Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

No two bodies are the same which is why you’ll be encouraged to make this workout work for you throughout the entire routine. Feel free to use all standing exercises, mix it up between standing and seated, or stick with the chair workouts. It’s completely up to you and your ability level. You may want to have a couple of light weights or water bottles for extra resistance, but it isn’t required. Make sure to have a chair available as you’ll need it for some of the movements. Let’s get stronger together!

Warm up
Reach + Chest Opener
Hamstring Sweep
Jog in Place + Arm Crossover

Senior Exercises at Home

Curl + Arnold Press
Goblet Squat / Alternating Leg Extensions
Seesaw Row
Modified Jumping Jacks / Chair Jacks
Kickstand Deadlift / Seated
Arm Haulers
Mountain Climber from Chair / Seated
Calf Raise with Iso-Hold
Svend Press
Side Raise + Knee Raise
Sumo Deadlift / Sumo Chair Get Up
Upright External Rotation
Run in Place + Punchout

Cool Down
Toe Touch to Scarecrow
Standing Quad Stretch / Seated
Seated Figure Four