Advanced Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications provided
advanced workout

If you’re used to relying on Claudia’s easier modifications, then this isn’t the workout for you. This 45 minute, non-stop, full body HIIT workout will push you to your limits and beyond. It’s also a great routine for those who get bored easily, because you won’t repeat the same moves twice. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and then either a bench, box, or chair.

Warm Up
Downward Dog
Bird Dog
Quadruped Elbow to Hand
Quadruped Scapula Stretch
Butt Kick + Arm Pullover

45 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout

Push Up + Shoulder Taps
Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps
Elevated Side Plank
Reverse Fly
Faux Jump Rope
3:1 Tempo Push Up
V-Sit One Leg Ext
Bear Plank Kick-Through
Dumbbell Power Shrug from Floor
Faux Jump Rope
Reverse Curl + Shoulder Press + Negative Front Raise
3:1 Tempo Dumbbell Squat
Lying Triangle
High Plank Row
Faux Jump Rope
Iso Hip Up Dumbbell Fly + Pullover
Broad Jump to Duck Walk
Low-High Plank Transfers
Seesaw Row
Faux Jump Rope
Lateral Push Ups
Step Up + Twist
1:3 Tempo Zottman Curls
Lying Bicycles
Hollow Body Pulses
Sit Up + Hip Up
Plank Mountain Climbers

Cool Down
Floor Angels
Lying Side Quad Stretch
Figure Four
Wall Calf Stretch
Bent Arm Wall Chest Stretch
Downward Dog to Child’s Pose