Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Do you believe that even Claudia was sweating after this one?! This 45 minute workout is filled with compound movements and you’ll never get bored because we only do each movement for one set. Use this full body dumbbell workout to improve strength, shed fat, and build lean muscle. For this routine, you’ll need a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair, bench, or box.

Warm Up
Overhead Reach + Knee Raise
Kneeling Diagonal Chop
Downward Dog + Upward Facing
Run in Place + Arm Crossover

Full Body Dumbbell Workout at Home

Deadlift + Snatch from Hang + Windmill
Triceps Kickback + Mule Kick / from Bench
Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat / Split Squat
Chair Dip + Knee Tuck / Bent Knees
Reverse Curl + Overhead Hold
Knee Tuck + Archer Row / Squat
Kneeling Curl + Rotational Press / Curl
Plank Iso DB Row / from Knees
Dumbbell Pause Squat + Jump / No Jump
Push Up + Y Raise / Incline Push Up
Dumbbell Diagonal Chop
Elevated Side Lunge + Upright Row External Rotation + Press / Unelevated
Extended Plank Rows / from Knees
Dumbbell Low Reverse Lunge / High
Hollow Body Fly / Knees Bent
Wide Mountain Climber

Cool Down
Bent Arm Wall Stretch
Wall Slides
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Seated Back
Seated Calf
Sprinter Quad Stretch