Advanced Difficulty
Coach Kozak delivers once again with the 10 minute ultimate warrior workout challenge! Complete as many repetitions as possible during each of the intense workouts 10 rounds and then post your score from the hard workout in the comments. The advanced exercises and hard work out only requires a pair of dumbbells. Intense exercises are great for both men and women.

Complete each round for 1 minute and complete as many rounds as possible.
Push Up + Sit Up Combo x 60 seconds
Squat Jumps x 60 seconds
DB Snatch x 60 seconds
High Plank One Leg Tuck Jumps x 60 seconds
DB Push Jerks + Calf Raise x 60 seconds
DB Overhead Swings to Jump x 60 seconds
DB Punch Out + Squat + Front Kick x 60 seconds
DB Sledgehammers x 60 seconds
DB Crunch + Leg Raise x 60 seconds
Knee Tucks x 60 seconds

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