggered stance you can bring one of your feet out to the side a little bit more for a wider base right now I have my right foot in Beck so for the staggered row we’re going to pull back at the elbows back down into a reverse fly so row reverse fly we’re going to do four of those again starting in three two one begin here we go staggered row into that reverse fly so again as I mentioned switch up your weight as you need again for upper body workouts it’s a smaller muscle group so you will probably need to reduce the weight some and to one break if you want to switch up your legs you can for the next set so I’m gonna have my left foot back and we’re starting now row pulling back on those elbows not your hands so pulling back on the elbows and the reverse fly pretending like we have a finger right in between our shoulder blades we’re trying to squeeze it with our shoulder blades and two one break whew very good I’m getting a little bit of a glute burn on the leg in front stationary leg in front all right and two one let’s go mamas ten seconds sure does go by fast back and exhale here we go making sure we maintain proper strength throughout this entire pregnancy keep those aches and pains away and to one break third round here’s the last one coming up take that ten seconds use it wisely and begin last staggered a row to reverse fly make sure you keep your head in line with your spine anytime you’re in a hinge position hmm almost there Mama’s almost there push it or five four three two one and break [Music] okay going back to another lower body move so I’m going to slightly increase my weights here picking up my five pound dumbbells and we’re moving into a squats plus a bicep curl so again depending on how big your belly is at this particular point you may need to have it about hip width apart or maybe slightly slightly wider with your toes pointed out so we’re going to do a squat and as we come up into a bicep curl bringing those pinkies in so a squat breaking at the hips head up chest up into a bicep curl here we go starting in three two one and squat show me what you got all throughout this pregnancy program we are going to be squatting our way to having these babies it’s just gonna make childbirth and prep that much easier and three to one break 10 seconds here we go a couple of big deep breaths starting again now here we go squat bicep curl head up chest up if your squat is here that’s perfectly fine go as deep as you feel comfortable and with keeping good form and three two one and break alright again a couple of big deep breaths remembering to inhale on the way down exhale lifting that pelvic floor as we come up and begin here we go nice make sure our knees are not caving in staying nice and wide do the best that we can and three two one break all right almost there just one more round left on these squats beginning three two one here we go squat bicep curl staying nice and strong and physically fit staying nice and healthy during this pregnancy it’s what it’s all about not much left on this 1 / 5 4 3 2 1 and break excellent work on the squats next we’re moving into a Romanian deadlift plus an upright row so for the Romanian deadlift our feet are about shoulder width apart we’re going to break at the hips and go into that famous hinging pattern we’re going to take our dumbbells and just slide them down our legs to about right below our knees come back up into an upright row pulling up on our elbows so again the RDL is breaking at the hips letting those dumbbells slide just past your knee up into an upright row again four rounds here we go in three two one begin alright and of course if you’re using a lighter weight you can work at your own pace this is more about working on her aerobic capacity then it is about strength right so we’re just going to move at a nice comfortable pace and break first one three more to go I love the Romanian deadlift it’s great for your posterior chain and begin keeping your glutes your lower back nice and strong make sure your head is in line with your spine through the entire movement pulling up on those elbows we’re not cranking our wrists just coming into a nice gentle upright row and break woo shake it out shake it out and your posterior chain – it is fundamental begin this is a third round fundamental to making sure that our backs are nice and strong as we get bigger in the front those bellies are expanding I want to make sure we keep as pain-free as we can and three two one and break one more round mom is one more round of this Romanian deadlift – upright row and begin fourth one here we go slide those weights down upright row of course with this with this routine maybe you can make it as hard or as easy as you need to by adjusting the weights that you use if you’re more advanced up your weights not so much use water bottles and three two one break awesome work next one we are doing thrusters so thrusters your legs are gonna be about hip width a little wider we’re going to start with our dumbbells in a rack position make sure your toes are slightly pointed out we’re going to drop into a squat position so breaking the pips and we’re going to come up and as we come up into an overhead press these are called squat thrusters we’re gonna do as many as you can in your twenty second time frame this is really gonna challenge you this move so we’re gonna start in three two one here we go into a squat overhead squat overhead again making this work out as hard or as easy as you need to if you need to drop your weights at all do so and break whoo all right take a deep breath hopefully we’re remembering our proper breathing techniques through this move starting again in three two one begin inhale exhale as you push overhead working at a pace that you feel comfortable with don’t try to keep up with me if you are faster than me by all means move faster or slower as need be listen to your body and break pregnancy is not a time to really challenge yourself and push yourself to new heights we just want to maintain and improve higher aerobic capacity a little bit and begin here we go exhale excellent job really work at her core back shoulders glutes almost there and break that was your third round of thrusters one more catch your breath and we’re starting again right now fourth and final round of thrusters let’s do it exhale inhale not much left five seconds mama and three two one and break all right next exercise in our tabata is a staggered overhead tricep extension so again back into that staggered stance using a wider base if you need to one leg out in front and the other back so with the staggered overhead tricep extension we’re gonna have both arms up overhead and just hinging at that elbow into a tricep extension we’re going to do 20 seconds of work for four rounds ready beginning in three two one and here we go remembering to breathe exhales and move those dumbbells up overhead we want to try to keep those elbows pointing to the sky as much as possible in three two one and break if you need to drop your weight now is a good time to do so if you want to switch up your leg just for equal balance on either side if you want if you feel like one’s getting more of a burn than the other do it now because we’re starting right now here we go second round of staggered overhead tricep extensions hinging only at that elbow keeping our elbows in line with our shoulders remembering to breathe and break whoa shake those triceps out shake them out switch up my legs here and begin third round here we go where I can pass that burn really emphasizing our breathing technique exhale lifting that pelvic floor making sure we’re always engaging our abdominals and break again staying and trying to stabilize during these positions it’s a great safe way to engage your core during pregnancy and last round Mama’s here we go 20 seconds overhead tricep extension making sure not to use any momentum I don’t want you rocking your body make sure you stay nice and solid stable foundation here you don’t have much left whoa burning meat you don’t worry about it keep fighting and three two one break last move of this cardio hit workout is dumbbell swings again legs feet a little wider than shoulder width apart toes slightly pointed out I have my two dumbbells interlace my fingers hinge pattern right into a dumbbell swing pushing my glutes back towards the wall and using the momentum from my hips to bring those dumbbells right in front of me here we go last exercise and three two one begin inhale exhale as you use the momentum in your hips and strength and power to bring those dumbbells up this is it give it all you got breathe give those glutes a little squeeze right at the top and break 10 seconds of rest here we go I’m feeling good I don’t know about you but I know my baby’s gonna come out strong here we go I’m gonna push through to the end I can staying within a proper exertion rate my fitness level again do so by dusting your weight or your pace any particular time and break – round two down two more to go Mama’s here we go take a nice breather and begin exhaling on that hip thrust make sure our head is in line with our spine not much longer and break one more to go three down one more and then you’re into your cooldown here we go mom’s and three two one begin again our arms aren’t doing any of the work all of that power is coming from our hips ten seconds left your fighter not a quitter that translates to you being a mama trust me it’s hard work you got this in three two one and break excellent work nice drop those weights as we begin our cooldown and again this cooldown really serves its purpose bring our heart rate down we’re gonna add a little extra mobility and flexibility all important whether you’re pregnant or not but even more so because we got some extra weight going on here so find a wall a chair a countertop something to stabilize yourself pardon me we’re gonna go into a standing quad stretch so we did a fair amount of squats thrusters today I’m gonna just stretch out those quadriceps make sure that your knee is nice and in line with the hip we don’t want it flaring out to the side just give it a nice gentle pull we want to make sure that we’re maintaining proper posture and breathing our diaphragmatic breaths so inhale into the belly nice exhale out and we’re going to switch sides and three two one all right turn it around other side leg up hanging onto a wall to stabilize yourself and if your balance is feeling pretty solid by all means put that hand in the air again always adjust these workouts to your current fitness level whatever that is mm nice big belly breath in filling up that ribcage belly into your pelvic floor like a balloon and exhale gentle gentle exhale and three two one very nice nice and slow now we’re gonna do a hamstring stretch that’s also going to serve as your calf stretch so we’re going to do a hip hinge so with your right heel up and your left leg slightly bent we’re going to hinge at the hip and you may not need to hinge very far at all before you really feel that stretch in the back of your hamstring and as you bring your toes back towards you you’re really gonna feel that stretch in your calf and again you might be able to sink a little deeper into your hip hinge just considering all the hinge movements we did today it’s probably my favorite one of my favorite planes to work off again emphasizing our nice deep breaths and if you feel like you want to sink a little deeper into that hip hinge or pull that toe back a little bit more do what feels good to you and switch legs exhaling as I’m sinking into the hip hinge here and you may feel that one side there’s a little tighter than the other for me that’s my left but it feels really nice especially for sleeping on one side or the other right telling us not to sleep on our backs you really feel the effects of that your sciatic nerve down your legs into your calf just a couple more big deep breaths in this movement all right up nice and slow out of that hinge back to your wall or doorway we’re gonna do a 90 90 chest opener so we’ve done this before I’m gonna bring our arms to a 90 degree angle our shoulders and elbows are in line with one another and we’re going to slowly bring our shoulder closer to the wall to a point where it feels comfortable and we’re going to slightly turn in the opposite direction you’re gonna feel a nice stretch throughout your shoulder chest and even your back okay I’m taking nice big deep breaths you can even move your shoulder a little closer to the wall you’re feeling comfortable again taking all of these stretches to about seventy eighty percent of what you’re capable of we’re not trying to inflict any pain I’m just trying to get a nice stretch and switch this is also great if you’re in your post pregnancy recovery you’re starting to exercise maybe you’re breastfeeding you’re in the hunched-over position breastfeeding and holding babies can really just take a toll on your posture your back so this is a great one to implement throughout your day just find a doorway and stretch out that chest and back left sides definitely tighter and not much longer again big deep breaths into your diaphragm belly ribs pelvic floor gentle exhale out all right nice work shake it out last one we’re gonna go down to the floor and our very last move which is going to be held at tilts so I’ll show you what pelvic tilts look like so get down on one knee followed by the other we also make sure we get down safely so for this particular move we’re going to be in a quadruped position so in our quadruped position here we’re going to do pelvic tilts and what that is going to look like is not exactly a cat cow a cat cow is where you like a string is pulling the middle of your back for this one it’s not going to be a lot of range of motion we just want to emphasize your lower back right so I mentioned that we were going to focus on that so your hands are directly underneath the shoulders and your knees are directly underneath your hips we want to act like there is a string that’s pulling up just our lower back and then flatten our back to a tabletop so again as if someone is pulling your lower back with the string and you’re really just gonna fill your pelvis and your hips move and then right back into tabletop so we’re gonna do about ten of these that’s three you know exhale as you go back into your tabletop or inhale exhale tabletop inhale and again trying to emphasize just your lower back and pelvis and hips and we’re not hyper extending our back just a nice flat tabletop inhale in that’s six seven this should feel good on all of those hinges we were doing earlier sometimes you tend to feel a little bit of a strain in your back whenever you’re over at a 45 degree angle like that this is really gonna help you work out some of the kinks and get baby into optimal position for birth and one more inhale in just your your pelvis exhale as you bring to tabletop you can stay right where you are I’m gonna come up and I want to thank you for working out with me today if you enjoy this routine please check out our complete prenatal program on our has fit app as well as has fit comm also don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and follow us on your favorite social media network whatever that is I’m Claudia and I’ll see you at your next workout