Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Strengthen your total body with this exercise band routine. This workout includes 3 parts: a warmup to prepare your body for the routine, a total body workout to improve strength and lean muscle, and a cool down to enhance your mobility. This full body resistance band workout requires just one long band with handles, but you’ll probably want to have a few resistance levels available so that you can switch it up depending on the exercise. We recommend the Bodylastics bands as we’ve found them to be the perfect combination of durability, ease of use, and resistance.

Warm up
Bent Over Arm Hauler
Multiplanar Lunge / Quadruped Rotation
Butt Kick Pull Downs

Resistance Band Workout

A1: One Arm Lawn Mower Row x 10
A2: Side Squat x 10
B1: Banded Push Up / from Knees x 10
B2: Quadruped Kickback x 10 each leg
C1: Pallof Press x 30 sec
C2: Pronate Triceps Kickback x 10
C3: Preacher Curl x 10 each arm

Cool Down
Wrist Curl Glides
Hands Behind Head Chest Stretch
Sprinter Quad Stretch
V-Sit Reach to Scarecrow